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Does this also work with .dae files?

At the moment no, in the future I want to do such a possibility.

i got no problem in making 3dmax drawings but how can i put the model in a fullscreen canvas? and limit camera movement? and add navigations?

I answered your mail

THANK YOU!!! it solved my problems!!!!!

Will there ever be hot spot implementation?

you can make them using references

just download three.js directly; it’s open source and free

This plug-in not simply three.js. On the basis of it I made small API for operation with models.

Hi do textures / materials get imported ok from zbrush models? Or is there a way to add them if not? Also, can people steal the model? I mean is the model stored in a location that it can be retrieved by an unscrupulous user? thx

Hi, brush isn’t supported. Only obj is supported for now. Actually, i don’t know if someone can steal the model. Browser downloads the model, since that, everyone can winkle it out, i guess

Hi, I got problems viewing the model on iOS (iPad/iPhone). The object moves around and out of sight quickly & the screen flashes black – any idea? Thanks!

The newest one (9.3.1) on iPhone and iPad

well, i will try to correct it.


Hey thanks for the update code did you provide a change-log somewhere ?

Hi, yes. I will add change-log in documentation.

great :)!

Hi, price is high i think. May be discount? May be 5 $ ? I want buy but no have 11 $. Please help :(

Ok no problem, i want try, how try i my model?

What do you want to try?

Please put a STL model upload area in your demo page. For our models try.

Can we change background image? Your demo has bg-color, i want bg-image ? is it possible?

And how?

Hi. No, it can’t be done

İ think you dont want do it :) thanks

Can these 3d models be animated ?

what do you mean ?

Hi, I want to buy your plug in, but I want to know if texture could be added on the static model in the browser, maybe you can talk on email, after purchasing I would like some changes and I need to know if some things could be done

Hi. Email me all your questions on my email

Hello – I have .PDF and .EASM files – do you know of any converters?

Hello. I don’t know