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how change frame number- default 35!

Hi, sire

Great job, and i have two question. First, can’i reverse rotation direction.? Two, can’i add multiple viewer in the same page.

Thank you in advence.

The new version contains reverse direction config. It will be published in a few days. Anyway, you will get new version within 24h via email. Second: Yes. contains four viewer. Its simple. I will sent you example to.

hi, sir. thank your for answer. can you send me the new version i white after you. thank you for all


i am hoping you can help me out with this question…

i am trying to place three viewers on the same page – which is easy enough to do… but what i also want to do have links on the page that make different things happen…

so my question is this… is there any code that I can add either to the buttons or just within the page that will make all three of the viewers revert back to the initial frame/image…

so if the user have been rotating the image viewers to any given position/angle/image – when they click one of the other buttons the viewers scroll back through the images in the sequence and go back to the first frame…

i hope that makes sense – and hope even more that you can help me with this please?

here is my purchase/customer no: caf78604-c424-48ba-b154-38318d6eed99

thanks in anticipation dean

Dear awssoft,

I am in process of developing a horse management system and each record make provision for uploading of horse images.

How can I interface the images with the view306 3D 306 degree product viewer?

Thank you.

Kind regards,


can you tell me how to change the mousedown command to something like mouseover or mousemove – so the rotation happens when the mouse is moving within the 360’s area please?

Hi Srdjan,

Thank you so much for creating the View360 product viewer, it’s an awesome tool and it looks amazing on a website!

I’ve been trying to set it up, but I do seem to have an issue loading the picture streams properly.

In a directory, I have the pictures named like this:

image_001.jpg image_002.jpg image_003.jpg ... image_098.jpg image_099.jpg

the default string is view.setImagesPattern( “image_%COL.jpg” ); but it seems to look for them as “image_1.jpg” instead of “image_001.jpg”

As a workaround, I’ve used view.setImagesPattern( “image_0%COL.jpg” ); but this only loads images “image_010.jpg” and above, while skipping the first 9 frames.

Is there anything special I need to do, either in the settings or change in the js, in order to read the 3 digit pattern? (001,002,003 etc)

Thanks again!

Best regards, Vladimir Kochkovski

Images naming cannot be zero leading. This is very frustrating, but, I will make and update. I do apologize for delay.

Thank you for the reply. Actually I was able to solve it. I’ve put columns=099 in the settings instead of columns=99 and it accounted them with the trailing zero. No need for an update.


Its possible working with prestashop 1.6 cloud? Anything please advise

Rgds Yusof

We have only javascript library and Opencart extension. It’s a hosted solution and even if you can add required files (js, css), it will be hard to manage frontend for products. I’m suggesting you to find prestashop extension. Thank you for your inquiry.

How to disable preloader i implemented in WP theme and want to disable preloader so first image load

Thanks it is working first solution after var view = new View360(); but second for some reason doesnt work

One more comment i never see better 360 degree product viwer so take my all compliments

Thank you very much. You rating will be welcome.

Hi there,

Is there an installation guide?

Kind regards, Gelton

Installation is described on the documentation page under Requirements and Basic Usage:

Also each example includes its code:

If you have additional question you are welcome. - Srdjan

Hello, is there a way to make a responsive lightbox with version 141? I couldn’t mix both :)

It’s a good question/feature. I will add that feature in next few days and inform you asap.

I just thought about something: if lightbox is made responsive, you need to add a close button as there might be no way to close the lightbox on mobile phones (i mean, no way to click outside the lightbox as on desktops)

1.4.3 is awesome