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Its not working at all. i try to upload, to import youtube, nothing happen, please help me!

hello, please send us a ticket with your purchase code at thank you.

I have had nothing but problems with this system. Can you please send me an updated copy of the script? I am following your doc to a T and it does not work!!!!

I had the system working on from the old ver and when I upgraded it does not work. Please help

hello, please send us a ticket with your purchase code at thank you.

would be great if we could add a channel and videos would be added automatically, made first set in unpublished state

also they script doesn’t keep track of duplicate url videos, does it?

Hello I bought but did not get the license min please send the license

You will get the license here :


fasil Purchased

Featured videos are being auto play. Is there any setting that I can change to have the featured slide videos Not to play unless user hit the play button?

Thank you! Fasil

Hello,that can be done by customization.

Hi there i want to use this dor educational videos so my question is can i add sub- categories

E.g Mathametics >> Grade 6 >>> Data Handling >>>>Ordering Data

Hello,sub-categories for videos are not currently available. But we will consider your suggestion for future updates.


lou2 Purchased

hello , I bought the first version of Videoplanet cms because it was a multi-user application for sending movies by different people. This application is still online and used. The latest version you are proposing is not multi user? how do I update the original application for which I paid ? who no longer works correctly .. thank you in advance for your reply.


lou2 Purchased

houp’s…sorry i made a mistake with another application i bought!.

No problem :)

Can I remove Comments from the admin area?

there will be updates?

No plans for recent updates has been made yet.

Can i let people download video ? i need to let user download the videos

Sorry,that feature is not available.

Hi Presale question – i do 360 videos. i can currently upload video on facebook and youtube with ease. but i would like my own video portal like this to showcase all the videos and not allow users to download it.

will this portal support 360 like youtube?

Hi Liebentech, thanks for your interest. You can use this video cms to upload your own videos and youtube embedded videos. But for 360 videos, you need to upload it to youtube first and then you can embed that video code inside the cms. That will be fine to run a 360 video using vidplanet video portal cms.

If you have any more queries, please send us a ticket to

Hello, I like this and want to buy this. But i see the support is not available for this. If I purchase this will i get support ?

Just few queries before i order. 1 Can i stream live videos and play videos hosted on Amazon S3. 2 How to install it. 3 CAn i hide comments option.

4 Change color theme etc.

Those changes need custom coding.

Hi, can i add subtitle?

also video in multiple qualities?