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Hi there, just come here by chance as I see you are using toro for the template. As the author of it, I would like to say thanks.

There are a few comments asking how to disable the autoplay, with toro 3.x it is dead easy to do so by setting the Selector to select nothing from a list of candidates (Candidate = View contains a Video, Select no candidate = telling Toro You don’t want anything to be played). For more help please come directly to the github repo or email me at nam[at]ene.im :D.

Hi, So nice of you to leave a comment. I will put your link on the template page.

how can i get just the ui/ux of this app?

I’m afraid the package comes with all the code. The ui/ux is not provided alone.

Do you have iOS version ?

I’m afraid I don’t

Hi, can import video and upload from user phone?

Hi, I’m afraid not. The video needs to be captured with camera.

where is api/video file?

oh, you are referring to the url www.example.com/api/video ? this template uses routing, so all requests are directed to index.php and routed using routes.ini

api/video using in app when upload video get error in android app

Please provide me with a link to your admin page. I will check it for you.

I will purchase it when you add video upload from gallery feature. this will complete your app and i am dam sure it will give you batter number so sales. I am afraid, Yes how the user will upload their recorded moments. :)

Thanks for your feedback.


Can you create applications for PhpSound to Android and IOS



If I purchase it, could you install and change for me? I can pay?


Sure. Send me an email on melvin@neurondigital.com and I’ll send a quote.

which server should I rent? the video hosting will cost a lot

Hi, for the template demo I’m using iPage. You can use any webhosting server.