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After i generate the apk and installed in my phone. it shows ” Describe Error”. Error parsing the package. What shall we do.

And i have changed the video length from 15 to 360 seconds…

What shall we do. any help on this. can you make the apk

I am using the Lollipop.

It should work fine then. Could you email me the apk file to melvin@neurondigital.com. I’ll test it out for you on my phone.

when will you update this app?

Hi, I should be updating to version 2 in the following month and a half.

Hello.. I was checking to see if you received my message that I had sent you? I didn’t want to put it in the “add a comment” section

I just replied a few minutes ago.

Hello, Did you think to create a iOS version maybe one day ? Because your are beautiful.

Hi, I’m afraid I only code apps for Android.

Yes i see, but if you build a iOS version, you will have more success. Think to build maybe with Ionic & Parse or build a webapp & make a webview to iOS.

Nice work…..Can we increase video time ? Can user edit video ? would you add functions like contact me or who like me ….like wise…...one suggestion….I wasn’t understood first how to capture the video so please write like ” click on image to capture video ” ...or some thing like…..


1) The video time can be increased. However, if you increase it a lot it might take longer to upload. 2) The user cannot edit the video. He can however pause/play recording to sort of edit while shooting the video.

Thanks for the suggestions

I like your app and want to buy also but needs frontend saved video upload function. Also contact us link so users can request for catogery add. Plz reply


the video can be currently uploaded through the front end app, using the top right camera icon.

I mean, video which i have saved in my system

Hi, This is currently not possible. I will try to add it in a future update. So that the user can import a video from his phone and upload it.

Do have the option to disable autoplay?

Hi, The template uses TORO: https://github.com/eneim/Toro . I have never tried to disable auto play. However, I’m sure it is possible with this library.

is there any verivied badge user? so people can choose option to upgrade with more benefit feature. thanks

I’m afraid this is not a feature of the product. You can of course add it to the template.

1) Can you make the personal profile-”me” section a bit more interesting? There is no info of the user, it doesn’t feel personal. 2)Please add an “follow” or “add button” to the user profile.

Please try to insert this in the next update. Eagerly waiting for it.

I cannot promise to add this soon. However, I have added your suggestions to the recommended features and will be considering them in the next update. Thanks!