Discussion on Vidi - Video WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Vidi - Video WordPress Plugin

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so if i read correctly this piece of software will display my watch later videos on youtube?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Please check our demo to see how it works. Because you can use video from many source like Youtube, Vimeo,... so the watch later list is the list you added on the site you installed our plugin. It similar shopping cart. Here is document: Hope this help! Regards!

Hello, I bought thee plugin that lead me to a fatal error. I have tried the support site that after login does not work. Please I need support for this purchase

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! Please send us your site URL and admin account (and maybe FTP account) via email We’ll check it for you. Regards!

Hi, I´m using videos from dailymotion, but the view count remains always 0…any ideas?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! The view count is the view on your site (not view on Dailymotion), We use Post View Counter plugin to count view on your site. Please read in the document here: Hope this helps! Regards!

Ok, the problem was that the plugin didn´t have the videos option enabled in the count plugin, not it works.

Hi, You can install this plugin and the video count (on your site) will working fine: It already said in the document above. Hope this helps! Regards!

Hi there, auto next option doesnt work. I need that function to be working, thanks.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Sorry but we don’t see you purchased our item? You can check auto next is working fine in our demo here: Regards!

I can send you my purchase code. I tried to send you a message but your support system doesnt have any button to send a ticket.

In my end the auto next is not working. Could you please have a look?

Hi, Please send us purchase code via email with your site URL and admin account. We’ll create account and check the issue for you. Regards!

hello, we are looking for a way to show upto 30 videos on our website. we would like to be able to give permissions to buyers to watch the videos. Will this plugin offer this function

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! With our plugin you can show 30 videos on your site. To give permission to buyers to watch the videos, our plugin compatible with PaidMembership Pro. So you do it. More detail please see in the document here: Hope this helps! Regards!

Presale question. I have a site that is currently using use your drive video player. All is fine but I would like to switch to your theme and plugin. Question…for self hosted video. Do we need a separate video player for you theme or plugin and if so. What video player would you suggest?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! If you are using our Filmmaker theme, the video player here is different. If you use self hosted video, now our plugin will use mediaelements.js to play the video. Hope this helps. Regards!

O.k…I just purchase both with 1 year support for both. I plan to use the plugin version to stream video from google drive. I want user to be able to frontend upload their video in for other to see. Do you have plans on adding live stream to this plugin?. Also, if i read correctly. mediaelements.js is already a part of wordpress and there is no need for me to install. please let me know if that is correct.


Hi, You can play video from Google Drive, You also can allow user to upload their videos from Frontend. You don’t need to install anything to play the video. It already included in our plugin. More detail please read in the document. We are researching about livestream video and try to update it asap. Regards!

I have youzer plugin . Will it integrate with the plugin version ?

This plugin have a lot of issues. I see you guys did fix some problems, but I still see alot of other issues. I’m using a theme that sold over 50,000 copies so there is a good chance others may purchase your plugin and run into the same issues I’m experiencing. Javascript errors when clicking on buttons. Appearance settings color will change once and get stuck into the first color you select and will not change to any other colors. Medialements.js player needs to be replace with something much more robust. I did not see an option for frontend uploads to be directed to Google drive. My other video player allows for frontend summited video to go directly to google drive with custom folder for the uploader. I brought both of your plugin because I see the potential for them to be great. Please come up with a better solution for Medialements.j and front submit to google drive.


Correction: Appearance settings do change colors, but in order to see. One needs to clear the browser cache.

Hi, After checking your site we found the issue from this plugin: Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster it will make extra JS loading: So in this case the solution is deactivate this plugin and clear cache of your site. We checked by deactivate this plugin but it still load old js file, that’s seem cached from your server. There is no conflict between our plugin and Porto theme. About Frontend upload video with select folder from Google Drive is not secure for your customer. If we do that you can access drive folder from many of your customer. We think nobody want you do that. Hope this helps!

Regards, HaruTheme

presale question: ...does it support video advertising like preroll ecc.?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! Now our plugin doesn’t support video ads. More detail please read in the document: Here is free version: Hope this helps! Regards!

I tried to install without success , see the message : Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function cmb2_get_metabox() in /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/libraries/vidi-metabox-submit-playlist.php:133 Stack trace: #0 /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/libraries/vidi-metabox-submit-playlist.php(258): haru_playlist_submit_cmb2_get() #1 /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-includes/shortcodes.php(343): haru_do_frontend_form_submission_playlist_shortcode(’’, ’’, ‘haru_playlist_s…’) #2 [internal function]: do_shortcode_tag(Array) #3 /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-includes/shortcodes.php(218): preg_replace_callback(’/\\[(\\[?)(haru_p…’, ‘do_shortcode_ta…’, ‘[haru_playlist_…’) #4 /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(287): do_shortcode(‘[haru_playlist_…’) #5 /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-includes/plugin.php(206): WP_Hook->apply_filters(‘[haru_playlist_…’, Array) #6 /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo-premium/src/builders/indexable-link-builder.php(87): apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘[h in /www/clubtfl_934/public/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/libraries/vidi-metabox-submit-playlist.php on line 133

Hi, This is the first time we got this issue. Please send us your site URL and admin account via email We’ll check it for you. Regards!

Thanks, I have just sent

Hi, We have just logged in to your site and active plugin without issues: Please check your email. Regards!

Does it support HLS?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Now our plugin use medialement.js to play video from selfhost and but now we don’t support HLS. We’ll notice and update it in next version. You can try free version here: Regards!

hello there i am finding a best video player for my website so i find you plugin but seeing you demo page i find out that your plugin is missing many thing can you add this thing in this plugin are:-

1. It miss the live option.

2. when i go into YouTube player there is the default embedded yt player there is not and changes on any other major platform i found a cool solution of it please check this website out can you do some thing like this []

3. There is not any skip 10s foreword and backward button or double click option

4. Last think do you add this thing on your player

I host all my video to the CDN but the CDN have only 100mb video Uplode at a time but my video get at list 1gb-2gb of size because it’s is 2h large video so to add in my website i have to CHOP the Video into pieces and embed them into my website.

so what i basically need :- Can you make a system where i put all the URLs of those video in backed and after then you player make it hole 2h video so i don’t have to do separate video on the same topic

Thanks Respond soon

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Now we are developing our other theme and noticed your suggestions here: We’ll try to have a plan to add or update some features asap. Regards!

Hay thanks for replying

But i have not given any suggestion to [ ]

Anyway i have read that forum comment if you include those feature and the feature i have suggest you gays then you plugin become more power full then other video plugin in the WordPress Marketplace and lastly must remember google loves fast loading website if you can that you must optimize your plugin for AMP and also make compatible for SEO or with RANKMATH PRO and YOAST SEO PRO

Thanks Reply soon

Hi, All your questions and suggestions added in #14 of section SUGGESTIONS in the topic. Now we are developing our theme framework from WP Bakery to Elementor. We’ll notice and research it after we finish update. We already have research about AMP but we’ll update this to create new theme in the next plan. Thanks so much for you idea. Best regards!

I wanted to use this plugin…but for now, it will be place on the shelf until I see some improvement. No one wants frontend uploaders to upload files on their server and takes up disk space and slow site down. Use your drive plugin allows upload to googledrive and stream from google drive. Other plugins allow the same upload to S3 or googledrive and stream. Youzer got a lot of complaints and request for this feature. They now have recoded youzer to offload and also in the process of creating their on addon to do such offload to Amazon S3. Can haru theme please do the same to offload and upload to S3 or googledrive?.

Hi, Please send us the link to their source via email We can implement it if have document. However we already research and they don’t have free version. Regards!

I forward the email link to you. Thanks

Hi. We got your email and replied it. Regards!

hello, is it possible to add auto generate video/youtube thumbnail feature? Another important feature that I notice is missing is the auto grab vidoe duration/time, instead of adding it manually. Thank you.

Thank you for your response. I’m using your VIDIO wordpress video manager theme and it already has the video importer. My qusetion was actually about the auto image thumbnail generator when you add a youtube video. I want the thumbnail image to be generated automatically and added as featured image when you add a video.

Thank you!

Hi, Sorry but now we don’t have feature auto generate thumbnail by adding video manually. We’ll notice it in this topic and will research to add it later: Regards!

Bug? Every time the plugin is activated, a new page [haru_my_videos] is created.

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! Our plugin will check page have slug my-videos and will create new page if not have this page: Please make sure you updated plugin to latest version. We have just updated new version 1.1.0 and you will get notice when it has been approved. Regards!

Facepalm… Like everyone else, I didn’t know that.
I renamed this slug to “my-videoposts” because it is more correct in essence.
Because in the process of practical work, I have a cognitive dissonance when an employee says “I have problems with my video” instead of saying “I have problems with the video post”. I might think the problem is in the video file.
IMHO “my-videos” is an absolutely inappropriate slug for posts and archives.
In addition, “series” is more correctly called “videosets”. Because one serie can consist of several parts (episodes).
In any case, if you allow users to edit these options, therefore there must be a possibility of any naming for publications and slugs.
Thank you for your answer, the ticket is closed.

Thanks for your suggestion. We noticed this and will research about it later. Regards!

It would be nice if they add creation limits on videos, channels, playlists and series with values ​​of 1 to any other amount and the value 0 or -1 to unlimited in the next update.

Hi, About limit channel we’ll notice about your idea but it’s not really logic because 1 user can have many channels. We noticed it here: About the channel cover image please go try this CSS code: .single-haru_channel .single-channel__thumbnail img { width: 100% }. However you should use a larger image is the best solution. Hope this helps! Regards!

Thank you !

Thanks for your feedback!

Unfortunately plugin seems to have issues and won’t install.

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! Please send us your site URL and admin account via email or create a topic here: We’ll check it for you. Regards!

When entering the YT or Twitch link it does not play it, the GD link remains black screen

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! Please make sure you inserted Video ID and Twitch will load only if you use HTTPS. About GD link please make sure you get link like this: Here is the document: Hope this helps! Regards!

Hello, How do I integrate vidi with BuddyPress to display posts in Global Activity stream?

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! Now our plugin doesn’t display videos,... in Activity Stream but we already noticed at number 16 in this topic: We’ll try to research about it later. Regards!

Hello !

I have a great idea with the plugin.

Considering website security issue, it would be great if in plugin settings you could select admin to allow verified users of Youzer plugin to have access to upload new videos, create playlists, create series and create channels. By placing in this way a table the multiple options to individually select the types of content that verified users can create or simply choose the second option to allow any user to create them.

Adding one more option … It would be a good idea to allow the administrator to choose the roles that are authorized to create the contents.

Hi, We added your suggestion here and will research about it later: However if you notice now our plugin compatible with PaidMembershipPro plugin and it already have some functions similar these. Please see in the document: (section 7.13). Thanks for your ideas. Regards!

Ok, I will check that plugin! Thank you


By the way, there is a bug in the Embed / iframe option to post a video! The embed code content does not display and the video does not play.

Hi, We replied to you via email. That’s seem you installed too much plugin or server cause this issue. Please check our reply. Regards!

Hello ! I already received your email and I already made different attempts to solve the problem but as soon as I deactivate all the plugins and delete them, only the Haru Vidi plugin remains and it gives me a Fatal error and the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() in /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/vidi/class-integrate-helper.php:33 Stack trace: #0 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/vidi/_init.php(31): haru_pmpro_active() #1 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/vidi/_init.php(16): Haru_Vidi_Helper->haru_vidi_includes_files() #2 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/vidi/_init.php(37): Haru_Vidi_Helper->__construct() #3 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/haru-vidi.php(229): require_once(’/home/sexxxmax/...’) #4 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/haru-vidi.php(33): Haru_Vidi->include_files() #5 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/haru-vidi.php(311): Haru_Vidi->__construct() #6 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/haru-vidi.php(317): haru_init_haru_vidi() #7 /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-settings.php(388): include_o in /home/sexxxmax/public_html/wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/includes/vidi/class-integrate-helper.php on line 33

Maybe you can find out the problem from the exact file that the error code mentions!

Hi, Sorry but we can’t get this issue with our dev site and demo site. This is core plugin of WordPress: and that’s seem your theme or plugins removed this. Regards! We’ll try to check it later!


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