Discussion on Vidi - Video WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Vidi - Video WordPress Plugin

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Hi.. Its posible to override the archive- video.php. To Customize n my Child theme? How? Thanks

Hi, You can follow section 11 in our document: Hope this help! Regards!

I am interested in buying this plugin. I have suggestions to add to your suggestions list.

1. Someone mentioned membership. I need a paid channel subscription feature like Youtube so people can have an incentive to produce quality videos and to participate more. So the member can choose to make a channel a paid channel, then when people buy the subscription, they get access to the member’s premium videos. Maybe you can use Woocommerce integration with maybe Paid Memberships Pro.

2. I need all media uploaded to go into the wordpress media folder so I can use S3 offload plugin.

3. I need video link or embed integration. Maybe Daily Motion video integration too, because Youtube has a quota limit and it causes problems on busy sites. Vimeo is not what it used to be.

4. I tried to sign up to your site to test the plugin, but there is no register option. How can I try it? Thanks.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Now we are developing theme for compatible with this plugin. Now some of features you want doesn’t support. However we already noticed and will try to update it asap. After add those functions we’ll notice to you. Regards!

So I want to use BuddyPress for members to register on my website. Can they after registration via front-end (preffered) or via specific rights that auto-given to them) to upload i.e. video up to 100 MiB in size? And does this app can reduce the file size somehow, i.e. if user uploads 4K video, and we want to allow just a full-hd quality.

When you are planning to finish developing your theme in screenshot?

Hi. We have plan to release it in the end of next month. Regards!

Hi, We are developing our theme here but not released: We’ll contact you again when it approved. Regards!

hi, I want to buy your plugin, I checked the demo and have a few questions. 1. Video Category / tags missing title H1, 2, Single video, series, actor,channel ,Director and playlist the title is H6, why not H1 ?

where can I setting it ? I do n’t think it ’s good for SEO.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product. You can customize template display of our plugin via child theme. More detail you can see in document: (Section 11 – Custom Template). We are updating new version with new style and add more function. Regards!

Hi… Can i set AUTOPLAY to videos… Youtube and Vimeo, or all? Thanks

Hi, You can go to wp-content/plugins/haru-vidi/assets/js then open file haru-vidi.js. Go to line 160 and change channelSubscribe function like this: $('.channel-subscribe').each(function(){ var is_clicked = false; $('.channel-subscribe').off().on('click', function() { var $this = $(this); var channel_id = parseInt($(this).attr('data-channel_id')); var text_subscribe = $(this).attr('data-text_subscribe'); var text_subscribed = $(this).attr('data-text_subscribed'); var login = $(this).attr('data-login'); var login_url = $(this).attr('data-login_url'); if ( typeof(login) === 'undefined' || login === 'no' ) { window.location.href = login_url; // Go to sign up link return false; } // Process click multitimes before ajax process if ( is_clicked === true ) { return; } is_clicked = true; $.ajax({ type : 'POST', timeout : 30000, url : haru_vidi_ajax_url, data : { action: 'haru_channel_subscribe', channel_id: channel_id, login: login }, error: function(xhr,err) { console.log('Have something wrong! Please try again!'); }, success: function(response) { if ( response ) { if ( response.channel_subscribed == 1 ) { $this.find('.text-subscribe').text(text_subscribed); $this.find('.count-subscribed').text(response.channel_subscribed_count); $this.parents('.channel-item').find('.count-subscribed').text(response.channel_subscribed_count); $this.parents('.single-channel__meta-info').find('.count-subscribed').text(response.channel_subscribed_count); $this.addClass('subscribed'); } else { $this.find('.text-subscribe').text(text_subscribe); $this.find('.count-subscribed').text(response.channel_subscribed_count); $this.parents('.channel-item').find('.count-subscribed').text(response.channel_subscribed_count); $this.parents('.single-channel__meta-info').find('.count-subscribed').text(response.channel_subscribed_count); $this.removeClass('subscribed'); } } is_clicked = false; } }); }); });. Hope this help! Regards!

Thank You…. One Question… What happens on a user subscribe to a channel? If a new video in channel the user will recibe an email with a message that a new video was added to a chanel? or what the function of this?


Hi, Now we use it to order channel only. However we’ll research to add new feature with this later. Regards!


From two months ago, I saw you answered here you will support subscription plugins like Restrict Content Pro and Paid Memberships Pro and so on.

I need to know what the timeline is to add this feature because we need to buy the plugin, but we need to be sure first if it can lock videos (or some selected videos), and it unlocks only for paid members.

Thanks, Tamer

Hi, Thanks for your feedback! We are creating a theme use this plugin and we already make it compatible with Youzer (have Membership function) and Buddy Press plugin. However now Youzer haven’t support Paid Membership. We are still developing and choose the best Paid Membership plugin and make it compatible. Regards!

Hi, We have just updated new version 1.0.5 to added membership pro compatible: Please read our document for more detail to setup it. Regards!

This plugin is really fantastic. I plan to use it for my project soon. But . I want you to support the full screen function of the video.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Can you tell us more detail about fullscreen function? Now we use default fullscreen function of original Video Server (Youtube, Vimeo,..). If you have any idea, please suggest here. We’ll research about it. Regards!

your nice plugin. I want to ask, Before buying I am using this theme. ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme I want to add new services to my clients. Like adding the product via video clips as another option. But before that I want to know if this plugin is compatible with my theme. And the second thing I want to draw your attention to is that my site has the option (submit listing) And your plugin has the same functionality. Could this coincidence create a problem or what do you think about this and thank you.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! About our plugin functions you can read more detail in document here: Our plugin use shortcode so it will compatible with all theme (maybe you need change CSS because it can override by theme). You can see example from an other customer here: Hope this help! Regards!

Hi, I like your plugin, but I wonder if it is possible to disable click on Youtube logo and Youtube video title or suggested videos when paused.

Best regards

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! You can’t do it because API of Youtube required it display. More you can read here: However you can use Self host player. Hope this help! Regards!

I bought the product but I can’t install it Can you explain how to install?

Does not matter I succeeded :)

Do you have a guide?

Hi, Please send us your site URL and admin account. We’ll resolved the issue for you. Regards! How do I send you login information securely? Can I send an email?

Hi, Please send an email to with your site URL and admin account. Regards!

Very nice plugin. Does it come with “Top Views Videos” widget? Thanks!

Hi, You need install Post View Counter plugin to make top views functions of video work: We already have top view video widget: and shortcode: More detail you can see in our document: Hope this help! Regards!

Hi, We added VK sharing: Please wait to next version update. Regards!

Thank you very much!

We’ll have notice to update to new version. Please patient. Regards!

Hello – I recently purchased your plugin as a framework for a video database on my site, but I don’t require several of the plugin’s post types or taxonomy. The documentation outlined overriding the plugin’s template files in our Child Theme…My question is, would it be possible to override any of the plugin’s files and/or dependencies in the child theme? I’d like to avoid modifying the Vidio plugin directly if possible.

Hi, Thanks for choosing our product! You can override template display is our plugin only (haru-vidi/templates). You can’t override other files, functions via child theme now. Hope this help! Regards!

Hi there, I’ve just purchased the plugin and followed documentation for installation and setup. I’ve uploaded a couple of videos, with categories, however, the videos don’t display on the frontend with the shortcode I’ve generated. Could you assist?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! Please send us your site URL and maybe admin account via email We’ll check it for you. Regards!

All good, my team member is chatting with you via email. Thanks!

We have just replied to him on the email to resolved the issues. Regards!

good day. great work on plugin. one issue i have is that it block the search function from elementor. the search works on all other pages. except the ones with you code. this would be elementor pro plugin with theme builder.

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! In this case can you please send us your site URL and admin account via email We’ll login and check the issue for you. Regards!


1) Video views doesn’t work on my site. 2) Watch later doesn’t work on my site.

There are no errors from other plugins. The only thing I can come up with – Litespeed, which I am using instead of Apache/Nginx.

Please help me. :(

It’s OK but we will don’t check for compatible with it now. Regards!

Right, I hope you will have it working right within few months. Thank you

We’ll try to do it asap. Regards!

Support for the Vidi is blocked on the forum
I tried to contact you via the site’s contact form
I tried to contact you via
There is no answer so I write here.

Vidi conflicts with WooCommerce+WPML

The window POPs up endlessly.
WPML support says this is a typical error that occurs due to another plugin.

Hi, We have just replied to you via email. That seem you send an email from and it cause the issue. Your email go to SPAM folder and we can’t see it. Regards!

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The Vidi plugin is not at fault. WPML needs to be configured correctly. It’s necessary set different slugs in different languages:
WPML ⇒ Settings ⇒ Post Types Translation

Thanks for your feedback!

is there a option for thumb auto take from youtube?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us and choosing our product! Now our plugin doesn’t support this functions. However we’ll we are developing this and try to update it asap. Regards!

hello i have sent ticket about service unaviable

if not come i can sent again

sorry i have sent wrong not problem

Hi, We don’t get any email from the address above. You can see it here: Please send email to with your site URL, admin account and detail issue with screenshot. We’ll check it for you. Regards!


I am interested in your plugin

1) I see that your “theme demo” and your “plugin demo” are identical, so my question is this: does your “plugin” have the exact same features than your “theme”?

2) Is it possible to generate my own video thumbnail with your plugin?

Thanks in advance,

— GM

Hi, Thanks for contacting us about our product! Our plugins have functions like our theme but don’t include functions of Youzer and Paid Membership Pro plugin. You can try free plugin here: Here is topic to import videos from Youtube and Vimeo: Hope this help! Regards!


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