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nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are there any limitations? Do thumbnails lazy load? I have 1800 videos on my Vimeo Acct. Can I plug in my Username? Or do I need to add them individually. Thinking of moving to wistia. Same question on that one.




No lazy load – This was made for a more modest amount of videos (10-50) and does not load via username you must add the video ID’s in the shortcode. -Nolan

can this automatically play the next video?

No there is no auto video triggering the user has to click on the video thumbs to load and play the videos.

Does this support Google Drive videos?

I’m very interested in this now. One thing i’m wondering is how many videos can I place inside a single playlist? Is there a limit to it?

As many as you want but keep in mind the more videos the more ajax api calls to retrieve video embed data and this might slow down the page loading process a bit. That is why I have added the playlist button feature. You can setup buttons bellow the player that will load more sets of videos. So you can break up the videos into different playlists and allow the user to toggle between playlists easily using the buttons.

Does this support Vimeo Pro videos?

Hi I purchased, I was able to load the videos but the thumbnails aren’t working, any thoughts?

Please email me at with a link to the page it is working on. Thanks, -Nolan

hello, i think how the player loads doesn’t look good, the side videos animates and then there is blink when the next video is playable. is there anyway to change how the videos load when clicked upon and it transitions to play the next video? other than that i like the simple player,thanks.

I am sorry you do not like the style of the plugin. you can remove the css transition in the videoshow.css file. Look for the following code:
.flipping .videoshowmainvideo {
    backface-visibility: visible;
    opacity: 0;
    transform: perspective(500px) rotateY(-30deg);
    transform-origin: 50% 50% 0;
    transition: opacity 0.1s ease 0s;
.flipping .videoshowcontainer {
    backface-visibility: visible;
    transform: perspective(500px) rotateY(-30deg);
    transform-origin: 50% 50% 0;
    transition: all 1s ease 0s;
Removing these two blocks of code will remove the transition animations.

Hey There

Will this support Vimeo Pro video? That is, can I have videos in the player that are private on vimeo? With the permissions set for that domain obviously.

Yes it works with private Vimeo Pro videos. -Nolan

Hi there,

Very cool plugin, for some reason after install I can’t scroll through videos? This includes via touch interface. Any ideas?



Please email me at and I will help. -Nolan

I wonder if your plugin is just to add the url of the video or you can upload the video to my database before being displayed. Thank you. Greetings.

This plugin is strictly for embedded videos from youtube/vimeo etc. See product description for complete list of video hosting services. Thanks, -Nolan

Great plugin but a found an issue. When using YouTube the first video only loads half the height of the player. Click on another from the playlist and it works fine. This issue does not exist when using your example from Wistia (left it on the page so you can see) or Vimeo. See here (scroll down to the media section it is after SoundCloud

There is a max-height:550px; being set on the youtube iframe element but I cannot tell what script(from theme or another plugin) is setting this. Please email me with admin access to and I will see if I can find a solution for you. -Nolan

your plugin can parse from youtube chanel?

All videos must be manually added to the player using their youtube video ID.

I just purchased your plugin and the main video height is about half the height it should be. But the weird thing is it’s only on the page load. If you click a new video from the sidebar it fixes the issue and the height is perfect.

How can I fix the issue?


Adding the following to the plugins videoshow.css file(at the end) should resolve the issue:

.video-wrap {
    height: 100%;
.videoshow-main {
    height: 100%;
Hope this helps, -Nolan

That didn’t seem to do it.

Please send me an email to and I will help you. Thanks, -Nolan


Is your plugin capable and allows registered users to create their own playlist please?

What I mean is, I dont want them to go to a wordpress backend, instead, once they have signed up to my website. They can access a special page that allows them to create their own video playlists. Is this possible?

Please replay. Thanks!

For referances, please go to and see their playlist there. Thanks!

No sorry this only allows the user that creates or edits the page to set the videos in the playlist. -Nolan

Hi can I ask you to add a way to hide the daily motion text and button that leads backs to daily motion as I am making a a site for video but no one must know were its located can you do this and me add veoh support also.

This can only be done via dailymotion player customization – It cannot be done on the VideoShow plugin end since the plugin simply shows the embed player. -Nolan

how i use or emb there is no guide. i dont see the app on the wordpress after i install it

The doc page is under the wordpress admin settings menu. -Nolan

is this front end load in for members and users? I’m not sure what “playlist load” means.. does this load from the front or back end ? Thank you !

Back end only. Thanks, -Nolan

HTTPS/SSL users beware. This plugin is hardcoded with insecure http references to all video providers and fonts. The moment your site is put into HTTPS, the plugin breaks. I had to edit core plugin file to switch “http://” references to ”//”. This is in the /js/videoshowjs.js file (all references to video providers) and /css/videoshow.css file (google fonts). Nuvu should fix this immediately.

This was addressed. In the last update. Thanks, -Nolan

You say you “had to edit core plugin file” yet your account does not show you as purchasing or holding a license for the plugin. Where is your proof of purchase for this plugin? Thanks, -Nolan

Hey, can i add a Twitch Stream to this?

Hey, pre-purchase query. This the plugin is exactly what I am looking for. But the previous plugin I purchased ended up being a dead project that did not work. Is there current support on this plugin and is the plugin still being updated according to any issues?

Thanks Hercules Kindly advise

Shoot me an email at and we will make sure it works for you. Yes, it is still supported. Thanks, -Nolan

Presale question:

Hi, i have a couple of questions regarding your player:

1 – i see from the examples that the playlist is on the left, what happens when the video is viewed on mobile? The palylist collapses? or is it under the video?

2 – Is there any CSS customizing possibility?


The playlist is on the right-hand side. It stays in tact but you can set it to have a percentage height and width for mobile purposes. Thanks, -Nolan

hello , also i want use some youtube video on the site without showing that they are from youtube ? can you show me an example if it possible with this plugin ?

That is not possible. Youtube is hard branded.

can you test my link please? if its work on your player i will buy it

No this is for embedding services such as Youtube and Vimeo