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has anyone figured it out already to increase the upload file-size?

You need to increase the value of “upload_max_filesize” and “post_max_size” in your php.ini. Source:

I have been trying to upload a video as a test to see how your uploader would work if I purchased your theme, but each time I get an error. I have been trying for days. I have tried many different types of videos as well and still ERROR! Why is this?

Seems to be smooth except o can’t upload video with 500 error due to installation is in a sub directory.

OK so i figured out the issue with the site not allowing uploads. I had to take the php.ini from clipbucket and use it for this script. Im running in hiyse dedicated servers and now I’m on the move.

Nice one, i like. Can Ads system and Report abuse be included in your next update?

Hi, i´ve installed the system in a linux hosting. I´ve uploaded the htaccess files as well but only home page loads. All other links show page not found (404). How can i fix this?

Hi, I already did everything you advice to upload file size limit but it still doesn´t work, how can we fix this issue? tnx.

I already pay the support extention, why am I not having support?... is this the kind of service you have?

I don´t know why I extend the support in this, is TERRIBLE so so baddly, if someone reads this, DO NOT BUY SUPPORT, Greenycode DOES NOT SOLVE ANYTHING related with the platform. Hope at least I can have back my money, even if is a dollar. SO BAD EXPERIENCE.

I am getting this error after installing.

Error! ’’ class not exist!

can’t upload in demo site? can i upload 300-500mb (15-20minutes) using this script?

Why on your site the option of sharing on social networks are not working?

is it possible to share video where is located on my drive (c:/) ? is it possible just link it to the Youtube?

Error! Uploaded 50285243 bytes of 50285243 ?? after 100% upload

Does the source code feature embed video in another website?

its broke. I cant get out to the installations help! no readme or anything

Hy! Video upload error . What the problem ? htacces reupload

Presale question, Is it possible to auto generate video thumbnail ?

Hi, I get an internal server error 500. I uploaded the .htaccess for sure and did not change anything there. It would be very nice if you could help me here. thanks

problem sovled, RewriteBase was missing!


I was ready to write: Very nice script but is missing a major feature: Categories, when I seen in Admin Panel that there are Categories. But where on earth is this in the front end? Can’t find any place where I can select a category

Thank you