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Does it have filters or categories so you can have more than one topic?

Hi Bruce, not at the moment, but we’re implementing that exact feature in our pro version, which is a more advanced version of the plugin: http://www.videonab.com

The basic version allows one feed with a specific topic, which can be added to manually too (you can add any video to your feed manually, it only aggregates based on the topic you set). We’ll be adding features in the upcoming weeks, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions along the way.


Nice plugin, does what it says – automatically creates posts for single youtube videos by entering search term. It could use a couple of improvements: 1. the ability to create multiple video pages with different search terms. 2. an advance search term – to search from categories, filter words, exact phrase, countries and so on,,, 3. an option to filter and delete the unwanted videos. 4. for what I figured the search term looks in the title of the movie on youtube, its great for search terms like “funny cat video” but if i want to create a random playlist of music from the 80’s then I’m in trouble, maybe a search in the tags of the youtube videos will be more efficient 5. and last, an option to click a button to fetch videos and than the fetching will generate a preview list which the website manger can select desired video from, after that the plugin will create the video posts.

thanks for the unique plugin

Hey there, glad your liking it! Let me reply to these great suggestions:

-You can actually filter/block any video you don’t want. On the front end, there is a “block video” link (while logged in to your account) that quickly let’s you look them over and block some that might not 100% the videos you’re looking for. There is also a block option in the admin under the “VideoNab” tab where you see the list of all videos.

-Your suggestions are really great and we’ll certainly consider them. Note that we are in the process of actually adding some of your suggestions to the pro version:

Upcoming in our next update for pro: -Ability to have multiple feeds with varying topics -Ability to filter topics via tags within each of these feeds

Already in the pro version: -Ability to vote on videos -Filter/toggle of videos based on popularity

Feel free to check it out here: http://www.videonab.com

And thanks again for the awesome suggestions, and we’ll definitely consider them!

1. is it possible to add multiple topics? 2. Can members post videos? for multi authored wp blog? waiting for reply before purchase thank you!

Hi there, we are adding the ability to add multiple topics, either in an upcoming release of the basic version (found here on codecanyon) or the Pro version, which has a lot more features: http://www.videonab.com

The current version here includes the single feed and topic, though you can use the feed anywhere in the site.

-The image error is due to the theme, which we’re switching out. You can see another example here on the 2014 theme (‘funny donkeys’ as a topic being aggregated): http://www.casualsnacks.com/basic/

-Currently VideoNab is only available as a WordPress plugin, thoguh of course it is built on PHP.


When is the release of new Multiple topics feature? i need this ASAP!

Hi again, we’re estimating 2-3 weeks and will be implementing it into the Pro version. All future updates are free to existing customers of course. Let me know if you have any other questions: http://www.videonab.com


Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks! We think this will be a really fun, useful plugin :)


I have 2 pre-sales questions.

1. What is the version you are selling here for $17? is it the Lite version or the Pro version ? Your website says the Lite is free and the Pro is $39.

2. In the demo, when you play any video, the video screen size is too small (560×315 I think). Is it possible to modify the plugin/CSS to show a bigger screen video play ?

Would love to buy your plugin.


Hi Sean, no problem. The sharing method is coded into the plugin, but could be easily replaced with another solution with some lite coding. We are also working to make it better display on mobile devices in it’s current state, and should have that updated soon. Let me know if you have any other questions: http://www.videonab.com



I’m having a problem buying your plugin from your website. I tried buying it on videonab.com but your payment gateway seems to have declined my cards. The reason I say your payment gateway may have declined them is because I tried using 2 different VISA credit cards and both got declined…..whereas they both are otherwise normal working cards that I use very often in other places online including Codecanyon.

I have balance in my codecanyon account but I am more keen to buy the pro version which is only available on your website, not here.

Can you help sort this out ? Can I buy it on codecanyon ?



Hi Sean, this is very strange and we will definitely investigate. Are you able to pay via Paypal? If not, please let us know and we’ll work something out. We also received your email and we’ll definitely get to the bottom of it. We’re a team of 2 Joshes (Josh S and Josh K) and Josh K is checking into it now.

Thanks for your patience.

Plugin doesnt work in my site. I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function iconv_get_encoding() in /home/aydy/public_html/wp-content/plugins/VideoNab_basic_1.0/lib/Zend/Validate/Hostname.php on line 537

Hi there, sorry for the frustrations. Can you link us to your site? Also we may need wordpress admin access so we can have a look. You can send that to us via direct message on our profile page. Thanks!

Great plugin, was super easy to set up – now I have automatic videos showing up on my blog every day. Love it! Looking forward to the multiple video feeds pro feature you mentioned in another comment. Pls let me know when that is available. Thanks.

Hey there, thanks for the comments and we’re happy to hear you’re enjoying the plugin! We’ll definitely keep you posted on the updates, and feel free to check out the pro version, which has lots of cool additional features: http://www.videonab.com


I would like to ask some questions before purchasing your plugin. In my Wordpress site, I would like to import many YouTube video links at the same time, especially playlists. Free solutions can only pull in the first 50 videos (subsequent 50 videos can be pulled but require bac-and-forth changing of php files), and the process is not very effective nor streamlined. So, I’d like to ask if your plugin could solve the following?

1. How many videos in a playlist can the plugin import at a time? If there’s a limit (for example, blocks of 50 videos at a time), would the plugin still be able to continue importing the 51st video and beyond in subsequent blocks? 2. When the plugin imports a YouTube playlist or videos, can you specify that the plugin create “portfolio” or “slider” posts instead of normal “blog posts”? 3. When importing YouTube videos, is it possible to specify that the plugin insert the video’s URL inside a certain field? For example, can you tell the plugin to insert the URL into the “Video URL:” box? If not, is there a way to modify it? 4. When importing video links from a playlist, will the plugin import them in the order in which they appear on the playlist, or would it be random?

Thank you.

Hi there! you’ll want to check out the pro version for this situation, and yes it would solve that problem. Let me answer these in order:

1. It imports around the same amount on each “pull” but you can set up the event scheduler to pull videos every hour, or manually pull videos as needed.

2. No unfortunately it builds the feed, and plays the videos in a separate page (which you assign a template to). This is the only format out of the box.

3. This isn’t a feature either, but I’m sure it can be modified to do so. The pro version does include multiple sharing options however.

4. The pro version allows you to control the way they are listed (as well as setting date parameters on how they are pulled from YouTube, which is really awesome.). Sorting includes: By the date added to the site (good for if you’ve added videos manually) and by YouTube publish date, which will list them from the newest to oldest. There are quite a few settings for controlling the order in the pro version.

Also note, it does not import by playlist, but by topic/keyword, however it’s very accurate. Just want to clarify.

You can check out the pro version here: http://www.videonab.com


Hi, I am thinking of buying this but I can’t get the free version to add any videos. I have a Wordpress install, but every time I copy a url from YouTube I get the message “Video data is not available. Please try another video url”.

Nothing works at all. Any ideas why? I have been trying lots of YouTube urls like “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDoUyWU_EDc” but to no avail.

OK will wait to here from you. Such a shame because I was excited to try it

No problem and I understand the frustrations. It should be ready anytime now and I will keep you posted as soon as it’s live.

Hi again! Just letting you know that we’ve submitted the fixed version, which should be live by end of day today! I will post a general update here once it’s live but wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks again for your patience!

Hi, I want to buy your product but I get the following errors in the free version. Could you please help.

I have the Google API Key entered as well.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Google_IO_Exception' in /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/Google/IO/Curl.php:115 Stack trace: #0 /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/Google/IO/Abstract.php(136): Google_IO_Curl->executeRequest(Object(Google_Http_Request)) #1 /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/Google/Http/REST.php(60): Google_IO_Abstract->makeRequest(Object(Google_Http_Request)) #2 [internal function]: Google_Http_REST::doExecute(Object(Google_Client), Object(Google_Http_Request)) #3 /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/Google/Task/Runner.php(174): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #4 /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/Google/Http/REST.php(46): Google_Task_Runner->run() #5 /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/Google/Client.php(593): Google_Http_REST::execute(Object(Google_Client), Object(Google_Http_Request)) #6 /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/G in /home/www/furlingtonpost.com/wp-content/plugins/videonab/lib/Google/IO/Curl.php on line 115

Hi there! We will investigate this immediately. Note that we have recently updated the basic version (here on codecanyon) and pro version, which won’t have the error: http://www.videonab.com

We will look into fixing the free version next. Thanks!

Hi i’ve sent you an email – I bought your pro version expecting an instant download but I still haven’t received it! I wish i’d bought it from here now!

Hi there, we’re looking into this now and will be sure to get you a copy of the latest pro version. Thanks!

We have sent a link to download your pro version as well as your API info. Thanks!

can i buy the pro version on codecanyon?

Hi there, you must purchase the pro version here: http://www.videonab.com Thanks!

Hi I just purchased plugin. Configured on a clean WP install. It will not add videos. After submitting url, goes to blank screen. Google API shows client error 4xx. Help

NM, got it working.

No problem, thanks for the update.

Great WP plugin! Pre-sale question. Can VideoNab show the videos grid view view or only list view?

Hi there! At the moment we can only show videos via list view. However we are constantly making updates and will possibly add this as a Pro feature in the near future. Be sure to check that one out here as it has quite a few additional features, including advanced sorting, multiple video stream topics, and more: http://www.videonab.com


Stream live youtube video automatically? Every time you have live streaming and featured on my site?

Hi there, I’m not 100% clear on what you mean. Can you clarify? Thanks!

It does not show any videos… haven’t been able to get it working. And how do I access support? When I click the button here, it takes me to some mapifypro support.

Hi there sorry for the frustrations. You can submit a ticket in the MapifyPro forum as it is our sister product. Just specify the issue there and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks!