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This looks great! Will buy this in a week.

Thanks! :)

Is it possible to upload from iPhone?

Yes, you can upload videos from every device! :)

Are uploaded videos hosted locally or is it uploading the video to youtube? I would prefer uploaded videos to be hosted locally on the server for playback.

All uploaded videos are hosted locally if they are uploaded from PC, but if they are uploaded from YouTube they are hosted on YouTube. :)

SOLD! I was getting that impression but wanted to confirm Ive seen others that are just interfaces to YouTube but this is what I need.

Thank you very much, you are awesome! :)

This is the first time looking into a video platform and this one looks very nice. Good Job! I have a newbie question for this, does this platform only use HMTL5? I see HTML5 player is responsive, so if it can use other players will they not be responsive? Thank You

Yes, I read your message and I replied now. :)

Got it ad it is working now. Will purchase today. Thank you Extreemer.

Thanks! :)

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Sorry, but there is no demo for the moment. You can look at the Screenshots.

Hi There,
Pre purchaser here
I don’t understand if the user can actually create their own video out of other videos and then share the outcome? Here I mean, I’ll upload 3 images – make it a GIF, or upload many videos and combine into one :) or maybe apply some fancy filters to make it sweet and beautiful? :)
Or it’s more like a social network for sharing videos?


videoBox do not have such video creation functions. The user can upload videos, but can’t create videos from images / gifs or other resources (filters).

any client user website to look for demo ?

There is no demo website for the moment, but you can check the Screenshots.

Any purchaser that have a live demo system? Really close at buying but need to see it live first :-)


lmonge Purchased

Is there any admin demo? How can I monetize the site?


lmonge Purchased

I will contact you by email


lmonge Purchased

May I have your email?

You can send me a message via the Contact Form and I will receive it by email.

Only English is used by default, but you can translate it via the .php files.

Can you send me demo of this product if its srill avialable…

There is no online demo for the moment.