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Very interesting. Pre Purchase question: Where are the videos stored?

FTP server can be configured in the settings page. Let’s say you intend to send the video to your own ftp server, you can just enter the ftp server address, username and password on the respective field and store them in app. When you choose to ftp the video, stored information will then be retrieved and used to connect to ftp server.

Saved ftp information can be reset and changed during runtime.

If you don’t have FTP server to test, you can download from here and setup your windows PC as FTP server: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=server

Ok thanks yes I have dedicated servers just was checking the various storage options.

no problem

I would like to import this into my existing app can you provide directions after purchase? if so I am ready to purchase now.

Try using setVideoMaximumDuration property to limit the video recording. something like this:

Is there a way to do a split screen & capture from Both cameras front & back?

I don’t think it is possible at the moment. When one session starts, the other will stop.

Could you create at the ftp server folders to download that way to the ipad/iphone?

Could some of the features like video trimming be de-activated from the final application?

1. Listing folders from ftp server and downloading videos from ftp server is not so difficult. Seems like a good idea. Let me look into it. Probably during next update?

2. The core functionality of this app is trimming video. As such disabling trimming feature might not be appropriate. If you choose to do so, you may simply remove the “Trim” from uiaction sheet.

thanks, I’m looking for my company to download training videos to ipad but we able to set the application with the company names.

let me look into it friend.

I would like to send the video to a secure folder that can only be seen in the app via secure login. How difficult is it to specify the save location?

Depends. Where do you want to save the video?

can you provide the project without any adds,pop-ups

Do contact me from my profile page with your enquiries.

Hi I had bought it yesterday and just put it up on my device as it is. The FTP option doesnt seem to work. Just to give you a little background, I already have a web server with FTP connectivity and I use that FTP regularly with Filezilla so I know that the FTP details are correct. But every time I try, it says Error something went wrong. Can you pls help me resolve this?

Also although I m trying to upload a video via FTP when the Error popup comes up.

The server logs show nothing. Since I m running this directly on the device there are no Xcode logs as well. From what it looks its not even trying to estabilish the connection since the error popup comes up too quickly

Can you test in xcode so that you can log the error? otherwise you will see just an alert message and you won’t be able to know what is going on

Is there a way to send the video to a specific email – like the FTP can you set up a standard email address so its not necessary to type it every time?

Possible. In settings page, place a uitext field for user to key in the email address and store it using nsuserdefaults. You may create a email button in uiactionsheet and implement an Action method when user press this button.

Hello, is any way to trim couple videos and mix them in one video? or put some background music, etc? thanks

No. this app won’t do that

Nice app, can I use it like a littel course, I like to do some video about swedish and put them on the app te teach my students ?

This may be not be the suitable app. However you can contact me if you need it for specific purposes. Drop me a message from my profile page.

I think I sent you message did you get it, what is your email adress?

I have responded on 19 June 2015. If you have sent any email after that, i have not received.

Does this support latest ios and iphone? Any apptore link ?

Yes. It supports latest versions both Xcode and iOS.

thanks for your intrest

Just bought the app, build and run well. How do I remove the first page instructions with left and right choices. I just want the simple standalone app. Thanks.

Thanks for purchasing. Go to storyboard and delete the first navigation controller and initial view controller. Make the second navigation controller as initial view controller.

Thanks, it works well as standalone app now.

A part from that, is trimming only the middle part achievable? For now the middle part can be selected but can’t be trimmed, only the front and end can be trimmed.

Also, kindly have me notified if you have made any video merger or audio edit for the video. Thanks.

Glad it helped you.

At the moment we trim only both ends.

sure. thanks

I wanna split a video into multiple parts, 10sec each part could this app do the job with one click, if not can you help to edit the code with extra charges ?

hi, does this app support ios 9.x version?

does it have ios9, iphone6s+ screen resolutions support?

Hi, have you an android version?

no and i develop iOS only

Hello , how I can delete videos from the app library ?

ok I knew how to do that by press action button . Thanks

Hello, I’m interested to buy this kinda app. But before that, may i seen your demo app in App Store ?