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Looks good. Best wishes for the sales. DCSF

Thank you.

hello, i would like to buy the code but before i want to know if there is admob ads in it?

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demo apk link please..

I tested it on Android 6.0, it forced closed everytime I tap the camera / gallery button

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very nice work :)

Thank you.

hello this app have integrated admob

I will integrate.


Hi I have purchased Video to Gif but it is crashing video not opening and in high end devices like 6.0 it is crashing with exception video codec and camera also not working but it is ok camera based on permission i will integrate but help me on video gif conversion ASAP.

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Fixed as permission.

may be this app need M permission for ex and int storge and camera .. way you till them to contact you .. you cant add thes permssions !!!?

Hello. Sir. Do you purchased my item?

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My Item is Android Studio Project. Thank you. If you have problem, please contact my skype:”MickeyVideoReverse”

Thank you.

I did test this source, it crash on android 6.0 when you choose a video from the gallery and when you choose the camera .

Hello.Sir. If you have problem, contact my skype: “MickeyVideoReverse”

Thank you.

great work mate . good luck ^^

Thank you. If you have problem in product, contact me via s-k-y-p-e(“MickeyVideoReverse”)

I have problem I see this messege “the device is not ready”

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Hello, where can I change the admob banner?

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There is no admob. There is chartboost and revmob.

When changed package name, send me that’s name and activity name. This is my skype id: MickeyVideoReverse

Hi hi I have deactivated the advertisement

Best regards: Daniel

When I open the Cam to take a video the app crashes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you changed package name? This is my skype name:MickeyVideoReverse

Please contact me.

no I just tried the APK from the link you provided and it crashes every time I use it!

What is android sdk verion? If it is 23, please change to 22 and test again.

hi i want to purchase this app but viewing the comment all users got crashes problem in android 6 , is the app still crash ???? any support for that ?

Hi, i am using FFMpeg. Now FFMpeg have problems for android 6.0. (text relocations issue) But this issue is limited for some devices. You can build project with android 5.x (API 22). I will try to fix too. Thank you.