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Thats awesome! Bookmarked! Maybe, someday I’ll need it…

Nice one! :D
Can this display foreign subtitles with accents/special chars?
I was just wondering because I couldn’t find a way of doing this programatically in JavaScript for my soon-to-be released video player, nothing that works fully cross-browser anyway.
If it doesn’t then the srt files have to be converted to utf-8, just a heads up if you didn’t already know :bigsmile:

Great idea ! Bookmarked

Looks great, doesn’t want to work for Chrome too well.

Very cool! Is there a way for the end user to toggle them on and off?

You can do a simple fadeOut with jQuery on the div that is used for showing the subtitles :).

Very nice! I will have to purchase! Thanks for your reply!

The subtitles are not visible on iphone or ipad ?!! any option for them ?!! Im interested to overlay incoming sms ?!!

On my iPad the subtitles show up without a problem.

Hy i’ve the same acroid problem, i can’t see the subtitle on my ipad. I think that is very strange becouse when i go on the live preview i can see the video perfectly but when i use the file that i’ve downloaded the video don’t appear.

you can see an exemple going to

where i upload your files.

I’m waiting for your answer, thank you!

It didn’t work for me :(. I need help please.

Does not work with video-js… Someone has a trick ?

This Author is no longer around.

hello still working?

wanna see a demo of this please help with demo