Discussion on Social Events for Videos Add-on for Easy Social Share Buttons

Discussion on Social Events for Videos Add-on for Easy Social Share Buttons

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Hello, Is this plugin still working ?


Yes, it is still working. And it will continue to work as long as the YouTube API allows it (for now changes are not planned).

Thanks, can you confirm it will work in my current website video format from YouTube. Check the embed code format. Also let me know if it works also on mobile. Thanks. Check site:


For sorry it is impossible to confirm that it will work with all of your existing videos. The plugin is capable to detect embed videos if you are using the default WordPress action. But that works if there are no onsite modifications or optimizations of the YouTube player. And the detector can’t work if you have lazyloading videos.

The only method that 100% works all the time is with the plugin shortcode. And it works on mobile without an issue too.

What I can see from the sample URL is that the videos are loaded (or at least loading is modified) by the theme. And you have also lazyloading applied. So in this case probably the detector won’t be able to assign events automatically to existing videos.




You can contact our support

Keep in mind that addonnis made to work primary with added with plugin function videos. It may detect videos embed with default code into content. But it can’t detect if youvuse builder or plugins for adding videos.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

When do you make the next update of this plugin? Is it working with the newest wordpress version without bugs? Responsive?


The extension works with all latest WordPress versions and Easy Social Share Buttons versions. The only limitations is that you need to have ESSB 4+ installed (current version 5.4) and WordPress 4.5 or newer for some of the functions.

The embed videos can be added fluid (taking the entire dedicated width) or with preset sizes but in both mode they are responsive. The events and effects that plugin can do will run only for videos added via plugin shortcode.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

Hi there. Is Whatsappp sharing button available? If not, would it be possible to be implemented in some way? Thanks! Diego


Yes such button is present. You have access to all buttons available inside Easy Sovial Share Buttons

Hi appcreo,

i´m just purchase this video share add-on and it is not working with the already installed “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 4.7.3”.

Please let me know how to fix this issue!

Thank you for your help!


There is no such version of plugin available. Latest official version is 4.2. The addon require version 4.0 and newer and if you have older than version 4 it will not work.

Contact our support team and give them details to check and what is not working (use easy Social share buttons section as that is addon for plugin).

Does this work with a gallery made by a plugin?


It will not assign events to galley videos – you will need to make a shortcode call assigned in plugin code to display the events.

Can you tell us which is the plugin used to generate the gallery and we can take a look and provide additional details.


We check the provided link and we can say that to make share buttons appear with the videos of those galleries you will need to use code change of Video Plugin. To allow functionality of our plugin work all videos should be added with the plugin shortcode or plugin function call.

We cannot say what is the difficulty level of that change as we are not familiar with code.

Hi appcreo,

We just purchase this video share add-on and it is not working with the already installed “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 4.0.1”.

None of the Easy Social Video Share Settings are clickable.

Please let us know how to fix this issue!

Thank you for your help!


We have brand new version of add-on fully compatible with version 4. It will be officially released in the next days once we fully complete its new documentation.

Send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will provide it.

Will you update this plugin to be compatible version 3.x?

Thank you very much :) i am waitting the update :)

We will notify you immediately after that.

I bought the Video Share add-on through the Apps Creo site some time ago. How do I get the most recent version please since I’m unable to find the update here?


If you have made account during purchase you can get access to latest version inside it. Otherwise send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will send it.

We sent notifications to all customers for the change and how updates will come but for sorrow we have lot of returned mails

I’ve never gotten the email notifications automatically and I notified support of this back in February as well. Please add me to your list if you don’t have tanya at tanyasmithonline dot com. Just emailed you with my request again. Thanks!

We got your mail

Hi, when will this be updated….?

We work on it and till the end of month a version compatible with 3.x will be released. Send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and will notify you immediately after it is ready.

I dont want to complain because i like your plugins but it is still not working and no update still. I know it does not have much sales so its prob. not high on the list but its pretty unfair for the people who payed for it.

We have not forget and we have a new idea for it that is ready – send us mail again and we will mail it the new version of add-on

The plugin is not looking. It does not look like work. Only appears HTML code. Please turn it on. Thank you


Addon is not updated yet to Verizon 3.x of plugin and this is the reason it is turned off. Right not it is working with versions 2.x

Want to buy …. (your demo is not working…
When you will release this on Wordpress 4.3.X ?

does it can automatically feed the video link from the post and put share buttons there ? so I dont have to create for every post code … time saver…


The addon is not completed yet in version 3.x of ESSB. Right now it can work with versions 2.x. We will make an update of it. The include of video can be done only with shortcode. Unfortunately we cannot handle automatic videos due to various possible libraries.

It no longer works with my website, I had to delete it in general because I was not able to access my admin panel. Please get this fix as I do like this ad on feature.


Addon is not ported yet to version 3 and it is compatible with version 2. We will update it to version and then release it again.

Hi when will the plugin work again? I just installed it and the configuration optins are not showing right.

We are working to update the add-on to be full compatible with version 3 of plugin but right now it works with all version till 2

Hey, Just a quick head’s up: I went to the live demo site for the video share addon and instead of seeing videos, I see all the shortcode text. Not sure if this is what you intended. I was expecting to see videos with the shard icons over the top. Or maybe I’m missing something…

We are in process of demo update and this is the reason you see the shortcodes – we deactivate the addon till we complete the full integration with version 3 of product. Right now it is compatible up to version 2.x and in version 3 there are specific points that does not work still properly.

Once we complete the rework of addon we will activate it back on demo server.

Hello appscreo ,

I’m just wondering if your plugin is capable to do this. Let me tell you an example.

So if I get a link from youtube and share it on my facebook. It will look like this:

In which I really like this way but on my website when I tried to share my link from my website:

It didn’t show the video. How come is that? The video was custom made. Oh I really wanted is to show it’s video also when sharing it on facebook just like on youtube did.

Is your plugin capable to do this?


The control of shared information is made via the social share optimization meta tags – open graph tags. With this tags you can control information that is send to Facebook.

As we check site your videos are self-hosted which allows you to make the sharing you wish using the open graph tags. To do this you need first to activate generation of Open Graph Tags inside plugin – go to Social Buttons -> Social Sharing -> Share Optimization and activate generation of Open Graph Tags in plugin. Right after that you will have options to personalized shared data on each post using the meta box that is below post editor: . We mark in this screenshot fields you can fill to allow video appear in Facebook.

If you have troubles setting this please start a topic in support system and we will assist you with the setup.

Ohhh! So do I need to buy this video share addon plugin or not? Just to clarify before we proceed. Thanks!


No you do not need the addon – in your case using the customization of sharing will help you to share post with included video using only the main plugin Easy Social Share Buttons

The demo still does not work…..when will this work?

We are updating the plugin to full cover version 3.x features and this is why addon demo is made offline for now.

So does it work or not with the current version of WordPress?

No – it is working with the current version of WordPress but it is in development to make it compatible with version 3.0 of Easy Social Share Buttons. Right now it is compatible with version till 3.0

AS the demo is still broken, does the plugin works or are you guys still working on the update?


We are working on update to version 3 of Easy Social Share Buttons for the addon. Currently addon is working properly with all versions till version 3 (versions 2.x).

Demo is broken and showing shortcodes

We are updating addon for version 3 and this is the reason you see shortcodes. Currently addon is compatible with version 2.x


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