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1) Language I use is vietnamese. Examples: “Translation service” in vietnam is: d?ch v? d?ch thu?t. People in vietnam have 2 way search: “dich vu dich thuat” or “d?ch v? d?ch thu?t”

In this system I only have search result is “dich vu dich thuat”: and can’t search “d?ch v? d?ch thu?t”.

So I want to have url search different if I user two way

2) With SEO, I want have some feature: - Can import list keyword to create base database (and can export all url tag in databse to do backlink for them). - Can edit structure meta-title in: home-page, each tag page (like plugin SEO Yoast in wordpress) - Have sitemap.xml (update real-time)

There is some trouble with cyrillic languages. Search doen’t work. If create manual link like Then term apears in database, but slug doesn’t created.

Search doen’t work ==> So, source don’t work

there’s problem in your db which i already showed you

Your site is unreachable.

now reachable

Hi the Preview dosn’t work

now working

No demo = no sale. Fix it.

This product is still alive? No DEMO :(

its still alive and demo is there

We are providing support of our items only via our forum

I have problem to install

Help me with ftp details from my profile page, I will help to install

demo not working / support not working

Sorry there is some server issue and we are working on it.

and its fixed… :)

Is it supports xml sitemaps

demo not working

Thanks for reporting

Hello, i want to buy your script do you have any news update? thank

it don’t need any update for now, if you face any issues just let us know

demo script?

we removed it because of missuse