Discussion on Video Reviews Pro - Video Widget WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Video Reviews Pro - Video Widget WordPress Plugin

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what are u selling? the saas project ( or the plugin? and isn’t this open sourced and available for a free download on are you the original creator? please explain what the buyer will get. thanks

Hey BaldFatDude! 1.This is not saas product 2. You can find the free version here and test 3. I am the author :) 4. I am selling here a pro version of the plugin which give more functionality 5. is only the place to show how the plugin working and some information about plugin

thanks for the reply. i’m interested in the saas project.

Maybe in the future i will do the SAAS project with the same functionality :)

Can you tell me what dimensions you use for the video that’s on your demo please? I used a normal video, and it took up the whole page.

Your comment below about the small bug was my problem as well. All fixed now. Hope you get that cleaned up for your next release.

Update coming soon :)

The update is ready! If you like the product please do not forget to add review :)

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Thank you!

hi hice work) you have only wordpress plugin? any php or html projects?

For now i am working only with Wordpress :)

ok) we are dev team, are you interested make with us on our simple product?

Send me please you product link to my email I will take a look

Video takes over the whole page. Can you please help?

Thank you. That worked.

Not problem :) Also if you like the plugin leave a review it will help a lot :) And if you have any ideas about this plugin I will be happy to hear them!

If you like the product please do not forget to add review :)

where do you host the video? do I need to upload it to somewhere?

You need to upload it to your wordpress and then select it in settings

the plugin has great functionality!

is compatible with multisite?

Yes the plugin working with multisite

Can we add a video links (Youtube or Vmieo) without adding the video directly to the website?

Hey Almehsan!

For now, it is not possible because the Youtube and Vimeo videos are very hard to implement in our video widget.

Best Regards

If I’m using different videos for different pages, I believe it will consume lot of storage and slow down the site. It’s better to have an option to store the videos in another host.

It will not slow down the website! I made a plugin such a way that the video widget loading after the main content of the website is loaded. You can try it and see :)

Is there a way to make the video play from the beginning when it is clicked/tapped instead of resuming where it’s currently at?

If you like the product please do not forget to add review :)

Not had a chance to use it yet, been super busy. I’ll get it setup later this week and leave one then :)


Good Job :-) A SaaS project would be great.


Thanks :)

How much are you ready to pay for SaaS product per month ? :)

Nice plugin. I dont know this is this can be be done or not. Can you make this plugin compatible with WCFM multi vendor plugin. If the vendors can upload a video of them describing there own porducts/store that would be great.

Thanks! Yes we can do that as an addon for this plugin if you are interested send me a direct to

Hello, a question. So I buy this module and I don’t need any monthly fee from vrreviews website?

Yes we do not have monthly fee

Hi there!

Love your products, I installed the plugins everything seem to work fine. But,I cannot change button CTA text, or Change display delay for the CTA.

It seem like all function work except all the setting in button.

Can you please take a look, Here is a video of it.

Hey John,

I will check it and will fix in new version


dariusreed Purchased

Hey, I just installed this on my website. I purchased the extended license and I was wondering how can I remove the “powered by video reviews”?

And how can I change its name?