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Good APP, can you support rtmp,hls,rtsp etc.?

Thanks, For modifications in software, pl. send DM


So it can play any mp4 / avi video I have loaded to my website ?

like http://mywebsite.com/video.mp4 ?

Not clear, pl. DM the feed

I don’t want a feed, just an .xml file edited on http://mywebsite.com/video.xml for example

It is not possible to answer your question without checking the xml feed. We have used WordPress as benchmark CMS

Can i use this player as my local video player app on my device and also upload videos through the cp.

Also can i send push notifications when a video is uploaded?

For modifications in software, pl. send DM

hello you havent answered me. I have sent you an email..

Mail has been sent, pl. check spam folder

Hi how to change UI colors wht theme u used and is it possible to remove pre loaded videos?

all color you can change from color.xml AppBaseTheme used in app.

and yes it’s possible to remove videos pre loaded video and it’s easy.

Is there any way to add Admob Interstitial to any of these videos with interstitial between two videos? Thanks!

No, the data is from YouTube API

im use Eclipse import project but error fix it ?

error pic http://www.uppic.org/share-33FC_553DDBF9.html

Ok YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi.jar already build so it’s not showing.

can you show me all imports of YoutubePlayerActivity.java class. must be there is some mistake. and go to “Properties” under this open “Java Build Path”. open “Library” tab and expand Android Dependencies Android Private Libraries

this http://www.uppic.org/share-E3ED_5541F5A4.html

im not found Android Dependencies Android Private Libraries

There is no problem, pl. check the tutorial. Or Can you come on teamviewer

Good app, but the section youtube not working. After click on option dont appear anyone video. Can you fix it? Thanks!


Nice app! I want buy this app

1- I wonder if I can put in this app my own videos if yes how how many gigs can I do that? Because I have over 100- 3 mins different videos! 2- Do I need som site to support that? 3- If it possible that I locked my video and open every day new video? 4- do you have it in both versions ios and andriod?

Thanks for answer

1. You can add any no. of video.

2. You can do this by wordpress.

3. to lock and other feature custom modification is required.

How to add Youtube videos? When I click on those cartoon on Youtube section, I see only black screen.

I can’t open the project in android studio ? No support file present in the zip

Is the code Android Studio Based?

I did buy this source code yesterday but I am not much happy with source code as it has poor UI and error handling and also not enough references integrate youtube channel videos. How about scrolling hundreds of thousands of videos from youtube channel???

Is anybody from item seller come online on this site for any support because I did not hear any response from them.

Hello, can it play .mid and .kar format?