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I am unable to get the following shortcode to work. [aprvp id=”0” active_playlist=”0”] The player and playlist IDs are correct. I also don’t see a shortcode generator in the WordPress text editor that was mentioned in the help file. The plugin appears to be functioning correctly except for actually displaying a video.

I found the shortcode creator. Still have not been able to play a video though. Is there a compatibility problem with Themify themes?


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can have a look.

Hello There! I need a YouTube Video Player (HTML5) with a custom skin like this: http://awesomescreenshot.com/01c64b2s8a

Is it possible to customize your plugin as well?

Thank you in advance.

Hello and thanks for the interest!

This would require a lot of html/css work to make such look so I wouldnt recommend this.

The plugin is working well. My client has their Vimeo Channel sorted manually.

Is it possible to have manual sort on a playlist created by your plugin? If it is possible could you please advise what I need to edit to have this work.


In wordpress admin / Playlist manager, when you add video to playlist, in popup menu, sort method is coming from there:


Now I see manual sort has been added: https://developer.vimeo.com/api/playground/channels/%7Bchannel_id%7D/videos

To add new option, in playlist_manager.js file, find this:

//vimeo sort
    channel_sort={date:'date', alphabetical:'alphabetical', plays:'plays', likes:'likes', comments:'comments', duration:'duration', added:'added', modified_time:'modified_time'},

and add new parameter to channel sort.

Thank you VERY much for your prompt reply. That is exactly what I need.

Thank you VERY much for your prompt reply. That is exactly what I need.

hello friend, this plugin is compatible with wowza?


If you can provide link to video or other specifics I can check.


The titles from Youtube video single video are not displaying on mobile devices. They are displaying on my Safari desktop browser, but not on my iPhone.

Please help


What titles do you mean?

Thank you for the new update. I download and update. It work. But it still remain the number 1.1 of erlier version. Dont know how to fix that. Actually this plugin is really great. Easy to use. Beautiiful design. and powerful. I want to recommend to other people. Good work! Thanks

We forgot to update version number. Version number can be changed manually at the top of main plugin file aprvp.php, but it doesnt change anything for the plugin functionality.

Hello I recently purchased your “Video Player HTML5 Youtube Vimeo – Wp Plugin” and I am getting a parse error when trying to add vimeo videos, playlist, ect. Yotube and all other functions work great. Can somebody help me?


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with detailed description of a problem and a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can have a look at the issue.

Hi, can you guys give some ideas about how to use this plugins in Wordpress. Thanks.


Playlist with videos is created with admin panel. All the data is saved in wordpress database. Then using shortcode player is placed inside a post or page. Is there anything specific we can answer about is usage?

We dont have a video tutorial unfortunately, but we plan on creating one.


Can this plugin set the time to play the specific video same as make it live broadcast?


Can you explain more what you mean to achieve?


I want to make the website play the video live using Vimeo playlist, when any user open it will show the current video at the current time.

No, you cannot specify current time for video, you can link to specific video in playlist using deeplink like www.dummy.com/some-playlist/some-video2

Hi, Does this play seamlessly in the web page on IOS, so that there is no pause and change of state between videos plays hosted on vimeo?

Hi there, I have a pre-sales question: Can I make galleries out of my self-hosted videos using this plugin? I run my videos from my own server, so I need a good video gallery plugin to help me layout my videos nicely on a page/post/portfolio post types. Then when the video is clicked it opens the video player with controls right away, or it opens the video into a lightbox and then I can cycle through the videos. Again, these videos are self-hosted.



You can use self hosted videos with this plugin. Plugin requires for a playlist of videos to be created in wordpress admin area and then added to the post of page using shortcode.