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I can’t see my ‘Design Options’ in my Row Settings. Where is it?

The Design Options tab is an basic feature of Visual Composer and not from any of our plugins.

If it’s missing, it is most likely because you are using a modified version of Visual Composer that comes from your theme, or your theme is overwriting some of the behavior of Visual Composer.

In some cases, your theme probably relocated the default Design Options settings elsewhere (e.g. in the General tab). If that’s the case you can use those options to add a background image and our plugin should still be able to apply parallax effects to it. If the background image isn’t parallaxing, then please try the method below.

In other cases, background settings may have been removed completely. For those scenarios, we have included our own background image upload setting in our own parallax tab.

My theme already has Visual Composer installed, and I cannot see the parallax tab in the row settings!

Visual Composer recommends that themes do not forcibly embed the Visual Composer, but instead include it as a plugin (it’s safer that way and less prone to bugs and compatibility issues).

Our plugin tries to support embedded copies of Visual Composer, and it works great in most themes that have this. However in some scenarios, the plugin fails to “plug in” to the proper Visual Composer areas where it needs to in order to work correctly.

We have added a Compatibility Mode to our plugin to make it work with these types of themes. To turn on compatibility mode, head over to your Plugins list page (this is where you activate & deactivate plugins) and find our plugin from the list. On our plugin’s description, there should be a link on the far right to activate compatibility mode.

Turning that on may fix the problem and the Parallax tab should appear in your row settings.

If it still doesn’t work, then don’t worry, contact us through our support forum! Include your WordPress admin login details as well as your FTP credentials and we will make our plugin work for you.

We want to make our plugins as compatible to as much themes as possible!

Our parallax is not showing at all (white background)

Our plugin uses Javascript to perform background adjustments and parallaxing. When you get a white background, then there’s a high chance that your page encountered a Javascript error (probably from another script running in your site).

When there’s a Javascript error, usually what happens is that future Javascript processes that run stop working.. this includes our parallax script, since we are always performing parallax calculations.

You can view Javascript errors in your browser. The WordPress Codex has a good tutorial on checking those.

After you fix your errors, then parallax should work fine.

The plugin isn’t working! My theme already has parallax in it and it may be conflicting with the plugin! I can see the parallax tab in the row settings, but my changes aren’t doing anything.

When there’s a parallax feature already implemented by your theme, usually this doesn’t cause any conflicts. But in some cases, it does. In those scenarios, you can easily check if there’s a conflict by checking if the theme you’re using has this function defined anywhere in its files:


If you can see that the theme has this function declared in it’s code, you can resolve the conflict by adding this PHP line inside the vc_theme_before_vc_row function:

$parallaxDiv = apply_filters( 'gambit_add_parallax_div', '', $atts, $content );

Then append the variable $parallaxDiv in the return statement of the function.

I found a bug, please fix it!

Sure thing! Please let us know in the comments area :)

I have an awesome feature that would make the plugin waaay cooler!

We’re all ears! Let us know in the comments area :)

The plugin doesn’t really work on my set up! Help!

Our plugin should work out of the box, but in certain cases that it does not, we can help!

Contact us through our profile page and include your WordPress admin login details as well as your FTP credentials and we will make our plugin work for you.

When I add a video background, and a parallax background right after it, my parallax doesn’t show up correctly.

This is a known problem and we’re looking into it. However, it seems that this issue may have something to do with the internal workings of some browsers. It’s really weird, since the video somehow affects the rendering of the parallax, even though they’re not at all connected to each other.

In any case, we’re looking for workarounds for this. We’ve tried a lot of experiments, but unfortunately we may have to just wait for browsers to fix this rendering issue on their end.

One thing that fixes this issue is that you can put some normal non-parallaxing content between your video & parallax rows.

If you know how to fix this problem, let us know, we appreciate your help!

We checked the ‘Enable Smooth Scrolling’ feature but out page is moving too slow/fast.

Please make sure that your site has no existing smooth scrolling feature.

Any other existing smooth scrollers will most likely have a conflict with our plugin’s smooth scrolling.

If there is one, you will no longer have to check ‘Enable Smooth Scrolling’ in your parallax settings.

Video Backgrounds are not playing on my mobile device, but look great in desktops!

Video backgrounds are not currently possible on mobile devices (Android and iOS alike). Those browsers do not allow the playing of videos outside the phone’s video player.

If you might notice, when you view videos from your mobile, you usually click an image/text link then the video opens up full screen – videos aren’t allowed to play outside that.

As a fall-back, background images are used instead when viewed in mobile devices.

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