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Hi, in the settings for the Parallax Row Background it is only possible to set the background to cover and repat. Is there a way to set the background to ‘contain’? Couldn’t fix it with a custom class.

Setting the background to contain is possible. Aside from the Custom Class, you might also need to add .gambit_parallax_inner in your selector.

However, using “contain” in your parallax isn’t recommended as this will leave some white spaces on the edges of your images. But this will still depend on your preference. :)


How can I stop the video after first play in the background?

I want to make sure that the video should not play again. it should play only once.. how can I do that? Please clarify.

Hi there! With the current version, our Video Backgrounds will only loop the video, which is actually a normal behavior for Video Backgrounds. The video can’t be stopped after first play yet.

But with your idea, we’ll take it in our suggestions list and may possibly be implemented in a future update. :) Thank you and Kind Regards!!


I have a presale question. First of all, i really like the plugin. Exactly what i was looking for. I only need to know if your plugin can achieve something like this as in this website: http://quad.fr/

I would like to have a full screen homepage same as the website, and then just after the scroll, the video plays with sound exactly the same way as in the website. You will notice when i scroll up/down the video automatically stops when it is not in the viewport.

Can your plugin achieve something like this? Thank you

Hi there,

Unfortunately, our video sound controls are only to turn on or off the sounds. This kind of behavior may not be supported by YouTube or Vimeo videos. :(

What Video Background’s does is more likely adding the backgrounds, and not necessarily the transitions.