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Google, Youtube and Vimeo are blocked in China, can I self host the videos or use wistia ?

Currently, we only support videos for YouTube and Vimeo. But we’ll keep in mind your suggestion on Wistia videos. Self-hosted videos isn’t exactly recommended as this is pretty much complicated (requires to upload different formats to be supported across browsers) and consumes more bandwidth in your site.

Hi, Does the video background feature work perfectly on mobile? I have the Visual Composer’ default video background and it just doesn’t work on mobile. Please confirm this to me. Thank you!

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Hi! What is the smooth-mousewheel.zip file? Need I install it?

Hi there! First off, the Smooth Mousewheel is a smooth scrolling plugin that is responsible in making the parallax scroll looks more fluid.

And as for Virus Detection, you might need to download another copy in a different machine (make sure that the other machine is also “clean” from malwares/viruses and make sure that the older copy is deleted. Please do also do a round check and see if you have other infected files.

But just letting you know as well that the plugin doesn’t have an executable file. We also make sure beforehand that what we upload in CodeCanyon are tested.

Ok. But, It is necesary copy the smooth-mousewheel to the plugins folder? Thank you.

Smooth Mousewheel is pretty much optional in case you want a smoother result for your Parallax. :)

Just quick question Gambit!$ How do we create that multi layer (2 layers is max correct) parallax effect? I’d never tried before but was experimenting with just now, just don’t see how to add another layer and scroll speed on top of a full width background parallax… BIG UPS!!

Hi sterlingwilliam! You can create a multilayer parallax by adding the parallaxes on the same row. Please do note that the Parallax element that is on top will be the one at the front. This kind of setup works well with transparent PNGs.

You can also try making a nested row with Parallax in it as well. This setup works as well, :)

We have purchased the Integrity Professional Theme, later purchased latest version of VC. Your plugin came with the Theme. Now when we try to add a video background through VC or your plugin’s tab no video is displayed. What could be wrong? We tried a local WP install without Integrity Theme. Installed just VC and your plugin. Now VC’s background videos are sen, still your plugin is no able to display any videos (images are displayed perfectly with parallax).

This will depend on the version of your Visual Composer as well. If you are using a modded Visual Composer and if they integrated the Parallax Plugin in the theme/modded VC, then they should also find a way to disable/remove the older version to prevent possible conflicts by removing references to the old plugin in the code. By then, the latest version should finally work properly.

We just purchased your plugin, removed the old one and installed the 4.0. Now the tab “Image Parallax/video” just disappeared! What could be wrong?

OK! i got it. Just saw the demo!!

Hey there…I’m hoping this plugin can really help me out. I’m using a VC element called ‘Vertical Split Slider’ in which the screen is split vertically down the middle and the content slides in opposing directions to reveal two different areas.

Currently each side allows me to set the background as an image (as most VC elements do) but I cannot add video background. I’ve played with the demo, and it looks like I might be able to just drag the Video Background Row into the element and it would work, but wanted to know your thoughts?

If you aren’t sure, would you be prepared to offer me a refund if I bought it and it didn’t work for me?


Most of the time, the Video Background should work properly with most of the transitions from other plugins. But to test this thing out, you can add a normal video embed (using Raw HTML) inside the Row of your Vertical Split Slider and see if it works. Technically, the Video Background should work if a normal embed does.

As for refunds, anything about this matter is only facilitated by Code Canyon and under their policies.

Thanks. It kind of works? I’m going to fiddle around with it for a bit but may seek your advice later on. Thanks again.

If you have any more question, we suggest you to file a ticket in our Support System. Better provide some Sample Pages for reference too. :)

Hello? I put the purchase code after purchase, however, I do not have can be used. Where to put the options and settings are not displayed

Hi there! Please refer to our documentation on how to use our plugin: http://gambit.helpscoutdocs.com/article/44-parallax-how-to-use


icharn Purchased

Hi there. I’m trying to do the fallback to mobile you talked about regarding video background but can’t fins it. Can you help? Thanks!

This can be done by setting a Background Image using Row Settings. :)

Hi! Is it possible to use parallax with videos? I didn’t get it work @demo. I mean, for sure it works well, but with your plugin? I hope, but I didn’t get it work.

Hi Zippoid! Currently, the Video Backgrounds can only do as it is. Parallax and Video Backgrounds are two different elements in the plugin.

I’m trying to do a fixed background parallax but when I choose the fixed option the background image disappears. Anything else I need to set?

It will be a better idea if you can show us a Sample Page for this one. And it will be better as well if you file a Support Ticket, this way we can help you better. :)

is it possible to start a video background (from youtube) at a certain time?

This is not possible with the current version. But due to the recent changes with YouTube API, we’ll see if we can finally add this feature in the plugin.


evilmc Purchased

Do you have any YT tutorial how to create vertical parallax image?

I want to see how work, before buy this addon. Thanx

Hello evilmc! We don’t have a YouTube Video Tutorial yet, but you can check our Live Preview to see how it works. Alternatively, you can also click the Launch Demo in the Live Preview. This will direct you to our sandbox backend where you can give our plugin a try. :)

Can i drop video? Example embed youtube, uauslly have add around 80px at buttom, can i add video full width x heigh (full heigh – 80px)??? I don’t mind to lost part of buttom, because video is only view of tree and sky.

Hi there! Video Background size can be specified on the plugin.

We also suggest you to check out our Live Preview. Clicking on the Launch Demo will direct you to our sandbox backend where you can try your preferred settings. :D

hi 1: is it possible to put on off sound on video directly on website ? really if you can your plugin will be just perfect please juste tel me if its possible or not

2: is it possible to pause and play video ?

thank you

Hi there! About your questions:

1. Yes. We have a checkbox where you can mute the Video Background.

2. Pause and Play isn’t what Video Background does. All the Video Backgrounds are autoplayed and looped due to fact that Videos will be displayed as animating backgrounds. If you wish to have a video with play/pause functions, we suggest to use a video embed on this one instead. :)

Are there any plans to support Parallax Video backgrounds in a future update of the plugin?

Adding a Parallax in a Video Background isn’t likely in the near future, this is due to fact that we want to keep Parallax and Video Backgrounds to run in page smoothly. Adding an extra parallax inside the Video Backgrounds might introduce some lag issues with the page.

Thank you for the reply. There are Themes and Plugins such as Revolution Slider that already support Parallax video, no doubt will add to the page speed overhead but haven’t noticed issues on demos and tests. However, prefer to have minimal plugins activated and would be nice if this is still considered for a future update.

You’re welcome. And thanks for your feedback. We’ll take your suggestion and see if we can make this possible. No promises yet, but we also need to do a research on how to make this work well. :P


Sinkadus Purchased

Hi – two questions:

1. Do the videos support sound, and the ability for the visitor to turn it on/off?

2. Do you know if this element plays good with full page scroll themes, like Epoch (https://themeforest.net/item/epoch-fullscreen-agency-wordpress-theme/17200880)


Hi there! :) About your questions:

1. Yes they do. We have an option where you can turn on/off the video sounds. With the visitor, this will also depend on how they set the default volume in their video as well.

2. One Page Scroll should do fine with Video Backgrounds. But for parallaxes, we recommend a default scrollable page instead since Parallax Animations will depend on your page’s scrolling behavior. :)


Sinkadus Purchased

Thanks for quick reply. I bought and installed the plugin, but unfortunately it didn’t work with my theme. This is probably not your fault, as the VC standard video element doesn’t work either (its the scroll that gets buggy). How do I go about to refund the plugin?

Sorry for wasting your time :(

Apologies to hear. But with regards to the refund, this is handled by Code Canyon by sending them a request.

And about the problem, is your page using an AJAX transitions by any chance? If this might be the case, your theme might have a field or a feature where you can either disable the ajax transition or add JS inclusions to possibly make your JS work. If else, you can also check if your page is having a JS Error. Sometimes this problem can make some elements to stop working altogether.

Youtube video background is flashing black between looping, how can I fix this?

Hello there! First and foremost, please do check if your video itself have a black background in between start or end of the video. If this may not be the case, please do provide us your video URL so we can check if this also happens in our end.

You can also try if this problem also happens in our demo sandbox by clicking on the Launch Demo for our sandbox backend. If it does, please do tell us the browser and version you are using as well. :)

Thanks for the great plugin!, just wanted to know if the youtube video background work on mobile devices? – when i resize my browser they are still playing, but when i access via a phone the videos dont play?.. is there something i need to do to have video backgrounds play on mobile devices?

Thanks alot

Hello there! :) Unfortunately, mobile browsers doesn’t support Video Backgrounds. This is due to fact that they will convert them into clickable videos.

But with this, we enable the Background Image to be set as a fallback image. This works as a substitute for mobile. All you need to do is to add a background image using the Design Options from your Row Settings. :)

Thanks for letting me! great will do :)

You’re welcome and have an awesome day!


goandweb Purchased

Does this plugin sound? Thanks

Do you mean the Video Background sounds? Yes. The Video Background’s sounds can be played or muted depending on your preference. :)

Hi, can I sell this to others with a different brand?

Do you mean bundling it with your theme? The license needed for bundling is an extended license. :)

yes! incorporating it in a wordpress theme. ok, thanks!

You’re welcome and have a nice day!