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From a couple of days background videos are not starting. But only with Chrome. Firefox and IE are ok.

Hi there! With the current update of Google Chrome, it disable video autoplays that has audio in it. This is to prevent obtrusive video ads in their end. In the meantime, we suggest to mute the video audio so the autoplay for video backgrounds will still work. :)

Yes… I just discovered it. Problem is… the two videos are already muted (they do not have audio at all). It seems that chrome doesn’t recognize it. But I downloaded chrome beta version and on that version it seems working. Hope that new official version will keep this feature.

Are the videos uploaded without audio sound track in the first place? Doing so should make the video background work. :)

your demo does not work for the video row background…i can hear the audio but no video

Hi there! Thanks for letting us know, we also checked our demo but we haven’t encountered the issue you’ve mentioned.

Can you tell us more which part of the demo’s Video Background that isn’t working? What browser are you using when you viewed the demo? Thanks! :)

If im using Tabs on visual composer for my web sections and i create a Row inside of a tab can I use this plug in to ad viideo backgrounds???

Hi there! Yes, the Video Backgrounds should work inside the tabs. :)

Please do note as well that in some cases, you’ll need to add a Custom JS if the tabs doesn’t load the video background. Since tab loads contents dynamically, the video may not be able to detect the size which may cause it not to show up. But with this Custom JS (you can add this in Raw JS), this should forcibly load the Video Backgrounds from the active tab upon clicking on which tab it is.

Here’s the Custom JS you’ll need:

        jQuery(window).trigger('resize'); });

Please make sure that this is also wrapped in script tag in order to work. :)


Do you allow the authors to bundle your awesome plugin with Extended License in a WordPress theme?

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out! :) Yes, we do allow plugin bundling through extended license. When you do, please share us a link to your work as well. We’ll be very glad to see it. :) Have a great day!

If you have any other question, feel free to ask!


1. autoplay background doesn´t work, even video is muted and doesn´t contain any audio. 2. your plugin doesn´t appear in Visual Composer 3. I can´t even fill in the purchase code after reinstalling, as Gambit plugins doesn´t appear in the WP dashboard.

thanks :)

Hello there Moraviani! With regards to your concerns:
1. We recently made a fix on this issue. We’ll update the plugin as soon as possible. If you want a new copy of our plugin in advance, you can also send us a ticket in our Support Site at http://support.gambit.ph/ 2. It is likely that the plugin isn’t added via Role Manager yet. We have an article in our docs about this issue: https://gambit.helpscoutdocs.com/article/49-plugin-installation Please check “I can’t find my plugin components in the Add Element menu!” section. We also included steps on how to fix it as well. :) 3. The Purchase Code isn’t needed to update the plugin anymore. We recommend using Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades or Envato Market plugin when updating your plugin.

If you have any other question, please let us know. :)


I love the demos for this plugin. I do have a question about the first video background demo on your site (some aerial video…looks good). When it first starts, part of a youTube logo is visible bottom right. It disappears after a short while, which is fine. There are no video controls or any other YouTube message.

Those settings are fine for me, but may I ask whether it is possible to:

1) Get rid of the YouTube logo completely (I want to use this for private videos and I don’t want the YouTube branding at all).

2) Keeping the same settings, i.e. no video controls or YouTube branding, is it possible to pause the video using a single click on it or the space bar.

3) Place a semi-transparent branding watermark of my own on the video with your plugin (rather than hard code it onto the video itself: this would allow me to reuse components on different web sites).

Thank you very much for your answers.

Hi there! Thanks for the interest with the plugin! :) With regards to your questions:

1. The demo is currently using an older version of Parallax Plugin. We’ll coordinate with our developers to update the plugin in the demos since we haven’t encountered the same issue with youtube logo at bottom right in our sandbox.
2. With regards to clickable video, we haven’t encountered this issue as well. Can you tell us by any chance the browser you were using to view it? This way, we can try replicating the behavior.
3. Adding a watermark or anything to change how the video output looks like isn’t a part of the plugin. What the plugin does is to embed videos as a background and to hide the controls. In this case, what we can suggest is to possibly add the watermark to the video instead. This is a more secure way since the watermark will still be visible even when the user goes to the actual video URL. :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Regarding 2, I wasn’t pointing out any bugs, but asking if it is possible to pause the video on click on spacebar without reintroducing controls.

No prblem for 3.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the mistake and thanks for making it clear! :) The Video Background can’t be paused and will stay playing and looping. This is also because we want the video background to similar to an animating background: autoplaying and looping.

Hi! I’m searching for a good (or the best) wordpress template, maybe Avada, The7… (don’t know it yet). The question is if I need to buy this addon necessessary because I want to include impresive animated backgrounds on my new website, like your video/hover/gradient background demos… Thank you!

Hello! With regards to picking your WordPress theme, what we advise is to pick a particular theme that will suit the specific requirements. Like if you’re planning to create an e-commerce related site, then you might want to pick an online store related theme, same goes with portfolio theme for sites that are heavy in graphics.

This is recommended as to some themes are include plugins and other features that may come in handy for your site. That aside, Parallax and Video Backgrounds plugin should work well with almost any theme, as long as the site has WPBakery Page Builder installed. :)

Make sure that the theme you choose is also updating regularly. This is to assure quality and to address any problems that the theme may come across by. :)

Ok I’ll make sure of it! Thank you!!! :) :)

You’re welcome! :) If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll be very glad to help!


BBase Purchased

video is not autoplaying now even with mute on, not showing at all :/


BBase Purchased

Version 4.6


BBase Purchased

works fine without this plugin.

Hi there! We’re sorry about what you’ve encountered.

With regards to the Video Background, if you’re using YouTube videos, then there shouldn’t be any issue as long as you make sure that the “mute” checkbox is ticked (enabled). :)

As for the Vimeo videos, the video should be uploaded with no audio (from how it was rendered) in the first place in order to work. We’ve seen Vimeo autoplay that works from this setup.

If you still encounter problems with this, please provide us the URL of your video so we can also check it out. It would be nice as well if you can tell us the browser you used to view it. Thanks!


upeace Purchased

What is the proper way to update this plugin? We have it installed, but, unlike all the other plugins, it does not show when updates are available. Our Vimeo video backgrounds are not working, and I’ve been looking everywhere how to fix the problem, and now I see in the plugin’s changelog that an update was made to fix this. I don’t see how to update the plugin, though. Does it require re-downloading from Envato for each update? That seems tedious and prone to errors. Is there a way to update from WordPress that I am missing?

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us! With regards to updates, the e-mail associated with your Envato account should receive a notification whenever one of your plugins/themes updated.

As for updating your plugins to the latest version, there are two ways to do so. Aside from the manual update (downloading new copy then re-uploading). What we recommend is to use the Envato Market plugin, this allows you to enter your Purchase Code for the auto updates.

You can get a copy of Envato Market plugin here: https://envato.com/market-plugin/ this plugin should allow you to receive updates from any CodeCanyon and ThemeForest plugins/themes.

As for the issue with Vimeo backgrounds, we advise you beforehand to please upload your Vimeo Videos without audio track. Video Autoplay will only be allowed by Safari and Chrome if there’s no audio in it.

If you want to know more about the latest changes about how Video Autoplay works on the latest browsers, here’s a link to our documentation: https://gambit.helpscoutdocs.com/article/269-known-issues-parallax

Heyyyy Gambit fam, Is it possible for parallax images to work on mobile phone view?

Hi Sterling! Do you mean by the parallax effects in mobile? If that’s what you meant, yes it is possible for parallax image to work with mobile. :)

You can turn on and off parallax effects for mobile by ticking on the Check this to enable the parallax effect in mobile devices via Parallax settings.

We also sent you a reply to your e-mail. Please let me know if you need help with anything. :)

Hmmmmm where is that setting? I think this one here is the normal VC option isn’t it? http://jmp.sh/7t1ps2k Parallax doesn’t work on mobile view here/opening image https://demos.thewebstylist.com/firestarterlive/ and I have your plugin installed http://jmp.sh/7JfQcjw Big Thnks for assist!

The Parallax Settings is available when you add the Parallax Background using Add Element: https://image.prntscr.com/image/l5ico0vIRFCEVP-AJxtsMg.png

The Settings look like this: https://image.prntscr.com/image/OFLnUxndSX27JepDwXxxmA.png

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please let me know. :)