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Hi, in the settings for the Parallax Row Background it is only possible to set the background to cover and repat. Is there a way to set the background to ‘contain’? Couldn’t fix it with a custom class.

Setting the background to contain is possible. Aside from the Custom Class, you might also need to add .gambit_parallax_inner in your selector.

However, using “contain” in your parallax isn’t recommended as this will leave some white spaces on the edges of your images. But this will still depend on your preference. :)


How can I stop the video after first play in the background?

I want to make sure that the video should not play again. it should play only once.. how can I do that? Please clarify.

Hi there! With the current version, our Video Backgrounds will only loop the video, which is actually a normal behavior for Video Backgrounds. The video can’t be stopped after first play yet.

But with your idea, we’ll take it in our suggestions list and may possibly be implemented in a future update. :) Thank you and Kind Regards!!


I have a presale question. First of all, i really like the plugin. Exactly what i was looking for. I only need to know if your plugin can achieve something like this as in this website: http://quad.fr/

I would like to have a full screen homepage same as the website, and then just after the scroll, the video plays with sound exactly the same way as in the website. You will notice when i scroll up/down the video automatically stops when it is not in the viewport.

Can your plugin achieve something like this? Thank you

Hi there,

Unfortunately, our video sound controls are only to turn on or off the sounds. This kind of behavior may not be supported by YouTube or Vimeo videos. :(

What Video Background’s does is more likely adding the backgrounds, and not necessarily the transitions.

Hi, i just purchased the plugin, the settings are not loading for any of the elements the circle just keeps spinning.

I have uninstalled and installed and tried it on multiple pages, the element adds but when i click on settings it never loads. can you help please.

Hello there, mjrobb113!

A problem like this isn’t very likely unless the site is using a bundled (modded) version of Visual Composer or if there is any underlying JS Error in the page.

We believe that this matter is better handled in the Support System. We advise you to file a ticket and possibly provide a login. This will be very helpful for us to pinpoint and replicate the problem. :)

ok, thank you for your help

You’re welcome and we’ll look forward to help you there. Have a great day! :)

Hi, I have to create a video background fixed but the front textual layers moving over the video. I am using visual composer 5.0.1 and using use video background option with parallax simple 1.5 to 4 speed. But it fades the video. I was wondering if this plugin solves this problem. I was trying to work on the demo option available on its site link http://demos2.gambit.ph/parallax?preview. But I can’t find any option which could fulfil this requirement. Can you please guide me if this addon to visual composer will work so that I can buy this addon. Thanks Vineet

Hi there Veneet! I’m so sorry about the late response due to holiday break. :( About your inquiry, our plugin doesn’t support parallax for videos. We understand that our users would like this awesome feature, but we also care that this may also introduce some performance issues in their pages.

Though, we’ll implement new features given if we’re more than sure that it will cause no problems to our users. :)

Hi there,

I’ve just been looking through the past comments to find information on whether I can get a background video to stop looping and end on the last frame.

I see from one comment 9 months ago that you had added a feature to remove the loop:

“Thank you for the ideas. We just recently added up a feature where you can enable/disable looping. The disabled loop will stop on the last frame.”

But in more recent comments it appears the video now has to loop. Before I buy the plugin, can you please confirm whether I will be able to stop my video from playing and end on the last frame? My video is a very short clip and I want it to only play once..

Thank you for your help, Ella

Hello Ella! The current version can only loop videos. The disable looping isn’t implemented yet since we’re having problems on making it work consistently. I’m sorry for the bad news :( , but as much as possible, we want to deliver this feature fully functional minus the possible issues. :)

Hello I would like to purchase this plugin but first I need to know if I can self host the video ? Thanks

Hello! I’m sorry, but we do not support self-hosted videos at the moment.

Self-hosted videos may take up more space and loading time as this will require to upload the same video in different formats. But we’ll have an another look on this one and see if we can make any improvements if we implement this feature. :)

As possible, we want how the Video Backgrounds will look nicely and doesn’t clutter up the page at the same time. :)


dartco Purchased

Hi there, I submitted a ticket, I have VC purchased but in addition it came with my theme—I don’t have the design options or the background as a video row setting available, I believe that is what is causing these issues for my videos to not appear, unsure how to fix this

Hello, it will be best if you can send us a sample page so we can see better of what happened. When adding Video Backgrounds, all you just need is the Video Row Background from Add Elements. Design Options is not necessary. :)

Also, does your Video Background have a content in it? Normally, the Video Background’s height will depend on the content inside the same row. In order for Video Background to appear, you’ll also need to add top/bottom padding or empty spaces.

If you have any other question, I suggest replying on the ticket instead so we can help you better. :)

hi – for fixed background parallax image near top of site, it cuts off the top if I have a revolution slider at top of page. how do i set fixed image to show correct top of image in the row?

Hello there! :) By any chance, do you mean that the Fixed Background gets cropped/covered by the revolution slider?

To fix this scenario, you might need to move your fixed background or rev slider further so the fixed background will show properly, you can use margins or empty space on this one.

If this is not the problem, it will be very helpful if you can show us a sample page. This will provide us more ideas on what happened in your page. Thanks! :)

Is possible to listen video sound with background video plugin ?

I found ! Now, i search how to display control sound (stop or play) and pause or play, how to do to display this controls (vimeo ou youtube video).

Thanks for help.

Hello! The Video Backgrounds are intended to use on embedding videos as a background. This will mean that we’ll have to hide the controls for the video to prevent accidentally clicking on it and to make the background look desirable.

This will also mean that we don’t add options to enable controls. We do recommend using Visual Composer’s video embed or using embed codes if you want to embed videos with controls instead. I’m so sorry, but hope that you’d understand how out plugin is intended to used on. :)

Maybe you want a particular result for the videos you want to embed? If so, please tell us. We can help you out look for solutions or workarounds. :)

Hello! I need to make a parallax effect like on this page https://www.caringmedical.com/, at the end in “Were you recommended SURGERY?” And in “We Are Prolotherapy Specialists”. Could you help me?

Hello there! I’m sorry, but Parallax works differently. It only scroll images in 4 directions, but we can’t make spinning animations.

Although as a suggestion, you can instead make a Video Background with the same animation, or use Animatic when animating your elements (although looping scroll animations isn’t available yet, but you can make a continuous animation) You might want to check Animatic here: https://codecanyon.net/item/animatic-advanced-wordpress-frontend-animator/12225302?s_rank=13

Cheers! :)

You’re welcome! :)

hello im using visual composer video background how can i enable the sound on the video

Hello Jin, being able to mute and unmute your video using Visual Composer will depend on the version of VC you’re using. But mostly, they should be available via the same tab of where you assigned your video background.

Pre sale quetsion: I read above that the new version eliminates the black loading screen from youtube upon loop. However, I made a test here and I still get a black screen (without loading…). Sis I do it wrong? Is there any way to eliminate this? http://demos2.gambit.ph/e579b84c32d6801040b5d50f/test-page-for-parallax-hover/

Hi, thanks for the feedbac, I’ve just tried: I am not sire if the image loads (or very fast moves to next step), but then I still have the video black frame showing before video starts. .

Hello Agnes, the background image should help with the problem. Although, if there are still instances where the black screen appears (normally should only appear a couple of seconds while video is still loading), this part is already at Vimeo embed.

As much as we want to extend our help further on this problem, but there are also parts that is already up to the video provider like how the video will be loaded on the start and the loading speed, same with the availability of some features via their APIs.

We assure you that we always try to find more ways to improve the Video Backgrounds. If we can find any means to lessen the black screen on the start of the loading, we’ll sure to let you know. :)

Thanks. Indeed, I think the black screen comes from Vimeo. When I tested it first on your demo a month ago, it was not there I think. Bad luck with whatever updates they may have done…

Hello I use a video for a background row but when my screen is smaller than 768 px the video is hidden. Is it a default behaviour of Visual Composer?

Hi there groupe, this setting is a default for the plugin. This is to ensure that the Video Backgrounds doesn’t appear over smaller screens like tablet and mobile.

A Media Query CSS can fix this, but it is morely advisable to keep this setting. As this may also override how will Video Background work in tablets. Instead, you can add a background image in your row which can work as a fallback image. :)

are you planning to add Html5 video background, or do I have to purchase another plugin ?

Hello there Moraviani, our video providers YouTube and Vimeo are using HTML 5 for Video Backgrounds. But if you meant HTML 5 for self-hosted videos, we still don’t have self-hosted videos yet. We recommend using videos from YouTube and Vimeo though, this is to make the video upload easier and to assure the video quality as well. :)

Hi, I have just bought yesterday this plugin, and now I see I cou,ld have got your bundle for 3 more dollars. I feel stupid… Is there a way I could get it reimbursed and buy the other one instead?

Hi Agnes! We just sent you the mail again! Please check it again. If you still can’t see the mail, please check your spam folder as well. :)

You’re so good. I’ve just filed the refund request. I hope the plugin still works until I buy and setup the new one (I guess tomorrow). Agnes

We granted it last night. :) Also, if you have any questions (especially about Super Bundle) always feel free to let us know. Have a nice day!!

I don’t understand how to define the height of the background row. It seems the row height variates with the content, but I want the video to show in full

Hey Agnes! The backgrounds are basing on the content for the height by default. It will expand the more content you added. But if you want a neat result for your backgrounds, we suggest adding some Empty Spaces, Padding, Margins and/or Full-Height Row. :)

OK, thanks, I have set it by CSS

That’s cool. That should also work nicely! :)

Hi, is there a way to avoid vimeo controls to show at the beginning?

We checked Vimeo again, looks like they’ve relocated the said feature to their upgraded version. :( We’ll need to update our documentation with regards to this one.

Yep, thanks for the support

You’re very welcome, Agnes. Have a wonderful day! :)


jasdu52 Purchased

how can I set 2 youtube video background side by side ? (like your demo) http://demos2.gambit.ph/parallax/test-page-for-parallax-video/

I’d like to have a 2×2 video background on my home page


jasdu52 Purchased

I’have find the solution :-) Thank you :)

That’s great! If you have any other question, please let us know. :)