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umaxim Purchased

Hi I have a problem with Internet Explorer 11 with video background http://once.fstry.com/ What the problem can be ?

This shouldn’t happen with the YouTube Video Backgrounds. The Video Background should hide the YouTube logo when playing the video.

Do you mind if you send us a Sample Page with the said problem? This way, we can check it out and see what’s wrong. Thank you!


umaxim Purchased

Sorry I uploaded to vimeo and got fine. But the problem is video not working on cell phones. Is it any way to fix it ?

Hi there! Video Backgrounds are disabled in mobile. Since mobile browsers can’t support Video Backgrounds yet. But as a workaround, you can set a background image using Row Settings or Row Background and use it as a fallback image for mobile. :)

Hi, just bought the plugin in. Please can I check is it possible to set the parallax backgrounds to be 100% full width? Or is it meant to do this automatically, or maybe there is a setting for this? At the moment on smaller screens the images seem to be zoomed in.

Hi there! Yes, it is possible to set the Parallax Backgrounds to be 100% Full-Width. You can set it by either setting your Row as Full-Width via Row Settings or by adding a Full-Width row.

Please do note that your theme or template should also allow full-width for this to work well. Usually, theme comes with a full-width template to allow this behavior. :)


when using the video background, is there a hook available to modify the video used? The reason is that I have a bunch of videos I’d like to use and would like to choose them randomly from a list. So a hook would be helpful here…

Cheers, Guenter

See for yourself: www.animago.com

Thanks for showing us your site. We checked it and it doesn’t seem to randomize the video in our end. We’re not sure if you’ve changed your video background, or was it caching or the randomizer doesn’t work.

oh.. maybe a caching probem. I cleared the cache right now :)

This plugin looks exactly like what I’ve been looking for! :) I have one pre-purchase question: Can I use everything also within single (blog) posts (e.g. http://thechrisellefactor.com/2017/10/good-bye-minimalism/) or only on pages? Thanks!

Hi there! You can use the plugin both in pages, posts or custom post types. As long as the page or post type has enabled the Visual Composer’s Backend Editor. :)

Please do note as well that the display on your current post list is coming from Featured Images. The plugin will only add parallax, video background etc. inside the post itself. If you want it to be directly displayed in your archives, you might also need to do changes in your post archives.

Hello, I have a problem with a background image of a row which is not resizing on mobile view on iPhone. Hope you can tell me if your add-on for WPBakery can fix this?

See: http://www.feestuitjehoorn.nl/ scroll down to the row which starts with “uitje hoorn, bedrijfsuitje hoorn of bedrijfsfeest hoorn boekt u bij eenhoorn evenementen!” The problem is the background image of the city with statue. This image does not resize when seen on mobile devices.

I would like to know if your add-on can help me fix this before I purchase it.

With regards, Muriel Buis

Hi Muriel, the parallax plugin should resize background images for mobiles and will not zoom in like that. :)

If you want to check how our Parallax works, you can also view our Live Preview here: http://demos2.gambit.ph/parallax then go to the Parallax Backgrounds section for samples. The demo also comes with a backend demo when you click the Launch Demo, this will allow you to see how the plugin settings look like and try it out as well. :)

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this video show properly. The top and bottom are cut off.


Hi there,

There are two possible ways to fix this. One of them is by adjusting your Row Padding. You can change the padding and move the previous and next row to make the video look more visible. This can be done via Row Settings.

Another is that you can change the aspect ratio of your video via Video Background settings. This will adjust your video size accordingly if the video doesn’t show as a whole in the container. Using the Aspect Ratio Calculator may also come in handy on this one: https://calculateaspectratio.com/

Hi, I have a bit complex site and there´s at least 8 seconds loading time to start playing a video. Is there any way how to prioritize a loding to force wordpress to load video background as first ? thanks

Hi Moraviani! I’m sorry but there’s no actual way to the order of loading for the Video Background. The plugins are always loaded in alphabetical order, and the Youtube and Vimeo video will only load when the necessary scripts are loaded. In cases like this one, the best thing we can recommend to is to maintain the site and keep the loading time minimal as possible. Checking your site using Pingdom Tools will also provide you insights on which part of your site needs improvement. :)

not sure whats going on but definitely not working for me, bought this plug-in and the bundle package and it crashed my site. Followed your format via your demo site for video backgrounds and no dice….......not cool.

Hi there! We’re sorry about what you’ve encountered. But can you tell us more about what happened? How did it crashed your site? Did you receive any JS Error or prompts? We’d like to help you fix it. You can also file a ticket to http://support.gambit.ph/ providing the details and possibly a login to your site so we can check it for you. :)


mikheys Purchased

Hello! I bought your supplement, but got an error. At me on a site on two pages on the top the cell with an element “full-height row” and video is inserted. But they work only after the page is reloaded. Ie when you click on the menu item “Prices” (penultimate menu item), then when you load a page from above, this block is not visible! When you press F5, the page reloads and everything works! Help solve the problem!

Hello! Thanks for purchasing our plugin! With regards to your concern where Video Background only works upon refreshing and doesn’t work when you click from another link (unless the page is refreshed). Does your site uses AJAX transitions or loader (dynamic loading) in your site by any chance?

This kind of problem usually happens with elements that uses JavaScript when loaded in an AJAX page. In this case, the first thing you might need to look out for is the theme or plugin responsible for the AJAX loading. The plugin or theme usually comes with an extra setting where you can include file names of the plugin or callback scripts or possibly to enable/disable them. Similar to this case exclusively for Qode Theme users: http://gambit.helpscoutdocs.com/article/160-qode-themes-integration

Alternatively, it will be best to consult this issue with the AJAX Theme/Plugin author regarding the matter so they can provide you further instructions on how you can integrate any JavaScript plugins with their theme/plugin.

If this may not be the case or if you need further help, you can also contact us via support at http://support.gambit.ph/ Please make sure as well that you can provide us a sample from your site so we can check on it. Thanks! :)


mikheys Purchased

Thanks, that was it. Turned off AJAX and it all worked!

Hi! We’re sorry that you have to turn it off. But mostly, themes would provide an extra field to make it compatible with various plugins that uses JS.

Not working with my theme jupiter. Try both plugin, old and new but i can hear only music of my vimeo video. Please, fix it or refound me

We’re sorry to hear about what you’ve encountered. Its weird that only music is played but not the video. Have you checked by any chance if its actually the background color or something is covering the background video? If you can provide us a sample page, then that will be very helpful.

Also, we recommend you to file a Support Ticket in problems like this one. You can contact us via support at http://support.gambit.ph/ :)

Sorry, I’ve bought this plug for mobile video fullscreen background and I’ve read right now in the troubleshooting’s page that the fullscreen doesn’t show in mobile. So… this plugin is like a nothing for dinner to me.

Hi! If you’re refering to Video Background, sorry but Video Backgrounds from any plugin still can’t support mobile browsers. This is because the browser will always render embed videos into clickable videos. With this, we have to disable the Video Background for mobile. But you can still set a Background Image via Row Settings as a fallback for mobile.

I tried your demo page on a mobile but the parallax wasn’t working. I’m guessing it’s an issue with the demo not the plugin, can you confirm parallax works on mobile?

Hi! We believe that this is a problem with the demo tab. Can you try closing the demo tab (x button) and see how it goes? Thanks! :)

That worked, thank you!

You’re welcome! :)

Would we be able to create a hero image, with zoom and scroll, similar to https://www.magicleap.com/ using your plugin?

Hi there! This depends on how the hero images are created. This is because you can create Parallax and Video Backgrounds using WPBakery Page Builder. If the Hero Images are created using WPBakery Page Builder, then it is also possible to create Parallax and Video Backgrounds from the plugin. :)