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hi we can download easy dont need price with downloader you most use power code for download have you plan for this main

If you don’t need the selling feature of Video Merchant you can easily disable it by NOT providing it with your paypal email address and then it can be used for just playing and/or just distributing downloads for your videos. I hope that answers your question.

? no i need only sell video i want know can you use powerfull code on futuer

Yes, you can.

Hello, How much would it cost to integrate this plugin into prestashop?

Secondly, if i own the website and would like to let artists to sell their videos on my site, is there away to create membership plans based on number of videos they can post/display and they subscript to sell their videos on my site?

Can you increase on the video types that can be played using your plugin? because i have tried to play the sample videos and every time i tried, i was getting video format not supported.

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

By default Video Merchant is setup to work per site, not per user, so for us to modify the code to be user based will take us at least several days to implement, otherwise you are welcome to wait for a future release where we will build in the feature for the videos to be user based. But when that future version will be released, I cannot give you a date, because it is not on our priority list right now. Also keep in mind it is not just a matter of making the videos user based, but also adding some modifications to the player frontend so that users can manage their videos from the frontend, because currently only the admin can manage videos thru the /wp-admin/, so all though it sounds like something easily implemented, it is not and takes some time and coding modifications. The video upload process for linking to videos stored on Amazon S3 or Cloudfront is very easy, you basically just upload your videos to amazon s3 bucket manually yourself and then supply Video Merchant with the link to the video, which is great for people limited in hosting environment, if they cannot upload large files, you can simply supply a link to a file as well. All file fields in the admin can be a actual file upload or they can be a simple link, in which case the file resides on the remote server and is displayed from the remote server on the player. It is never downloaded to your actual web server. No, currently there is no comment feature or a feature for videos to be linked to users. That would be modifications we or any other PHP coder can make for you. Hope that answers your questions. Thx!

Regarding the video comments, you can always place a HTML5 videoplayer on a page and use a wordpress comments plugin in conjunction with Video Merchant as well.

Hello, Thanks for your quick reply. Please respond to these questions too.

1.Do videos only display only within that iframe or each video can be displayed on a separate or new page?

2.How is the buy video option work, does some one has to be logged in, in order to download the video or just clicks download and is taken to paypal pay to pay?

3. What other payment options available or can you integrate other payment gateways.

4.Can you add the feature to show the number of times a video is viewed and downloaded?

5.Can i create video categories and also link them on the menu for site visitors to choose whichever video category my wish to watch videos from (e.g. gospel videos, movies,etc)

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Can the video player be branded? Can the video player only allow subscribers to play video not download videos. Thanks!

Hello, yes absolutely. It is fully customizable. Yes, it can also only play videos and not allow downloads or sales. To disable sales, simply do not supply it with a paypal email address and it will disable the selling functionality, and in order to not allow free download, simply set the price of the video to anything above $0.01 and it won’t be available for free download or sales. :) Hope that answers your question.

Thank you for your response. I purchased the video player, but I am getting an error message:

Fatal error: Class ‘NumberFormatter’ not found in /home/main4041/public_html/ on line 1961

Can you tell me what I need to do?


Hello, This error is usually caused if you do not have php 5.3 or greator installed or you do not have php-intl and/or php-pecl installed on your webserver. Most webservers come with these, but if you are getting this error than your website doesn’t have the php-intl extension installed. We have updated the codebase to downgrade gracefully for these scenerios however that new package hasn’t been posted to code yet, so we will email you the new package that downgrades gracefully when php-intl is not present. Thank you!

hello, Does it work with mobile phone video and with dailymotion ect…

Yes, it does work with mobile phones. You are welcome to try it by clicking the live preview button. :)

Hello. i dont inderstand! Doés it work directly with Anny mobile phone? All thé best

Yes, ti works with any mobile phone that supports HTML5 video which is most modern phones.

It’s not obvious how one BUYS a video? The demo is all free?

Do they see part movie, a different movie, or nothing at all unless they buy?

Is it skinable? It’s a little clunky right now.

Hello! Please see the demo player on our website here, it demonstrates the buy option and free download option together Regarding your other question…. Video Merchant has a place where you can provide a “Preview File”, this is where you would define which video should play in the player and it also has a separate “Full Quality” field which allows you to upload the file the customer would be provided upon purchasing that video. The preview file acts as a sort of mask, or demo for the full version of your file so your video file is never exposed to the viewer until they complete a purchase, then they are provided the full quality file that you provided in that section which could also be a zip file if you are providing multiple files with your video purchases. The player is completely customizable as well, it is all open source HTML/PHP and can be customized via the admin with simple css. Hope that answers your questions! Thank you.

Hi there. Quick presales question. Can you add videos from YouTube and Vimeo for use as the preview videos, instead of having to stream them off your web server? Thanks!

You can’t stream them directly thru youtube, however you can upload them to Amazon S3 or Cloudfront, or any other 3rd party CDN service and then stream it directly from there so you don’t have to upload any videos to your own web server. It supports third party url’s but they have to be directly to the video, in youtube’s case their share link links to their website, that is why you can’t stream directly off youtube.

Thank you. What about Vimeo? It would be very useful to be able to use a service for previews (like Vimeo) that doesn’t require a more expensive CDN.

Yes, I understand. I am not very familiar with vimeo and their API, but if they are anything like youtube where they don’t give you a direct access link to the video, then it won’t work direct;ly with their service either. It has to be a direct link like something of that sort

Just grabbed VideoMerchant and I love it.

One issue

after buying and paying for a file, the payment goes through fine but user gets an error message. ” Thank you for your order!

Order ID: F1E5C1A6C6A06997504490D2E6DB48DF

There seems to be a delay with your payment. Please check back later or contact customer service for more information.”

screenshot is here

” buyer gets no file and no record of payment is registered in orders management. Please help. I have also sent you , via PM access to wordpress admin and ftp so you can take a look.

Any news on the issue?

Hey guys still waiting on an update. Any news?

Hello, we have not forgot about you. Please bare with us, our developer will contact you soon and setup a time with you to diagnose your system thoroughly. We understand this could be frustrating, and we thank you for your patience!

I have video files on my server – can I stream them from the server (so not youtube, Vimeo etc) – Thanks

Hi Tony, yes, you can. You can stream from your web server or any other 3rd party server as long as you have the direct link to the video on the third party website. If it’s on your own webserver then it will stream locally.

Sweet – thank you.

You’re very welcome. :)

I was wondering it your developer took a look at the issue yet?

Hello, we have not forgot about you. Please bare with us, our developer will contact you soon and setup a time with you to diagnose your system thoroughly. We understand this could be frustrating, and we thank you for your patience!

There seems to be no resolution yet to my issue i am still unable to use the plugin. I still get the error for ALL orders. “There seems to be a delay with your payment. Please check back later or contact customer service for more information.”

It’s been well over a week and i’m still waiting on a resolution to the issue i reported. Can i get a fix?

Hello, we have not forgot about you. Please bare with us, our developer will contact you soon and setup a time with you to diagnose your system thoroughly. We understand this could be frustrating, and we thank you for your patience!

I have the EXACT same issue as previous commenter: uche40. I don’t see any order records in the plugin orders section or WooCommerce. Makes it unusable. Hopefully an update will be made soon.


with the play button on the video can you able to not allow the video to play if the person has not purchased the video

It does not function like that by default. You would need to modify the html or place the player on a page that displays after the user’s purchase.

I bough it because you said it support 3rd party video stream, I do not see any where to access the player code

Hello, I install the plugin and I got a error. And if I was to us 3rd party video stream where do I put the video source iframe?

Does this have add to cart capability?

No, it only allows direct purchasing of each song

Greetings, I am Interested in the plug -in , but first I need to know , you may see the video after paying , like paying to see the video , not allowing download

Hello – I would like to use this great plugin and add a time limit for viewing videos after the purchase. Is this possible?

Hi – Do you have an ‘admin’ demo so we can see how videos and playlists are created?

Hey i’m interesting, i want to know can this be encode for live recurring video for

What other video files can you sell???? I want to sell a 40 minute video.