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Would it be hard to incorporate this into WordPress…. maybe with an html widget or…?


Hi, it is very easy to use. You need only add one line of script into <head> section and add video to your site. In package you will get instruction.

hi,dr bossbyte, i don’t know why i upload to the linux server, it cannot show out in chrome, but when i test in my mac pro local, your code can be both supported by safari and chrome but when i upload to web server, chrome seems to be useless and nothing happened. did chrome changed anything ? or where did i wrong? when i test it , i didn’t change anything in you sample code.

Hi, if sample code runs well on then your problem is not with chrome or safari but with your web server. Icoroll is only css/js library, no PHP or different server side language.

Sorry, my mistake. You writed on video Looper, so example page is on, but answer is the same – if example page works on chrome and safari problem is with your web server and not with script.

Does not seen to work in Chrome Version 28.0.1500.71 Works in Firefox ok (looks good). :/

Ok i will check it out on this chrome.Thanks

Hi, you where right video looper had a problem on newest chrome. It is fixed now in new version. Tkanks for comment.

Love this! Do you know how to add a still image on-load?

The concept would be to load a jpg that matches the first frame of the video— to be used as a loader for the video. Once the video is buffered “enough”, the image would fade-out and the video would play.

Maybe this would be tricky, but when I’ve seen it on other sites, it’s been a thing of beauty.

Hi, thanks for good idea, but for now i am not planning to update this script.

Thanks. The pre-loader you have works well actually.

I’m hoping you can help. I cannot seem to keep the video from fading-out in the end. (testing on Chrome and Safari).

The video is 10 seconds long, and is perfectly looped within my editing software. But what I’m seeing in the browser— is the video will fade-out instead of “dissolving” the ending over the beginning.

I’ve emailed you the URL + Password. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for comment, i will test it again ( few months ago i did not seen any such behavior )

Thank you. did you find anything?

Hi, can you check it on examples ( )?

this looks awesome – tried the demo on an iphone but doesnt seem to work but maybe due to the size of videos loaded

have you tested smaller files on any mobile device?

Hi, maybe video extension is a problem. Thanks for comment i check it out.

Planning on purchasing this. How hard would it be to have it randomize a few video clips within the same window, so it plays them one by one? Also to have it fill screen?

Hi, this script does not support changing videos ( it loops one video ), so it is not possible to do this with this script in current state.

Does not seems to work on iPad.

How do you load video my programmer said that there is no option to do this ?

I don’t understand the question. You have running example with working videos.

Hi, does this plugin support triggers for videocontainers to build something like the website. Regards Rob