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Just bought this. Very well made! Wish you the best of success with this plugin.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions/requests.

Hello, am interested in your plugin and I want to ask some stuff. When it searches for videos that don’t work, does it scan front posts or it scans the videos in the media section on the back admin of wordpress? Also, what happens in the case of when someone chooses to have their video played only on the youtube site?


It will scan all posts of any post type(s) and meta fields for videos.

For YouTube it checks the video privacyStatus and uploadStatus, but next update I will also add a check for the video embeddable boolean and report those as well, if for some reason someone is trying to display non-embeddable videos on their site. :)

I use on my sites plugins to show the youtube and vimeo videos with the jwplayer and other alternative players like it. So, it doesn’t show the default player of youtube or vimeo’s to scan it. Can it recognise the default wp media section on back admin panel to scan the videos if they work fine? Am asking you again because I think the answer you gave me feels like you didn’t understand what I said.

No it does not scan your Media Library. It scans your posts and custom meta fields for any embedded or linked video urls from the supported sites, including any in shortcodes for jwplayer or any other player.

Is there any chance your plugin can include the title of the video that was removed. I have numerous videos on single pages that are behind social locks (example: tweet to see videos). I can still find the broken videos by the URL but it would just be a little quicker to know the video title. Thanks!

Yes it currently shows the url and post title, but I’ll see about linking the url with the video title in the scan report for next update (very soon). Thanks for the idea!

This was added in v1.1 – the video title will be linked to the video url, if available.

Great job! Much appreciated.

Excellent plugin!!! I was looking for a plugin like this for some time because i have a fairly large video site with thousands of video’s. It was very time consuming to go through daily to see which ones were dead. After a few minor hiccups from server and theme side, john helped me get this going as needed. He was very fast and helpful with his responses. Here are the results of my first scan.

Scanned 17679 posts. 17660 videos checked. 2032 videos broken.

Thanks again John for your support.

Happy to help. Make sure to schedule a run at least once a day – YouTube changes often!

Hi john..!! I am running a videos site but m working on videos hosted on allmyvideos, vidspot etc…did this plugin work for these kind of providers as well ??

No I’m sorry I don’t see those on the WordPress embed list. https://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds#Okay.2C_So_What_Sites_Can_I_Embed_From.3F

Oky then can i get any script/program which can detect text “video has been deleted” from all the URLS indexed on my site ?

I am not aware of any. Sorry.

hello John,

We bought the plugin. nice plugin only now he seems not to work with the theme (detube) that we use. Indeed, he does not find a broken link while there are there. What can I do about it?

Hello. detube stores the video urls in the meta field ‘dp_video_url’, so all you have to do is enter that name in the ‘Search custom meta fields’ option. :)

Hello John, thats the solution! Thanks for your comment. It works perfectly

hi, i have the version free of your plugin, and have 100 post with video links, 91 playlist and 9 single videos, but the plugin only check the single video links. ¿any solution?

Free version only checks single video links.

Hello, this is awesome i was looking for something like that! Can you add support for adult links like xhamster and prnhub if not, can i buy a custom modification or something?

Envato does not allow adult. Please send me a PM instead.

Hi Johnh10. Just bought this but i have this error. You can help me? Fatal error: Call to undefined function apache_get_modules()

Sorry. Turns out some builds of PHP don’t have that function included. :( Please update to v 1.4.1 to fix this in WordPress.

Thank you Johnh10. Now works fine but for my game website dont work. I used search custom meta fields (sembed) and i have 0 videos broken but when I do a manual search, I found a lot of games that did not work. I’m disappointed because y have on the my site 2500 games and can not manually search.

Okay, what theme are you using? I’m not familiar with any theme using ‘sembed’ so let me know. Please check the docs or PM me with more details.

It would be amazing That in future updates you include services like openload, videomega, powvideo or streamplay, thank you for considering my suggestion.

Can I change the overlay opacity so it’s not so dark?

Ad Overlay Anything plugin, yes. I bought it earlier. I tried changing rgba but nothing happened. With the below example, in main custom CSS settings, it just went black. Tried changing 0,0,0,1.0 to something else found on an online rgba selector and still no change.

.aoa_opaque .aoa_overlay { background: rgba(0,0,0,1.0); }

Yes, please enter further questions in the AoA support in case it will help others, or you can always send me a pm. That above CSS is an example if you gave your ads the aoa_opaque class. If you didn’t it would not work. If you want all ads to change opacity, it would be just

.aoa_overlay { background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); } /* 50% opactiy */

Ok, thanks, that worked. I have another question but I’ll ask on the other forum.


itzik_f Purchased

hi I have a pre sale question is your plugin compatible with the truemag theme? Your plugin Will recognize Videos in the theme? Because the free Broken Link Checker for YouTube Does Not recognize anything

theme url http://themeforest.net/item/true-mag-wordpress-theme-for-video-and-magazine/6755267

Waiting for a message Thanks in advance itzik fishman

Yes, Video Link Checker allows you to specify the custom meta field (tm_video_code or tm_video_url) that TrueMag uses for videos. No problem.


itzik_f Purchased

Hi I have a question that I would like to ask you Before I purchase the VideoPro Theme by cactus themes is your plugin compatible with the new VideoPro Theme https://themeforest.net/item/videopro-video-wordpress-theme/16677956 Waiting for a reply Thanks in advance itzik fishman

Yes you just need to tell VLC the name of their custom video field you use… either ‘tm_video_url’ or ‘tm_video_code’. No problem.

Hello. Logfile does not work. “Error reading log file (/var/www/di/wp-content/plugins/video-link-checker/logfile.txt) – Does WordPress have permission to create that file? im try change for 777 and other, but dont work.

If WordPress does not have permission to write to that directory or file, then no it wouldn’t work. If you’re unsure of ownership and permissions, try the /tmp directory instead.


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Hello John,

We bought the plugin. Only now he seems not to work with the theme (Newspaper) that we use. Indeed, he does not find a broken link while there are there. What can I do about it?

Thanks for the report. I took a look at Newspaper and see they store video info as a custom meta field array.

Please download the v1.5.2 update and it should work for Newspaper theme. Be sure to specify their custom meta field ‘td_post_video’ in the Scan Options tab.

PM me if you need further help.


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Same problem as already mentioned by Diktator85 – “Logfile does not work. “Error reading log file (/var/www/di/wp-content/plugins/video-link-checker/logfile.txt) – Does WordPress have permission to create that file? im try change for 777 and other, but dont work.”

I’ve tried everything I can, and moreover plugin actually CAN WRITE in the logfile.txt, because I can see “Log file cleared.” inside if I clear it. But it becomes empty again and the error shows when I try to launch scanning. Please HELP.



Ind_Ra Purchased

Updated the plugin. Now plugin says “Video link checker scan complete. 261 videos checked, 2 videos broken” when I click on “scan now”, but “Log Reports” tab is still empty =(

Under ‘Report Options’ make sure ‘Log Reports to Save’ is > 0.

Please send a PM if something else.

Hello I want ask, this plugin can scan from the Advanced Custom Fields link function (get_field), thanks friend

Yes. ACF’s get_field is just a wrapper for WordPress’s custom meta fields, so you only need to specify the ACF field name.

When you release an update?

the plugin Checkeing also videos that on Facebook?

Just the video sites listed.