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this is an Excellent plugin can you add Please facebook video link checking also?


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hi john Still not getting back to me.

Sent email again.


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Hi john Thank you for all what you doing for the plugin I will wait


I’m uploading many Youtube videos, each video will have its own post. I ask you, if a video has a broken link, the post stops appearing on the front-end automatically?

In the case of a broken video link, there’s an option for what to do. You can set the post status to draft, pending, trash, etc. automatically or just report it.

Hi, how do I get this to work with VideoTube theme? It says it has scanned my posts but shows no broken videos, but I know that some of my videos are broken?

Thanks for the note. Yes looks like Vimeo may have changed the response. I have a fix for the next update but send me a PM if you would like a beta version now.

Hi, I didn’t reply because I just thought I’d wait for the official update (I only have a few vimeo embeds, so not hugely important), but is there any sort of estimated timescale on when that will be? Thanks.

Actually a release is schedule for later today. :)

Dose this Plugin can Find Broken video of (Openload.co Video also

No, but I can look into at customer request.

dear sir if you can add a feature that can find the broken vidoe of openload i will buy it please consider it :: because it has alot of demand

I have a beta for OpenLoad you can test. PM me after purchase.

After php update to latest version, automatic scan not working for me:

Error: could not find ‘video_link_checker_event’ hook, likely another plugin misuse of cron_schedules.

My advice is the same.

Theme problem. Both plugins are working with default wp theme. Thanks

Okay thanks for the update. Let me know if you need help.

Can this be used as API call? I don’t want it to integrate with word press?

Currently no, but I can look into it. What platform are you using?

I am not using any platform, but I think how you can design this, we just pass the video URL to your API and you send us a JSON response back “VALID” or “NOT VALID” with reason.

I just buy this Product for Openload but there wasn’t a single option for it

The script it timing out, meaning your server must be running a hard-set max-execution timeout, which happens interactively when you hit the Scan Now button. Usually VLC can extend the timeout on typical mod_php servers. (If you Enable Automatic Scans, your server should bypass the timeout limit.)

This means your server is terminating VLC before it completes scanning.

To verify, you can check your server logs and see if the server is terminating the script before it completes, or see if your server is running mod_fcgid or mod_fastcgi or a fastcgi process manager like php-fpm. (By default, apache typically uses mod_php which does not have the hard timeout.)

Please check FAQ section in the docs for more, or send a PM with further questions.

I’m not Server Expert if you would help me that would be great!

Hello, I don’t have access to your server, but your host should be able to tell you if you’re running mod_fcgid or similar. I’m guessing yes. The FAQ in the docs details some workarounds if you don’t want to or can’t change your server setup. Send a PM with any further questions.