Discussion on Video Link Checker - Detect broken urls from YouTube, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.

Discussion on Video Link Checker - Detect broken urls from YouTube, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.

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Will it work with Vidorev Theme?

Thanks in advance

Yes, just tell VLC which custom meta fields VidoRev uses for videos.


djcelo Purchased

That’s great, i really need this, could I ask for a refund if this not work?

Yes, Envato allows refunds. It will work after telling VLC which custom meta fields VidoRev uses for videos. If unable to figure out just hit me up.


can your plugin detect YouTube videos in tablepress?

No. Tablepress is all custom data, so I don’t know what table name or field names you would use for your videos. You could likely write a custom code snippet to translate the data to VLC.

Hi John, i have just tried it out. It works strangely enough.

Weird. VLC checks posts and attached meta fields.

Hello again, I would like to know if it is possible to use it on different websites by uninstalling and reinstalling it. Thanks!

Thank you very much, I already bought the plugin… I hope to put it to good use… thanks again!

ouao! fast and efficient… I found 10% of videos that did not work…

very good job!

Scanned 22189 posts. 26263 videos checked. 2454 videos broken.

That’s great! :)

Hi! I try with the free version but ever have problems.. the website have more than 3k videos ¿its possible that having fails with the runtime?

Yes that is an option. You can change the status of any post with broken video(s).

In the trial version it is possible to do it 1 by 1 by entering each post, in this version is it possible to do it massively? For example, selecting 10 or 20 and sending them to trash or draft?

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

You can run the checker on a single post, or group of posts by taxonomy or status or post type, etc.

why not adult checker??? and how many sites can i use this dogg??

Codecanyon/Envato does not allow adult products, so it is sold separate.

where?? on super? your blog? i found it :) sent you a email via superblog ttyl

Send a PM or enable yours.

Tiktok and instagram support?

Twitch, tiktok and instagram are on the todo list to look into.

John, could you add the option to delete all videos?

Does this mean you want to delete all posts with videos whether they are broken or not?

I mean removing absolutely all videos from articles

Yes, please see online documentation, FAQ #15.

Hi John. Your demo page is not working

Woah! Thanks for the heads up. Fixed.

Hello! I need the Video Link Checker plugin! I want to buy a plugin, but I think the Video Link Checker plugin is not working correctly!

For example, it does not detect this link as not working! <iframe width = “100%” height = “460” src = “” frameborder = “0” allowfullscreen> </ iframe >

I have a free version of Video Link Checker 1.2

Another question! The site has a lot of posts from YouTube videos over 20 – 30 k. Does your plugin work by wp-cron, at intervals, and by a certain number of posts, so as not to overload the server?

Can a plugin send a post to a draft after a broken link, and how to delete many posts at the same time?

It would be very convenient. Thank you!


1. That is another product, not Video Link Checker as you mentioned.

2. Yes I can flag ended live streams by adding that option.

3. Yes you can scan any type of post in any status.

I need a plugin and I will buy it! Add this feature – Broken Broadcast!

When will you add the option? And can I delete posts from Broadcast as broken links?

Yes. It is in the current version v4.1.1, available now.

Is there a way to disable warnings for Unlisted video’s?

If you can grab the latest beta, UNLISTED videos are warnings assuming they are valid otherwise.

Thanks for the quick answer. Where can I find the latest beta?

In the VLC License tab, click ‘Check for Beta Updates’

Please add support. I really need it. Please.

Do I have to renew support so you can add doodstream link checker?

No, it’s just a request for an unsupported site like all your other requests. It’s on the todo list but after support requests.

Check PM

works to check audio link?

Is the audio link from one of the supported sites?

I don’t think so, I leave you some links, is it possible to add them? If you can, it would be great if it has any additional cost, let me know

no sorry


latest version 3.8 returned youtube_query_links API error

wp 5.6


Was Api key issue, resolved.

John what a great plugin. This is helping me a lot as I have over 750 videos on the website I maintain. You made my day THANK YOU. The only thing is that i get a lot of false postives from vimeo links. Strange enought they work on the website but not the direct url shown in the report. Any idea?

Okee, the false positives has nothing to do with your plugin. The plugin works perfectly. It are permissions in vimeo what forbids to look directly.

Okay thanks for letting me know. :)

Hi can you please add, and They all have API. Thanks!

Hi any update regarding support for other hosts? Thanks.

It’s still in the queue, but those with support have top priority.

Sent you a PM.

Hi, would be great if you could add support for – here’s a link to their API:


I’ll take a look for a future update.

is it possible to check the fEmbed link?

Yes, it’s listed as supported

Is there a way to delete log individually after editing the broken link on a post?

No, sorry. It’s a report after the scan is complete.

Plugin is not working with gounlimited. Tried it on one video it says video is broken but its not.

Hi John. I successfully requested an API key. How do I use it with VLC? There’s no gounlimited on API options. Thanks.

Please select Beta Updates in the License tab and download the v3.7.2 Beta. It has the GoUnlimited API key option field.

Thanks! It worked! :)

Hi, does the plugin detect custom fields for broken urls?

Yes just tell VLC which custom fields your theme uses for videos.

Working properly, thanks.


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