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Looks great…do you have any documentation? Admin demo?

Thank you. Take a look at the documentation:

Looks awesome. Best of luck with sales :)

Thank you. :)

is this will work for my video sharing site it is php site

Sure. If it’s PHP, it will work.


does it need to be full screen or can it be a pop-up?

only videos or can I put another website there instead?

My guess is you can take out the ‘skip’ part and only have it go to the site after the timer runs down?


1) It is full screen, but you can try a pop-up via JavaScript.

2) Only videos.

3) Yes, you can take out the “Skip Intro” button. The user is automatically redirected to the site after the end of the video.

Hello, many thanks for the super script.

Three things I have but still.

1. In the class-getvideocode.php (line 70) the following should be changed:

search: videoId: 'rFvP5IDjl1Y' replace: videoId: '<? php echo parent :: $ youtube_id?>',

2. Unfortunately, the logo is not quite seen as a YouTube video is always displayed in the foreground and thus half of a logo is not visible.

3. For me, the frame background does not work.

Thank you

What OS and browser version are you using?

Win7 & FireFox 28. And in the Opera browser, the “skip button” does not appear.

Problem detected. We will release an update ASAP.

The script seems to work good on all browsers that we tested so far except in Safari 5.1.1. Both on your preview and on our site, using both your files and our own, it wouldn’t work. Seems to get hung up on the first frame. Would love to find a fix for that. Thanks.

Hey there,

I just tested it on Safari 5.1.7 and it looks normal. Can you test it on another machine just to make sure?

I can´t show Youtube video in full-screen mode. ¿any suggestions?

hi i have also the full screen problem in youtube how to solve? and is it possible to get te skip button to semi transparant?

Hi! I have used your plugin on Wordpress in the past, but now am attempting this one on a Magento installation. Can you tell me what options must be changed in the PHP file? I can understand self vs youtube, but do I need to plug in the directory of the plugin etc? Thank you.

hi! im looking for a programme which i could add an event as a playlist of youtube videos in a specific hour and day . This display i want it to be automathic in which the user doesnt have to press the start buttom. it is possible with this PHP scripts? Thank you

Do you have any website as an example?

Hello, the demo is not available it seems: Neither is your doc: (Server not found).

Can you make this available please?


Now only for wordpress?

No. The PHP version is still available. :)

Hello, in mobile browsers do not automatically start video, what’s wrong?


I purchased both versions (wordpress and php). The “skip intro” button hides itself on the wordpress version, then shows on mouse movement over the window. How can I this be achieved on the PHP version? All I can do is either show it 100% of the time, or hide it 100% of the time.

Email replied.

heyy help index php server

How to add intro to the main page

How to add intro to the main page

still available and working?

Hello ! Is this still working? And does 4K videos will be played? Why don’t you support this great script? Maybe a new update? :O

Thank you, Meydjer. WordPress version works really well, even after few years, but of course we are waiting for the new update :) Tim WIlson, dev at

It is really sad that you do not currently provide support for this item, it was simply the best one! Anyway it still works good! I used it for my website, thanks.