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Very cool! GLWS!

Thank you ruffi0.

This is great, do you plan to add more sites or a way we can submit our site for you collect the info ?

And if you can use itemprop tags, it would be easier for me.

Thank you and ok look into adding them for you

Hi, what a great idea. I was looking for such a plugin for a long time. Can you show how it looks with metacritic? My site is in German. So I can’t use English text. Is it possible to just show the metacritic score and to translate the basic things of the plugin?

Hello, thank your for comment. Yes, there’s demo for metacritic at this link : At this time it is not possible to translate with plugin, but if you will paste German link (for example ign German web site) it will be fetch all data in German language.

hey does this work with visual composer cause i did it the way you said and it doesnt work

Hello, yes it doesn’t work with visual composer. But i will add this feature on today.

Hello again, plugin updated, you can download new version. I added shortcode feature to plugin. Please take a look this video : and use [game]URL[/game] shortcode on your editor.

great plugin but need to be translated urgently. No chance to use on german sites when the basics can not be translated.

We are going to translate the plugin soon.

Hi how are you ? I would like to see a demo. But is off

Hello, thanks. I just see your comment, and updated plugin. Sorry about delay. You can check demo at same address :

Hello, I’m very interested in your plugin, but I can´t access to the demo site, I’m getting “502 bad gateway, DDoS Protection, disable firewall…” Help me please

Our web site is up now, i hope there is no problem with plugin.

Hello, I´ve purchased your plugin, can you help me to disable the background images in the reviews? in the PC GAMER Review The score is not showing, help please.

Hello, I´ve purchased your plugin, can you help me to disable the background images in the reviews? in the PC GAMER Review The score is not showing, help please.

Hello, thank you for purchase. I fixed issues that you mentioned. You can download new update at this link. (I will update it on envato but it takes long time).

- Fixed : the score doesn’t show in pc gamer review. - Fixed : background images but pc gamer block other sites for images, so you can select no background in settings panel.

New Update Link :[link removed] If you have a problem please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Thank you very much, let me test. We’re in touch. Best Regards,

hello. its possible test it?

Hi, sure. Can you provide your e-mail address?

Email sent.

quick question… have you test this over ssl or know if it will work on ssl site?

I didn’t tested on SSL web site before, it doesn’t work. I will update for SSL issue. Thank you for your feedback.

Question before purchase – Does this work with Cornerstone Page Builder?

Actually i didn’t use “Cornerstone Page Builder” before, I’ll test it tomorrow and let you know. But we have shortcode feature, I think you are able to use “Video Game Embedder” plugin on that builder with this feature.

Yes you can use it with WooCommerce.

video-game-review score is it only for wordpress or can i use it in woocommerce store i sell my own stock ( do not need amazon affiliatr link ) and it is only for games of can movie also be added ?

You can use our plugin in WooCommerce as well. We are planning to add game movies in next update.

Also there was some misunderstanding on your comment. I thought you said that you wanted game trials. If you want to embed movies to your site you can try this plugin : It allows you to embed imdb movies in a stylish box to your site.

ur plugin addon is gr8 i was able to get movies data from metacritic and ign via your addon :) issue resolved

could i get your email id bought this item yesterday would like to discuss something

Sure, please send email to

sent u email please check and reply in email

Presale question, – can you confirm that the current version of your plugin will pull movie information and ratings from metacritic? (or does it only work for games?)

Hello, i just tested and it works properly with metacritic movie pages. Here is a screenshot from embed box :

Pre-purchase question: can I add my own template to show custom information and a link to my game review or it just works with IGN, GameSpot…? Also it is posible to have the description of the game in other languague like Spanish (really important for me)?

I hope to hear from you soon. Regards!

Hi David. Regarding template question; yes, but you need to modify codes to show your custom information. Also It works with IGN, GameSpot and other sites :,, At the moment we don’t have language setting. So you won’t be able to embed in other languages. For now we only have English support on embed boxes.

Hey just bought this! love it but its not working for all suggested sites, when i add a review from:,, i get an error when i update the page and when i go to the actual page it is blank.

Hi! Thank your comment, i just tested plugin’s latest version but couldn’t face with this issue. I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with hosting configuration or missing components. Is it possible to see error message or error page? Or even more, is it possible to get an access panel to test it and solve this issue quickly?

I would like to check this plugin but the live preview isn’t working :/

Sorry about that Willkar24, there was an issue on our theme but i just fixed that. You can check our demo on same address.

Thanks for the quick answer! I’ll check it out! ;D

hi, i just bough this plugin, i wanted to use it for movie review score but it’s not working with metacric. it’s possible to fix it? or should request a refund? Thanks

Hi, actually it works with metacritic movies properly. I’ve just checked. Did you check your settings if preview option is enabled or not?

Any chance at getting a version where I can slideshow the scores from different sites?

Hi Furzball, i’m sorry but there is no such a feature that provides slideshow currently. Also i didn’t update this plugin almost for 1 year, so it could be very diffucult to update and add this feature.