Reviews for Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages

Reviews for Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages

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for Customer Support

I am truly speechless! Support and professionalism at the highest levels! Good job. Highly recommended

I found this plugin confusing, even overwhelming. In fact, I couldn't get it to work and gave up altogether. And to think that the only thing that I wanted to do was bring in two Vimeo galleries. I felt like I would need another Master's Degree just to deal with this software. They should put out instructions for the most common uses. I give up!!!

for Customer Support

What a horrible product, backed by even more horrible support. The author/site claims a 2-day support window via the commenting system, but there is no regard for this whatsoever.

1) they are often overwhelmed due to the "volume" of tickets -even though there appears to be very little activity in the comments in the timeperiod concerned

2) they treat each reply to their comments as a new ticket, so if a ticket was to take 4 exchanges, that would mean 8 days til resolution!!!!

Past support claimed that there was a mode the player was not supposed to be used in -but they magically fixed it the next day (a bug that had existed since when...?)!

They did not even respond to the rest of my itemized list when the first was unresolved, although unrelated.

Code is buggy, documentation is sparse, features don't work all the time.

Even upon giving them my login, the y failed to help.

Save your $.

for Feature Availability

1,I want to know how to cancel the videoitems page that comes with the plugin. Can wordpress not publish articles?
2,Add a video show here(add video showcase), when selecting a video gallery type(video gallery), Select a Gallery to Insert will appear blank, is it a bug?
3,I need an explanation or help

for Customer Support

Awesome product.

Love it! With this i can add a play list on just one product page in my membership site, instead of having to make a page for each video. This will save lots of time.

Plus Radu was kind enough to add in a one click demo of the one i was looking for.

Awesome vendor!

for Customer Support

This is one of the most fully featured plugins on the market, but customer support is what really distinguishes this plugin from all the others.

Support helps during initial installation to ensure that you achieve the desire results. They even help you to diagnose and resolve issues that arise months later when the videoplayer suddenly stops working because of an update to your theme or another plugin.

Professional, technically competent and cooperative--wonderful support team.

for Customer Support

I feel very rested with your support and great efforts to help.
Thanks a lot.

for Flexibility

simply super!!!

Many many features, so it's not the easiest plugin to find where to start, but result is awesome