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Error on my plugin, only the first line show up in settings. The rest is missing on the setting page only to be shown in one second.

I have just created couple more videos in all 3 browsers, no problems on our end.

It works but the scroll function don’t work in the playlist plugin.

I cant replicate this, sorry.

The quality button on youtube videos doesn’t work


In what browser are you getting this?

Chrome, i click to change quality and it doesn’t

That must be a bug with youtube, we are using setPlaybackQuality from their api:


Youtube even dispatches quality change event after this action, but the video quality apparently doesnt update.


And this as well:


Hi there,

I have an issue with regards to YT Channels. It can’t update channel for latest videos. I have only seen old one.

I checked response from YT API and it looks like YT dont receive latest videos.

Do you have any idea, how to get instantly latest video too?

Best regards, Daniel


Have you cheched youtube api V3?


i was install the plugin but i can add new videos to my site, its like disable.

please guide me to solve it.



Please send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a temporary user and password for your wordpress admin panel so we can take a look.


hw i can add new video to my site and show it on a menu,,,

cause i was installed the plugin but it can work. when i click on menu playlist manager & player manager its like ask me to create new playlist, but after i created a playlist i can add a new video, it show me a form to add new video but i can’t click and add because the form is disabled.


What kind of menu you had in mind?

ex: Videos Gallery

so, when users click on that menu (videos gallery) they will see all videos upploaded on their side(user side)


Only in admin Player manager section can list of videos that are uploaded be seen.

Good afternoon, I purchase your video plugin with code 57d95d7e-a962-4b4d-a7cb-117b10427633 – 7 Oct 2015 and I want create a full screen video without browser frame and without push the button with mouse, How can i do? Thank you

if this plugin used for wordpress 3.2.1 ?


Yes, its compatible all the way to the newest version 4.3.1


Is your plugin capable and allows registered users to create their own playlist please?

What I mean is, I dont want them to go to a wordpress backend, instead, once they have signed up to my website. They can access a special page that allows them to create their own video playlists. Is this possible?

Please replay. Thanks!

For referances, please go to http://devour.com/ and see their playlist there. Thanks!


No, there is no sign up area in wordpress backend.

Hello I want to purchase this plugin but it it possible to have a video gallery page with featured video on top? Also can it show views, ratings and date posted etc… Similar to this site http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/ ? And when you click on a video can the video open up onto its own page with recommended or related videos? And does it have side bar widgets?


It doesnt work as the video on the your link, player is embedded over shortcode in the post/page, so no views, ratings and date posted.

subtitles work fine? Can I see a demo? It’s possible switch languages of subtitles?

I have mac, work fine with chrome… I see how to change subtitle. Last question. I have large video (400MB and more). This is hard to upload video in normal way, can I use FTP to upload video and then just link this to record when create new entry on admin?

In admin area you only need to paste video link, you can upload it in any way.

great perfect…. thanks!

Hi. I’m using your Video Gallery Live Playlist plugin and just tested to see what it looked like on a mobile device. It completely disappeared. Do you know what I did wrong?


It should perform the same way it does in official demo page: http://www.interactivepixel.net/cc/wp/vplp/index_buttons.html

You can send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can have a look.

When I create a video player it asks me for a Facebook App ID but I don’t have one nor want one for this. How do I get around that.


With option above that to false:

Use social sharing in player:

I’m looking for a video gallery for a website I’m building for a club and would like to know the following;

1) I only want members to upload videos to a specific folder/subfolder, can the plugin read any folder and display/create playlist from the files in folder without any administration

2) Is ffmpeg needed when adding videos to galleries

3) is play compatible with mobile devices



1. Player can load videos from directories. This is done from plugin admin area where user provides a path to folder(s).

2. ffmpeg is not needed, videos only need to be encoded in mp4 video format.

3. Yes, its compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers.

I have started to use the plugin to show videos from a folder but I get an error message

There was an error processing folder: Directory ’../wp-content/Resources/main/’ not found!

The videos are stored in /wp-content/resources but plugin is adding the /main/ which does not exist

Help file / Folder organization and loading videos from folder

I have done the locate_directory.php and the path is /wp-content/Slideshows/ but get same error message

But the Slideshows folder does include main and preview subfolders

Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can have a look.

Is it possible to adjust the player css to have a space between the main video and the playlist in the horizontal fixed playlist ?

I have edited the css to how I would like it to look, but the css keeps resetting its self is this something the plugin does?

file changed is apvplp_player_0.css in wp-content/apvplp folder

Help file / changing player css

Thanks got it

Hi, i need to know if plugin meet the following: 1- i can setup various instances of the player with different video source folder each instance, so i can play different video playlist from different folder. thanks


Yes, each player instance can have separate playlist source.

hi, i need to know if folder generated playlist support shuffle play. thanks

Yes, random playback is supported for all playlist types.

Does this plugin work with Vimeo? I’d like to use the ” ‘live preview’ feature (automatically play video on playlist item rollover)” feature for vimeo videos. If not, can I do that with one of your plugins?


Vimeo is not supported. Only self hosted mp4 videos and Youtube. We dont have this feature for Vimeo videos mainly because vimeo cannot be completely chromeless player like Youtube.


Dear sir i wanna to confirm. your plugin are supported to Vimeo video channel same like in this format http://www.interactivepixel.net/cc/wp/vplp/index_buttons2.html. and my other question is can we change logo from dashboard with out any knowledge of programming. if your plugin are not supported to vimeo video channel . can you recommend to me like above link for vimeo.and my other question is can we add video to channel link not video id in this plugin and recommend to me for vimeo too same functionality.

Thanks: Muhammad IMRAN


This plugin doesnt support vimeo, but we have the one that does: http://codecanyon.net/item/video-player-html5-youtube-vimeo-wp-plugin/10826072

This plugin can display vimeo channels.

Logo link can be changes from the dashboard.