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Amazing! Thumbs Up! Works flawlessly on my Android cell phone. Just wondering if it works only with Youtube? what about Vimeo or Wistia?


No Vimeo because Vimeo doesnt allow custom skin like youtube. I am not familiar with Wistia.

Is the player shortcode driven or can it load urls, Example if a full youtube url was in post this player would replace it or is it all individual shortcodes per player


Shortcodes are per player and playlist..

Please, can you help me? After install , wordpress show:

Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/storage/8/34/e6/neuronios/public_html/spwebtv/wp-content/plugins/apvplp/apvplp.php on line 116


wp_enqueue_media() starts from wordpress 3.5.0


ok update and works.. tks!

whow template use to make a fullscreeen player in the first page? like a exaomple 10… tks

‘fullscreen’ named presets will adapt to the size of the parent element in which the player is placed.

I am so excited about this plugin but unfortunately can not get YouTube connected. I have created both the player and playlist and can get a mp4 to show. I have created a YouTube API key and input it into the YouTube App ID field…. But all that shows up is a “loading” spinning circle.

Do you have more detailed documentation for connecting YouTube or can you help get me in the right direction to get YouTube videos/playlists to play?

Please contact me with any questions… Thank you in advance!!


Send the message here with your site details: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

Youtube api key needs to be connected with your domain.

Thank you for your quick reply! Sent a message via the link above…

hi, can you please tell me how to remove the the border/gap appearing on the right side of the playlist please?

see here: http://note.io/1uJbqFt



I believe you are using a scroll playlist preset. If you had more items in the playlist, the scroll would be here. In player admin you could set under playlist setting, larger playlist item width.

OK thanks

why on the self hosted videos are there 2 play buttons when I pause? one is in the upper left, cut off and the other in the middle – if I could hide the second one in the upper left corner that would be great.

see here: http://note.io/1zf6kqd


hi – I disabled any other possible conflicting plugins – it is obviously a conflict with my theme and its main video play icon – seems like you must have encountered something like this before, any ideas how to fix?

Send me a link to your website here: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact I will have a look.

sent thanks for your help

hi! It works with X theme? I have videos in mp4 format on my server, there is a way to make 100% full layout videos with thumbs and info? Thanks!

Win firefox uses mp4, mac firefox uses ogv in which case flash with mp4 is used. You only need mp4 format for all browsers.

ok, I imagine it works with videos uploaded to my server? Do you have a tutorial for configure the plugin? I want to put 8 videos on a page in my site. Thanks!

Supported are self hosted videos and Youtube. There is no detailed tutorial except single instructions but the admin area should be fairly easy to use for everybody.


I interested to this plugin and I want to buy it.

But this is not by my language (Arabic)! Can I translate it easily? How? by panel? or…?

And it just supported the mp4 formats. Can you add mkv and other formats into it?


If you want to translate you have to do it yourself.

Supported format is mp4 because its the most browser compatible. mkv could work in some browsers but not all.


installed the plugin but there are no new menu items. please help.


I havent seen such issues before. I showed you the code where menu is created. I would check if this part executes and can you create menu with basic settings:



hey. was busy. the plugin still not shows in the menu. cant use the plugin. can you check if i give you login?

Yes, send the message here with the details: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

Hello! We are interested to purchase your video player. Do you know, if the the video player works together with the zinc framework / WPBakery Visual Composer Plugin? (We tried an other video player. But it doesn’t works together with zinc / visual composer).

Best regards, Frank

Hello Tean, thank you. Then we have to try. If we have problems, could you support us?


Great! It works! (We purchased the plugin via an other account.)

I can try to sort some issue if found.

Hi, as I can add the player to the home page, and tried: <? php echo do_shortcode (‘[apvplp id = “0” active_playlist = “0”]’); ?> Does not work.


I havent added this in main plugin file by default (apvplp.php):

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

can i use in a wordpress widget?


It doesnt have widget code, only if you use

add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);

you could place it in text widget.

Hello! We have a problem with your player. The player doesn’t play MP4 Videos with Android systems. It works well with Windows and Apple touch devices and on desktop systems. But the player doesn’t start in Adroid.

What could be the problem?

You said the problem was on android. If it plays for you on desktop, then its not a theme problem.

Dear Tean, I tried the player with a sample video from the internet. But the player doesn’t work yet. :-( I have no idea, what could be the problem.

Send you web page link through the following form so we can have a look: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

Hi Tean! That’s great. I will send you the login information.


How can I get rid of the white letter “i” and the small black square on the screen during the playing of the video?

Yes. the small white “i” circle with black background that shows up during the video. how do i get rid of it. I don’t want it at all. Thanks.

This is automatically made for video description. It cant be removed unless you modify the jquery code.

You can remove it with following steps:

in jquery.vplp.js file find player markup:


and replace it with this:


Suggestion for next update:

When click on the logo on laptop, the YouTube video won’t stop playing. So, for the next update, please make the YouTube video stop when clicking on the logo during site change.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion.

Hello. Does this extension support frontend user post? Or can a user post video from the frontend?



No, this is not supported, videos are created in admin area.

Here there, just installed this player on my site. Everything is working well with 1 exception and 1 question.

First, the player controls seem to only appear randomly. Checkout this page for the embedded test I’m using. https://www.homemusicstudio1.com/live/

When I first view the page, all is well, if I do a refresh the controls disappear, the video appears to not be loading in HD720 any longer and I’m left with YouTube logo in the bottom right. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Lastly just a question, is there a way to remove the logo in the upper right from the player? I don’t want my viewers clicking away from the player and I’d prefer to disable the link to this logo all together? thanks.

You cannot remove youtube logo from the admin area, it is possible with some code editing, however if you remove it you have to bring back youtube info title in the top of the player, because these 2 are mutually exclusive.

There is an option to have controls always visible, instead of autohide.

You can remove logo in top left. Follow the instructions in the admin area.

Ok, got that fixed now, any thoughts on why the controls don’t reappear after a refresh? I’m using this to pull in a YouTube live feed (which works prefect btw). This is for a live webinar, if a user refreshes their page, then they no longer get the full screen controls or quality settings.

I cannot replicate this. Try to clear your browser cache.

Is there anyway to make this player play videos “inline” for mobile devices so that it doesn’t automatically go fullscreen on iPhone for example?


As far as I know, this is possible on ipad, but not on iphone.