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We’re having an issue with our AP Video Gallery with Live Playlist. I have the auto-hide set for the video controls but it’s not working upon loading of the player. It will sometimes work after clicking through a few videos. I turned on and off various controls such as preview, auto start etc and none seem to work on initial load of the player. I’ve set everything back to our default settings which is with auto-hide controls enabled and it still doesn’t work. The YouTube logo will appear on mouseover but the controls never auto hide, they are on always.


jschip Purchased

Youtube Playlists. Wordpress on Windows Server. This issue persists on all browsers.


jschip Purchased

I wanted to try the new update and received notice that my update was in my downloads but when I downloaded it, it was the same version. I don’t know if that would take care of this issue but I thought I would try.

No, last update was related to youtube iframe api.

I have just tested autohide controls on my side and it works with youtube. Controls are made to be visible on video start, but after you mouse over / out the player once controls will autohide. I cannot replicate other behavior. With little modification, controls could be made hidden even on video start.

Can you provide link to your webpage?


jschip Purchased

I have autohide controls enable but the controls display continously. Any reason known why that may happen. Our site is www.citizetribune.com


Your site doesnt work for me: www.citizetribune.com

Just purchased and downloaded Plugin.

I cannot find how to play videos. I am using the plugin with my Hosted Videos at present. No Youtube.


You create playlists and add videos in Playlist manager menu.

If I do not use Facebook, how do I configure a video player, “when the app asks for a Facebook App ID?”

Do you have “AP Video Player Live Playlist” menu and submenu’s in wordpress admin?

Application does contain field for YouTube API key and Sharing settings: https://s21.postimg.org/kvj8u7brr/Untitled_1.jpg

Shortcode generator is available in post/page sidebar area like its described in help documentation.

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Before I go through the process of calling my credit card company to complain that this item “Definitely Does Not Work”, I have sent the link below so You Can See the Issues “First Hand” as to the App Not Working

User: admin Password: pass

URL: vegasbusiness.today/video/wp-admin

First create a playlist and a player with necessary data and add shortcode in demo post and I will check.

My download’s instructions (Help) File is not legible. I have no way to create Any Type of Playlist with a Shortcode?

This is why I created the WP Site and uploaded your App so that you can see for yourself.

What do you mean your help file is not legible?

When you extract plugin package,

Can you open and view help.html from help directory?

What do you mean your help file is not legible?

Can you open and view help.html from help directory? (Online if you cant use localhost.)

Domain: vegasbusiness.today/video/wp-admin user: admin password: pass

POST: “Female Fitness Motivation”

Where is the Shortcode Creator..Does Not Work here..?

Shortcode creator is in the sidebar right position.

It says:

“Create new player and playlist in AP Video Player Live Playlist plugin menu to use Shortcode creator.”

So make sure you have created one playlist and one player in admin menu first.

hi! i can make a playlist by user role/type?


This is not possible sorry. Playlists are created in admin and added with shortcode in post or page.

Hi there, Can i add Video Gallery Live Playlist to plugin of wordpress?



This is plugin for wordpress so it can be installed in wordpress post or page.

Does this answer your question?


hi i purchased Video Gallery Live Playlist Wordpress plugin today. but its very difficult to install ur plugin.

I want u to set-up playlist and any youtube video 2pcs instead of me.

and pls let me know ” youtube app id=youtube api key”?

and should i add both youtube app id and facebook app id ?

... I did all that..but some message on the main page… i think ud better see it directly,..

Anyhow i will inform u my wordpress and i want u to add playlist and video..anything is good.. id : sandantv pw: sandan3285

Sincerely yours,



Please send you admin page url here http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact so we can have a look.


youtube app id is required for youtube videos, Here is a video tutorial on how to create youtube api key: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzSeOSQhKiI

facebook app id is required if social sharing is used in the player.


The following example http://www.interactivepixel.net/cc/wp/vplp/index_buttons.html is aligned to left. Is it possible to set the video on the center of the page ?



It is possible to center the video with adding this css to top container:

-webkit-transform: translate(-50%,0);
-ms-transform: translate(-50%,0);
transform: translate(-50%,0);

Hi ! I would like to know how I can save the data that I install using the plugins “HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist Wordpress Plugin”

You could however manually retrieve your data if possible on your side. Options are saved in wordpress database:


Thank you for your prompt response… I tried to do an installation to test on a local server … I can not find the data that are online here http://unfilm.org How to proceed ?

I am not sure what you mean, does the plugin work as expected?

As for the export, this is not the feature of the plugin. I was just mentioning alternate methods for possible export from your existing server that contains playlist data, but this requires php knowledge. If you have already successfully created some playlists and presets, then you should be able to retrieve this data in above mentioned way.