Video Gallery and Player Pro

Video Gallery and Player Pro

Current Version : 1.2.2

This plugin add a responsive HTML5, YouTube, Vimeo video gallery with Magnific Popup to your WordPress website. Display video gallery in grid view(1,2,3,4) etc You can also use category id to create multiple video galleries.

video supported


Added 15 designs

  • Grid, Slider/Carousel, Slider/Carousel with Center mode, Video Popup with slider.
  • Option to add: video image, title, video short description and video link.
  • Option to display video gallery with short content.


1) Grid design

video-gallery-grid-view video-gallery-slider-view

3) Slider with center mode design


4) Design-8 for grid view(Look better in grid-3 and grid-4)


5) Popup video slider



Change Log:

= 1.2.2 (13, Nov 2017) =
* [*] Updated Slick slider JS to latest version 1.8
* [*] Resolved video auto playing issue in background when Popup is closed in Chrome latest browser.
* [*] Resolved partially displaying video in 'Center Mode' effect.
* [*] Fixed Video Id is passed in URL parameter when user search for video in backend.
* [*] Updated document and support portal link in backend.

= 1.2 (17, Feb 2017) =
* [+] Added two types of 'Pagination' numeric and prev-next to [video_gallery] shortcode.
* [+] Added 'Other' tab for other third party video like vzaar ( and etc.
* [+] Added 'External Video Poster Image' functionality. Now user can add external video poster image.
* [+] Added 'Video Settings' for 'Youtube', 'Vimeo' and 'Dailymotion' for video title, autoplay and etc.
* [+] Added Video title, current video number and total video count in popup.
* [*] Resolved 'term_id' issue in WP Query.
* [*] Updated plugin translation code. Now user can put plugin languages file in WordPress 'language' folder so plugin language file will not be loss while plugin update.
* [*] Taken better care of slider 'CenterMode' effect. Now design will not be disturbed with even number of slide.
* [*] Taken care of slider pause when popup is open so user will remain at current position of slider.
* [*] Optimized some code.

= 1.2 (16, Nov 2016) =
* [+] Added 'How it Work' page for better user interface.
* [-] Removed 'Plugin Design' page.
* [*] Updated slick slider JS to latest version to 1.6.0
* [*] Optimize JS.
* [*] Optimize CSS for better mobile experience.
* [*] Resolved wrong video popup issue when used multiple time on same page.

= 1.1 (06, Sep 2016) =
*[*] Fixed image hover bug from design 10 to design 14
*[*] Fixed some css issue.

= 1.0 (29, Aug 2016) =
* Initial Release.