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Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

Thank you!

is it possible to close [Esc] window with video – in the playing time On Safari – Mac – it looks, that video window after start cannot be close (only pause). Nice plugin ! Josef M

When you click “play” on the Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion video then the embedded iframe of Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion gains focus and thus disables the normal ESC key function (or any keyboard event) that the gallery provides to close the modal window. This is normal browser behaviour and I am afraid there is nothing that can be done to prevent this.

Hi there,

I’ve purchased both the Flow Gallery and the Video Feed, also obtained the API key from google dev, now how do I use it to have the Gallery work? An example would be great.


Thanks for purchasing!

Please go through the documentations provided with both Video Feed and Flow gallery. You will find detailed instructions there and sample initialization codes.

I want to purchase it now, but have a two questions:

(1) can I set a certain channel from youtube like: samsung channel ? (2) can I mix between all your scripts:social, news,images, video to be in one script, in one page, so that the user able to click on any item either video, image, ...etc ?

1) You need to pass the user-name for the youtube account.

2) If you mean to ask whether you can use all the extensions in a single instance of the gallery, then the answer is no. A single extension can only be used on one extension at a time.

wordpress admin integration ?

This is not a Wordpress plugin. This is an extension for the Flow Gallery jquery plugin, which has been mentioned explicitly in the item description and demo.

Hi cosmocoder,

I have a JSON file that refuses to pull off youtube clips even if it’s configured by the manual. Can you take a look at it please ?


You are using the core Flow Gallery plugin, right? The video feed extension by itself does not need any json file because it pulls feeds from Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion. Therefore the json file that you are using will only be needed when you are just using the core Flow Gallery plugin.

I cannot offer any other suggestions without inspecting the page myself.

it’s ok we found the issue -thanks a lot anyway!

That’s good to know.

1. Does it support Youtube playlist?

2. Does it include a RSS feed?

Pulling data from a Youtube playlist is supported,as mentioned in the item description. There is no support for RSS.

I bought Flow Gallery for Wordpress. However, I purchased it because I thought there would be a Video Feed extension for the Wordpress version… Is there? I need to pull my Vimeo feed in automatically. Thanks!

That’s not good… :( Is there a way I can get my money back so I can purchase the jQuery version? I feel as though I’ve wasted my money on the Wordpress version…

I don’t think this situation qualifies for a refund, but you can seek clarification from CodeCanyon Support.

That’s pretty lame if it doesn’t. Waisted $25… I guess it’ll be my gift to you… You’re welcome. If anyone else is needing their Vimeo pulled in automatically try using Vimeogrqphy. It works perfectly by pulling in your Vimeo automatically, and it works with Wordpress. Highly recommended.

Don’t waist your money on this plugin as its full functionality doesn’t even work with Wordpress… They should be more clear about that in their description.

Just purchased Flow gallery and this is what it says when I installed it: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed. Please help.

Are you trying to install this inside WordPress? Note that there is a separate WP plugin version of Flow Gallery available.

By the way, the Video Feed extension is only available as a jquery plugin.

yes, I’m installing inside Wordpress.

That’s an awesome idea! Good luck.



I am trying to display my youtube user videos but I get error message on line 167:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of undefined

“error”: { “errors”: [ { “domain”: “usageLimits”, “reason”: “keyInvalid”, “message”: “Bad Request” } ], “code”: 400, “message”: “Bad Request” }

How can I fix this issue?


Nope I mean channel. There is two types of profiles on YouTube: user and channel. Your plugin gives me possibility to display only user video am I right?

There are three types of feed you can pull – user, playlist, and search. I think channel may also qualify as playlist.

Ty I found a solution by modifying js files.