Discussion on Video Events Listener - Green Popups Add-On

Discussion on Video Events Listener - Green Popups Add-On

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What is the latest version as of July 29, 2020 ?

I see version 2.01 .

But I downloaded that SAME version PRIOR to July 29, 2020

( IE – on July 14, 2020 )

What you download from CodeCanyon is the latest version.

Will version 2.0 still work with Layered popups ?

Version 2.0 is for Green Popups. I recommend you to update to new version. It works faster and has much more features.

Hello,Is your plugin still work?

Check demo. ;-) Please notice, this is an addon fo Layered Popups.

What is the latest version number as of Feb 28, 2018 ?

What is the changelog ?


MyISAM tables are what we use and the plugin is currently working just fine with MySQL 5.5


Will your product still work If we switch our server from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.2 ?

While still using MyISAM tables ?

This is WP plugin. It works with its database. i didn’t test it with MariaDB, so I cant answer your question.

Does this still work with the newest version of Layered Pop-Ups ?

What version is it ?

Was the last update in 2015 ?

What is the latest version number ?

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?

Can we get the pop-up to automatically show up after 30 seconds of playtime on a 2-minute video ?

There is no such feature.


WIll this be added into an update ?

At that moment I don’t have such plans. But thanks for idea.

Hi, will this work for video posts or only embedded video? thanks

Hi. Only embedded videos.

Hi, will this work for video posts or only embedded video? thanks

I am ready to buy Layered Pop-Ups and two (2) extensions.

1) – We use a theme that has its own built-in “drag and drop” page builder for inserting Videos ( similar to Visual Composer ).

So NO shortcodes are used when inserting a video in this theme.


Since your extension uses shortcodes, I am not certain if this will work with our theme, or themes that use “Drag and Drop” page builders .

Or will it ?

Please advise .


You asked the same. I don’t provide trial versions. Please read description and watch video tutorial.


Will see if it works.

Thanks. ;-)

Hi, you state the following:

3. Go to FAQ page and read it. It has the answers regarding using this add-on.

Uhhhh… which FAQ page? Would be good to link directly to that page, because I have no clue what you mean or where to find it.

Hi. FAQ is located in your WP dashboard under Layered Popups menu. Video Tutorial shows this. ;-)

Hi Ivan, Is that possible to remove the close button and “force” user to sign up before they can see the video?


Hi. You can remove layer which contains close icon. But please notice, when use start video, popup appears, but video will continue playing behind the popup. It doesn’t stop, popup appears.

Looks good!

I notice that a popup occurs only on the first pause of the video and not any after 1st. Is that a setting or is that not changable? Thanks.

Hi. No. There is no such feature. o avoid disturbing users, popup is displayed only once for each event.



Could you make this be able to detect previous videos by post or pages and automatically apply them?

I ask because I have a client and she make blog posts every week and with a video. So back dating there would be probably at least 70 videos I would like to apply this to.

I could do it via the php files, but that would force me into using one popup for one trigger. That is not bad but ideally I would like to have more options to try different popups per video.

Do you think you could add something like that?

I think that is the work issue with this is that you either mess with the php to update all previous or only apply them to new videos.

Also, a suggestion of some way to detect youtube videos embedded by a plugin.

A Visual Composer or something that could detect if you the video is by another plugin so we are not stuck with the iFrame use. I personally don’t use the iFrame code much anymore.


Hi. Thanks for idea. Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have plans to implement such feature.

Thanks, I totally understand. Thanks for listening.


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