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Getting a 403 error.

403 error is Forbidden message you get for some issues and i think in this case you get becasue you didn’t gve soe directories thr right permissions
change folder permission to 777 for uploaded, log, converted_videos

Hey friend, your plugin is great. Do you have customization service? My request is like this: there is a folder on my server. In this folder there are a videoA, picture1, pic2, pic3 …, a music, a sound file, a title. The template is same all the time. For example, VideoA + pictures + music + sound + title. What I need is just ” one click” to make this video. I don’t care about the perfect editing. Just add them together to upload to YouTube. Can you make a customization like this function? Thanks.

unfortunately i don’t have free time for customization
you can find good programmer to what you want for reasonable low fees at this website
many just post your project and you will get many offers
Best Regards

Thank you for your information.

Hi! I am very interested in your script. Can it convert .jpg (or any image) to .mp4; Or can it convert .mp3 to .mp4? Thanks!!

The script supports output Videos formats: mp3, ogg, webm, flv, mp4, avi, wmv
it doesn’t support image formats

if have any type space or carecter then not converted http://s23.postimg.org/pipqlvpcr/screenshot_259.jpg

thank you for your feed back i will fix this soon and i will update the files here

After update i’m buy a copy so waiting for update .

i have fixed this issue you can test it online http://phpvideoconverter.com
and wait for the item update to be approved to download the latest version

Hello, thank you for this update, I can not change the full script because I made too many changes, can you tell me What files should I replace manually to Make upgrade to the latest version?

update the

Dear sir, Mp3 convert sestem not Work and i Mp4 file convert but, auto convert flv, avi format and Plz add 3gp convert sestem This problem fixed plz After i will Buy Thx

i had an issue in my server and i have fixed it please try the demo again and see if this issue resolved or not

1) hi there can it convert from MOV file to MP4?

2) do they put the mov file url then download it to any format they want? is that how it works?

3) they cannot download from youtube videos right? (i dont need that)

4) will i get into trouble as a site owner if the user rips off any online content? (my ip is logged when they go and put the url of the video as my server downloaded it?

5) does this delete uploaded files periodicaly to clear storage space?


1) yes you can convert mov file mp4 and other formats
2) mov files can be converted to the follwing formats
  • .flv,
  • mp4
  • avi
  • wmv
  • mp3
  • ogg
  • webm

you can try this file

3) you can’t download from youtube this option was availbalre oneday but i have removed it because of copywright issue
4) and about ripping off any online content you may be subject to copywright issue you must be carful not using media pprotected by copywrigth law like youtube
5) the files are automatically deleted after 24 hours you can change this from the setting file

hi Abdul, thanks for the answers. point number 4, thats why i am afraid to use this script to launch a site because if a user rips off an online content i maybe subject to copyright breach as a site owner? i thought under the DMCA laws, its a tool i provide on the faith that users are responsible for their actions? hmm not sure on this. anyone reading please shed a light

Hi abdul202,

i’m here waiting more than 1 yeah but u didn’t make the design full responsive ! also you had removed youtube function ! there is others here that sell script based on youtube download !


i will update the theme when i get some free time , and about the youtube function, i had to remove it because the code canyon team asked me to do so because of the copy write issues

yeah it’s true, but there is many scripts here allow download from youtube anyway i’ll wait for design update