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Hi Abdul,

I’ve downloaded your php script and installed in my server but I couldn’t encode from a mp4 to mp4, what I really need is to convert any video to mp4 (h.264) on smaller resolution like: 534×300 with 20fps, constant quality 25 RF. Please how can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

ok i have fixed this on my online script
you need to do edit 2 files
index.php remove this line
$extension = strtolower($extension); in LIB_parse.php replace these $lc_str = strtolower($string); $marker = strtolower($delineator); with this
$lc_str = $string; $marker = $delineator;
best regards Abdul

Great Abdul !!!

It’s working now!!

Many many many thanks my friend for your precious help, your Video Encoder and support are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Best wishes!

thank you
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helio Purchased

Hi Abdul!

I’m trying to directly upload and convert a video without the need to choose a format. I already have my own desired encoding parameters as bellow:

if($new_format==”mp4”){ $call=$ffmpeg.” -i ”.$video_to_convert.” -vcodec mpeg4 -r 20 -b ”.$quality.” -c:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 25 -c:a copy -ab 126000 -ar ”.$audio.” -ac 2 -s ”.$size.” ”.$converted_vids.$name.”.”.$new_format.” -y 2> log/”.$name.”.txt”;}

Is there a way on the first screen to show only upload button as well as progressive bar and encode the video with my tag above and it goes directly to the final screen showing successful upload and convert?

I´m sorry to bother you but I’ve tried everything with no success, I don’t have your skills.

Thanks in advance friend! Cheers!!


helio Purchased

Other issues:

a) Not uploading from mobile phones anymore;

b) Video duration not working;


you must keep this $name = $_SESSION[‘name’];
because the file path is stored in the $_SESSION[‘name’];

for mobile phone if you made any modification you need to undo them
maybe something you have done make the mobile upload not working

Hi, i’m using a Plesk instance but ffmpeg is unavailable on Debian. I have to use AVconv, the only way on Plesk instances… Is it work or do you have any solution please? Thanks!

you can instal ffmpeg on debian
here’s how

But FFmpeg is not available on Debian 8 Jessie and i’m using it

I didn’t use debian before so may ask about that in place like http://stackoverflow.com

does mkv conversion to mp4?