Video Contest WordPress Plugin

Video Contest WordPress Plugin

Contest Bundle Video Contest WordPress Plugin

Four Best Reasons to BuyVideo Contest

  1. Generate lots of new traffic
    Generate loads of traffic as people upload their videos and ask friends and family to visit and vote for them. Creating a contest is also great for repeat traffic as users come back regularly to see their own submissions, check out the competition and look at new images… make sure you are prepared for the traffic boost!
  2. Great for SEO for backlinks
    Great for SEO backlinks as people tend to share Competitions they enter, often announcing them by creating new posts on their own blogs. Tweeting and Sharing to Facebook also creates more valid SEO backlinks as people ask for votes and visits of their own entries.
  3. Increase your Social Shares
    Social Shares are great for SEO too, and there is no better way to increase your social sharing than having a competition. Create a New Page in WordPress to host your Competition and watch the Shares grow as people link to your competitions. Shares spread like wildfire when the content is right and Word of Mouth Marketing is the top end ticket to creating a viral sensation is today’s market!
  4. Send Marketing Updates, announce Contest Winners, highlight new submissions via Email Newsletter
    It really is a Marketer’s dream to be able to capture leads and new email subscribers. Not only will you increase your new subs but you can send email newsletters via any WordPress extension your prefer with complete integration of Video Contest for WordPress. Send updates about contest entries, polls, latest trends – anything you like!

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Available languages

  • English
  • Czech


Version 2.3 (06/15/2018)

  • Optimization for WordPress Version 4.9.x
  • Added new Feature – Secondary menu layout
  • Added new Feature – New options for social sharing
  • Added new Feature – New vote option
  • Added new Feature – Support for Instagram videos
  • Added new Feature – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) option for EU citizens
  • Added new Feature – New Tool for editing users
  • Added new Feature – Ability to duplicate the contest
  • Changes – New layout on vote page
  • Changes – Added Yoast SEO filter for Open Graph metadata
  • Changes – Removed autoplay support
  • Fixed Issue – Non existing Facebook video thumbnail
  • Fixed Issue – Fixed error after voting through email confirmation when IP address protection is disabled
  • Fixed Issue – Registration form

Version 2.2 (09/14/2017)

  • Optimization for WordPress Version 4.8.x
  • Added new Feature – Jury vote option
  • Added new Feature – Vote log with CSV export
  • Added new Feature – Frontend search field
  • Added new Feature – Possibility for user to edit or delete the video (both actions are optional)
  • Added new Feature – A new “Rules & Prizes” shortcode
  • Added new Feature – A new widget for displaying videos by category
  • Added new Feature – 7th layer of protection: Email blacklist filter
  • Added new Feature – 8th layer of protection: Unique ID for each vote
  • Added new Feature – Reset tool for contests
  • Added new Feature – Sorting Top 10 by categories
  • Added new Feature – New Submit form mode
  • Added new Feature – New gallery layout
  • Changes – Improved data export
  • Changes – Full compatibility with PHP 7
  • Changes – 100% Responsive admin theme
  • Changes – Major core optimization

Version 2.1 (02/26/2017)

  • Optimalization for WordPress Version 4.7.x
  • Added new Feature – 20 new extra optional form fields
  • Added new Feature – Export users data to CSV
  • Added new Feature – Share page (After submission and after voting)
  • Added new Feature – 6th security layer: Vote confirmation by email
  • Added new Feature – New Option for fonts
  • Added new Feature – New Option for responsive menu
  • Added new Feature – Info about user´s location (Country)
  • Added new Feature – Secondary Page: Allows have one contest on two pages
  • Added new Feature – QR Code
  • Changes – New security improvements
  • Changes – Design

Version 2.0 (11/02/2016)

  • Optimalization for WordPress Version 4.6.x
  • Added new Feature – Categories
  • Added new Feature – Added Multicontest option
  • Added new Feature – Data Export (CSV)
  • Added new Feature – Searching videos in admin area
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Hiding specific menu buttons and sections
  • Added new Feature – New Option: Hiding video author, views and votes
  • Added new Feature – New option: Disallow users rate own videos
  • Added new Feature – WordPress and Disqus Comments
  • Added new Feature – New optional settings for vote button
  • Added new Feature – Optional items names in the menu
  • Added new Feature – Email notifications
  • Added new Feature – Adjustable “Welcome” email for contestants
  • Added new Feature – reCaptcha
  • Added new Feature – BuddyPress integration – All submissions, votes and WordPress comments will be visible in activity stream (optional)
  • Changes – Core omptimization
  • Changes – Voting process
  • Fixed Issue – Server time and WordPress time works together
  • Fixed Issue – Small CSS problems with menu colors
  • Fixed Issue – Wrong js time and date format