Discussion on Video Blogster Pro - import YouTube videos to WordPress. Also DailyMotion, Spotify, Vimeo, more

Discussion on Video Blogster Pro - import YouTube videos to WordPress. Also DailyMotion, Spotify, Vimeo, more

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Can this work with playtube

I don’t see why not. They likely use custom fields for videos so just tell Video Blogster to fill those fields in.

Hi friends,

Congrats for the nice script.

I have a news website focusing on a specific niche. I want to auto import youtube videos and publish them in my website. However my website is not wordpress, it is on codeigniter framework. Can your script be used for non-wordpress websites? My website script already has youtube video import feature on the admin panel and I am able to manually import, publish and play videos on my website.

I would be happy if you could inform.


No. Sorry, it is a WordPress plugin.


I am using the product, but the product always gets same videos which were already posted in the past. How can I stop crawling and finding the same videos? I want product to post new videos only (which is not posted yet).


Hello, in the Build Query tab, change the query behavior from ‘Strict’ to ‘Continuous’

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, its part is already “Continuous” from long time ago but the blogstar is keep posting same videos. I dont know why.

I have 3 content feeds below.

1 hour nightcore music

nightcore gaming mix

Best Nightcore song

If I delete one of them, I cannot gather all videos in same genre. So, I need all 3 of them.

Is there any solutions for not to post same videos in this situation?


Duplicates are skipped by default. If you’ve already imported an entire result list (500 per search), YouTube will not return more. Feel free to PM me details if not sure.


I bought the plugin, but I don’t understand this. I need all videos imported to be assigned to my wordpress post category which I called simply “Video”.

Can I made automatically all videos imported by the plugin in posts be assigned to wordpress post category ‘video’?

Another information: how does the plugin manage the video? does it past something like an iframe inside the post, or the video url?


Thanks a lot! I have a final question: I made a mistake, and I deleted imported videos (posts) from wordpress. I need to reimport videos, but now they all skipped. How can I do again the impost without videos being skipped? Is there an option to flag?

The system tells me “YouTube video ID [YE7xmbLFlsw] is on the blacklist. Skipping.”, this for all 32 videos which I have correctly previously imported with the same tool.

Feel free to PM for direct support so I can include screenshots.

1) Yes, in the Process the Results tab, select ‘Update’ for setting ‘If content previously imported?’

2) In the Main Settings you have selected ‘Automatically add permanently deleted content IDs to the blacklist?’

can inport video from tiktok?

not yet. they don’t have an API so I have to write something custom.

it is compatible with streamtube theme?

I don’t see why not. If it uses custom meta fields just tell Video Blogster to import to those fields. Many premium themes work that way.

1/ in your demo it looks like cations are not working. I selected a channel with closedCaption selected, in the post body template I added VideoCaptions but in the results it shows the video and the tag VideoCaptions but not the results.

2/ Do you have the possibility to use Wordai? I don’t see it in the main settings.

it needs a free APi key, that’s what I use.

The YouTube docs clearly state OAuth 2.0 authorization to download captions but whatever. Try it yourself:

Response is “Request is missing required authentication credential. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See"

If your other plugins are “working fine” then use them.

Will keep using Youtubomatic, no problem.


I just bought the plugin and tested the demo before.

After installing it, I noticed that there is no option to select authors when I want to import content when creating posts. (Tabs: Make Coneten Feed-> Create Posts -> Set Post Author).

Did I do something wrong here or is there a way to assign content to non admins as well?

I am looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards


I can think of 3 reasons why the author select box would be empty: 1) Only authors with the capability to edit posts will be shown. 2) Have you set Advanced -> Max Entries to 0? 3) You used an internal WAP filter to change the author query parameters or results. If none of those, send me a PM with site details and I can log in and take a look.


I have some questions about your product.

1. Can I post automatically other’s YouTube videos(not mine) based on the keywords which I set?

2. Can I post automatically a YouTube thumbnail image to featured image on a wordpress post?

3. Can I post the video in the specific category on wordress?


keyword1 videos > category1

keyword2 videos > category2

1. yes as long as they’re public

2. yes

3. yes, each keyword in it’s own feed means each imported video can be saved with whatever properties and taxonomies you wish.

Thanks for your reply.

1. Can I also post the YouTube video which is posted on the past automatically?

2. You said “Yes”. Can I specify the featured image size?

3. Can I insert YouTube title on H3 or other specific place on the contents using tag such as #title# or #description#?


1. yes

2. yes.

3. yes

Feel free to try the demo by clicking Live Preview at the top.

Any chance to get deepL as translation service?

I’ll check it out soon as I can.

is it possible to combine a Youtube video with an RSS feed into the same post?

Not as it is, no. Is there a reason for this? Not sure I’m following.

I am looking for an autoblog posting a little bit like ytevolution. Some of them incorporate a youtube importer and an RSS scraper. But in order to have a good and a long no duplicate content it is interesting to have a mix of both in the same post (rewrited).

Hmm I don’t see an easy to way to merge imports automatically, but perhaps you could import to an existing post. For instance import a YouTube video into a new post, then import from an RSS feed to append to that post.

My site is showing that there is an update for this plugin to 4.7.8, however I do not show one in your changelog, nor in my account to download. I am currently using 4.7.4. What is the new version and why am I not able to download it?

4.7.8 is the latest beta and you have checked the setting to check for beta updates. official releases are uploaded to codecanyon. If you don’t want beta updates, turn the beta check setting off.

Hello, Kindly do you support Country trending video import ?

Yes the mostPopular chart is supported. mostPopular – Return the most popular videos for the specified content region and video category.

question before purchasing:

1. Is this Compatible with jnews video theme (

2. Can it import tiktok videos?

1. Never heard of it. If it uses WordPress content it should be fine. 2. Maybe in the future.

Does this auto refresh the YouTube comments after a video has been imported and a post created on the host WP site?

Ignore me, I’m a dopey sod. JRTFM answered my question… soz sausage.

Hi. Would this plugin work with Bitchute, LBRY, Odysee or Brighteon? Thanks

Thanks for the update. Please update the changelog

Done! thanks for the reminder!


Hi Admin,

Can we just ADD playlist ID or Link so that all the playlist videos can be synced from YouTube channel?

I don’t want to add videos in the player playlist one by one. I just want to add only playlist link. So whenever i upload a video on YouTube under that playlist it start appearing on my website.

And can we achieve a similar look as YouTube. Like left side video is playing and on right side videos list will come?


I’m not familiar with Houzez or how they would display a YouTube playlist.

Hi Admin,

Following is the theme i am using

And this is the layout i want to achieve on the video gallery page. Where i will add playlist ID in using your plugin and can achieve the following layout.


I am not familiar with Houzez. If they allow that display with a playlist ID then Video Blogster can import to whatever custom field they use.

I recently switched from another RSS feed plugin to Video Blogster Pro. However, the other plugin doesn’t have half the features of Video Blogster Pro. But, because this other RSS plugin has one feature I can’t live without, I will continue to use it. When you add support for Feedspot, which allows users to combine multiple RSS sources into one feed url- I will use Video Blogster Pro exclusively.

I tested a Feedspot combined RSS feed and it was fine. Perhaps you could PM me more details?

can you add movie import? trailers


The Movie Database (TMDb) or IMDb

Yes. They’re basically YouTube skins but I’ll take a look.


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