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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hey thanks for that. :)

Hello, thanks for the cool plugin. I can’t get the automation to work. the scheduler is enabled but it’s not auto posting…

please help

The scheduler queries the video feeds. Do you have video feeds created? The posts will be saved according to the post_status you have selected for each video feed (draft, publish, etc). Feel free to open a support ticket if more help is needed..

all set on this one

I think it’s working. Will wait a day to see if it auto posts.

works great thanks

awesome :)

How do i enter a keyword minus a couple of separate keywords?

this that -that -that <——doesn’t work

Hello. The keyphrase is passed along to the video site API which does the actual search. I’ll assume this is for YouTube so try ‘this that -that -that’ at to make sure you have the results the way you want. If you’re not sure click on the Support button and open a ticket with the details and I’ll get you sorted out.

broo can u add CNN , ?

do i choose what to youtube channels to fetch and what news to go for ?

does it download all those links or does it just embed it?

broo can u add CNN , ?

do i choose what to youtube channels to fetch and what news to go for ?

does it download all those links or does it just embed it?

does it refresh a lot ? how many api do i need to keep it up to date ?

Hello, neither CNN or is supported via the WordPress embed shortcode but I’ll look into something else.

Yes you can set each YouTube feed by user/channel/playlist/video id and/or a keyphrase to search.

It embeds the videos on your site. No need to download and host it on your site. It also can fetch the description, comments, thumbnail and statistics for each video when available.

You can set your own schedule for it to make requests for more videos and how many to retrieve at a time. You don’t need any additional API it’s all handled by the plugin.

Hello, i am using phpmyvideoblog, a great plugin but it is dead and no more update now. Can your plugin add a specific youtube/dailymotion channel to a specific WP user ? For example i want to add all videos from YT channel A to my WP user named A, Dailymotion videos from channel C to my WP user C, etc…

Yes absolutely. :)

Hi, thank you for this really great plugin!

Is there a way to make adjustments to the ’’Post Content Template’’ from an existing feed. So after making these adjustments, do the whole import again (sort of refresh/modify) without removing the actiual posts? and for example skip the importing of images then again?

This could be very usefull i think when you imported a lot of videos already and then you find out, it would be better if you made some adjustments to to ’’Post Content Template’’ changing the video size etc. or the template tags

Is this possible already or maybe something possible for a future update?

thanx in advance!


Hmmm.. well although you can make adjustments to the ’’Post Content Template’’ for an existing feed it would apply to all future videos that are imported. I think you’re asking if there’s a way to apply the adjustments to previous imported videos as well. I’ll look into adding that for the next update, but if it’s a simple adjustment you could probably use a search/replace plugin for now. Thanks for the idea.

Hi Ray I added this ability in the latest release, v1.2 which will work for any feed videos imported in v1.2+

Thank you !! This is working exactly as i hoped! Very easy to set up a stream and afterwards continue edit your template for the stream. Perfect!!


Hello! before to buy this plugin i am waiting the new version ,i hope will be soon .Looks great like plugin.Regards.

Hi! Just bought your plugin, it’s great replacement for phpmyvideoblog, and works perfect. But there is one problem, after checking “Remove all URLs:” it removes not only URL’s but content after URL’s as well, can you fix this?

And one suggestion, there is many people in youtube that create video titles with characters like /*&^%$#@! and many more. Can you make an option where i can remove these characters from title?

And thanks again for plugin

Cheers Janis

Hi. Thanks for the nice words.

I use the “Remove all URLs” option myself so it might be a specific pattern match. Can you open a support ticket and/or send me the particular video(s) so I can test?

How about an option to make the title remove any non-alphanumeric characters? Something like that?

Hello, latest release v.1.2.0 has the bugfix for removing URLs in multi-line descriptions as well as the new option to remove characters from the title. Enjoy.

Hi John,

Would it possible in a update to get an extra variable like Comments

So when choosing Description and Comments these two will be seperated, so i have more possibilities to place them in a post.

The new option ’’Process retroactively’’ is working perfect! thank you for that. Would it be possible to have a option (in Edit Post) to exclude that post from beiing ’’Retroactively Processed’‘ Sometimes there could be post, which you would prefer to modify a bit and not get overwriten the next time when you use ’’Process retroactively’‘

Would be great to have these option i think.


Merry Xmas !!


Hello and Merry Xmas!

Video comments are imported as WordPress comments, so your theme handles displaying them for each post automatically. You can edit your theme to change the comments location. If you need specifics send me a support message.

Yes I’ll add a check for a custom field in each post to exclude that post from being ‘retroactively processed’ (I couldn’t think of a better term). Good idea. I hope to have the next big update out before the 1st and I’ll put this in.


wow this looks very amazing! does your plugins work well with Enfold theme?


I don’t own Enfold, but I don’t see why not. All video data is saved as standard WordPress content.

Great! Thanks! another question is I have a YouTube channel that have long lectures so we break into small videos and put together as a playlist so easier for viewers to view the whole lecture. Could your plugins get the playlist instead of individual videos? If not at the current version then could it be developed?

The plugin would grab the individual videos out of the playlist and grab the stats/comments/etc for each as a new post. Grabbing the playlist itself wouldn’t have any of those, but if you want just one post to display your playlist you can paste the playlist url into the post as a shortcode.

Hi, this plugin looks cool and could be what i’m looking for. But before i purchase could you tell me if this plugin will allow auto posting to Google plus and my other social media site?

Hi, thank you for getting back to me. I also use NextScripts for posting to social media sites, but at present difficult to auto post until v4 available. So in the future when NextScripts v4 is available it might be able to auto post?

I don’t know why you’re having difficulties with NextScripts. I currently use it to auto post to FaceBook. In any case, Video Blogster won’t interfere with auto posting.

okay, no worries still think your plugin looks cool will purchase very soon.


I am already using similar plugin but its really not maintained anymore. If I add those feeds into this plugin, will old posts get reposted or it will start from any new posts in the feeds?

Hello, This plugin uses a custom meta field to keep track of each video’s unique ID to avoid duplicates. I don’t know what your current plugin uses, but if it’s similar they can probably be renamed easily and that will prevent duplicates. Feel free to click on ‘Support’ on my website and send me details to check.

Hi Johnh,

Here is my pre-purchase question:

Here is my blog url:

Is it possible to use your plugin with the same output as on my blog (masonry layout) and can it get the same design?

Thanks in advance Trylina

Hello, the plugin imports all data as WordPress content to ensure wide compatibility. If that theme uses the post’s featured image in its layout then yes it will work flawlessly. If the theme uses its own custom fields for images they will just need to be defined first.

Is it possible with your plugin to import You Tube playlists into custom post type categories so they can display and be filtered like a portfolio?

You can import the videos from each playlist. Each video could be a custom post type.

Thanks John,

When you say “could be” – is there an option in your plugin settings to import videos and comments from an individual You Tube channel and/or playlist to create posts (portfolio custom post type) which are also added to an individual custom post type category?

Is there a post type selector and category selector for creating posts in your plugin or will this require some custom code?

Also what happens with synchronizing comments? Do these get updated on the website as people add more comments on You Tube? Can users post comments on the website and they get updated on You Tube?

Yes, instead of importing each video as a post they could instead be saved as your custom post type. Yes you can select categories for each imported post and/or import the category from YouTube as well. Comments can be imported from each video as well right into WordPress. WordPress comments are not synchronized with YouTube and comments posted on WordPress would not update the comments on YouTube. Perhaps in a future update.

Great plugin and amazing support !

Probably the most reactive author I ever met on Envato market. I suggested some features , after 24h some of the most important ones were included in a new release waiting for me in my mailbox.

I strongly recommend working with John.

Hey thanks! I’ll work on the rest of your suggestions on Monday. :)

So many good updates, thes days ! ;-) Thank you for your care.

Thanks! I’m adding more and more so if you have a feature you’d like to see just let me know.

Hi john10 I tried the lite version and it works great, and I’m interested in Pro ver. before I buy the Pro ver I want to ask what’s on “Strict keyphrase matching option.”? does it have the ability to remove unrelated video from keyword? because when I tried to search videos about “cat” it also searches videos that are still “cat” in the keyword but it’s all about toys, I filtered the search to “Animals” or do you have any suggestions only search for “cat” as in animal.

and can this plug in support other language like Japanese? I’m making a MS word manual for my friend but I wanted it to be in plugin.


thanks john10 I’ll try it! :)

Hi john10! I was able to translate the plugin, but how do I switch between English and Japanese, it would be alot of help if there is a dropdown menu to choose language…

You set the language in WordPress via Settings->General->Site Language. Please use in the future.