Discussion on Video AR 2.0 - Augmented Reality App Android/iOS with Unity

Discussion on Video AR 2.0 - Augmented Reality App Android/iOS with Unity

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can you share demo android app?

is it possible to dial a number or visit a weburl upon click ?

I’ve bought an extended license and i do not have an access to CMS. Bad documentation and bad support

Hi if i have a lot of photos how app know which one belong to video?

Hello i’m very interested in your ar solution. I am reading the description and I’m not able to find more info on your extended version. Is there a link to understand more what is included? Do you have a trial period to see what the CMS dashboard looks like? Do you provide analytics for user views/engagement? Is this a white label branding? Would be interested in an business/enterprise version. Who can we contact for custom solutions?

When next update?

by March ;)

its there saas version?

I am interested in buying this app, is it easy to modify the marker and video?

Script not support alpha videos at the moment, but if you are able with Unity you can edit. There isn’t CMS now, we will uploading a CMS into Envato at the end of February

If I buy it, could you tell me how to modify the script so that it plays transparent videos?

send me an email with one transparent video

Hello, When do yo plan to update it ? Thanks BR

2 days i upload new project 2022 AR

Any updates. I bought it a long time ago and I need to use it now!

2 days i upload new project 2022 AR

Hello, this is a presale question.

Can I use this code to create a Sneakers 3D on top of the shoe of the user? Maybe Some kind of marker?

2 days i upload new project 2022 AR

Come mai il prezzo è aumentato da 50€ a 500€?

2 days i upload new project 2022 AR

Bro – Its not work at all… Is any plans to fix a project?

2 days i upload new project 2022 AR

Wow! Its amazing news!

HI I would like to know what can I do with the regular license, I see it has many features please describe so I know what I can expect from it, also extended license for one year what happen after is over? will lose the content will lose access or will lose ability to modify content

2 days i upload new project 2022 AR

Hello, with the regular license, does it includes the code to connect to CMS? or it is just included with the extended license to any CMS as well as your CMS ? Thanks in advanced

Hello, the CMS connect code is included only in extended version. Thanks

I just bought the extended version of this Code, how and where can I synchronize with the CMS?

Please send a private message with your email and I sent all information. Thanks

And with EXTENDED I get all code to build my own CMS? So no more monthly payment?

Hello, in the Extended version is included 1year of CMS access and the code in App for connect the CMS but not CMS code. The price is Thanks

Hello, I have a question before I buy. How much does your CMS cost per month? Can it only play video or is it possible to only give out audio? Will you provide updates for app if ios/android update? Yes you can upload video and audio and we can send the App update

Is is possible to buy the whole stuff cms and app? so i can install on my own server? and have not restrictions?

Hi, the CMS is not in sell.

do you have any Reference in apple store

How much is the CMS after 1 year – You posted * At the end of the period, our cloud rates as per the price list will be applied, which depend on the use and the quantity of markers.

What are your cloud rates? How can I create my own CMS?

A month ago and no answer? No wonder why you only have 19 sales. You can’t just create something once and then never do anything again. You need to be on top of your sales and answer your clients questions, especially pre-sale questions. I was so interested and since your offering is less than clear, I chose to not take a chance, especially after your response to GagaCreator. Be clear of what you offer.

Hi, I apologize for being late to reply. In Italy we have been stopped for the Corona Virus. If I haven’t answered any questions, write to me in private. Thanks


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