Discussion on Video and GIF Creator

Discussion on Video and GIF Creator

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hello i test your app on the store but is not at full screen for iphone x..also when record a vide and try to share app freeze…this issue is resolved on your new update? tks!

Hi, App store version requires to be updated. Codecanyon was updated ~ one month ago, which were was fixed all those issues with X models and video performance. You can email me, and I could send you a video demo.

hi , your app dose not support admob ads

Hi, Currently in the app are integrated inApp purchases. But there is no any issues to add AdMob. I can add it for you for free if you are interested.

hi, can you make android version ?

Hi, at the moment there is no android version. But in near future we probably will develop an android version too.

Hi do you accept freelance work? I was looking to purchase this but to add like Instagram stories but the apps own stories to feature. So this requires user to create an account, have a following and follow and allow story upload? If so can you send me a quote via my profile? Thanks

I sent you a reply few days ago?

I didn’t received it, could you please send it again?

Sent it again there. Check your junk too

Hey m i only see 2 types of in app purchases , in the setting there is 3 ids

so how can i setup my ids , which one to let empty

So remove this one: GoldPack, others 2 are for watermark and unlock all filters including watermark

You need to open AppConfig.swift and configure all things there, including inApp purchase IDs. GoldPack if only for video filters.

hi, I uploaded to App Store but keep getting

Missing Info.plist key – This app attempts to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app’s Info.plist must contain an NSBluetoothPeripheralUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.

Please assist.

I sent to this email: Please give me another one where I can send it again.

hi, please delete that email, dont want to be target of spammers. Can you send a dropbox link instead? It could be blocked by the email server

or if you tell me how to fix, it would be easier

fantastic work, wish you big sales

Hi there , can you reskin & redesign and upload it for me ? if yes please send me a message on bests

Hi, sure I can do that. I sent you an email.


If you buy software from long can you change? Because I would like to add a few extra functions, it contains all the code? Because I want to share via SMS adds

Hi, sure I can help you to reskin and add new features in the app. Yes, it contains full xcode project with all source codes. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I will buy app on 19/12/2016, great answer, can you send me an email : to speak more and add me datcu.marian (skype) ?

Sure, just added :)

How can i use an image as watermark instead of using text?

Could you please send me a detail on how to do the watermark thing, I will update the xcode to xcode 8 now. I will let’s you know the result. This is a very nice product by the way :)

Thanks! Glad to hear that :) Please email me, and I will sent the modified file with image watermark.

Great to hear that @allzone, I will send you a hello email right now :D

Doest the app come with the full source code?

Hi, YES. The product contain the full source code of the app with documentation and all images.

error: Embedded binary’s bundle identifier is not prefixed with the parent app’s bundle identifier.

Embedded Binary Bundle Identifier:
Parent App Bundle Identifier:

I decided to put it as it is, 2 seconds. But you are free to changed it or to add the feature to set record duration from the UI.

you have update?

Yes, there are some minor updates. It fixes the black screen when start the app.

Lovely app, can I use the iap function with the regular license? #puppyface

When are you going to post your other apps here :-)

Can we get this on android also? That will make it awesome

Hi, Yes, you can. The IAP are included in regular license. Other apps will be published soon. Unfortunately I can help only with iOS version.

Can you support this project for Xcode 8. Thanks

Hi, I already updated the code for Xcode 8. It’s waiting for review. The update will be available in a few days. Thanks!

Hello, i bought your app it looks very nice. I have one issue, i am required to add the permission to Info.plist for IOS10 and when i do the DOne button crach with below message:

assertion failed: Permission for Camera already set: file /Users/apple/Documents/Piku/Pods/PermissionScope/PermissionScope/PermissionScope.swift, line 305

Hello, any updates?

Hi, Sorry for delayed reply. I have submitted an update for the source code which fixes this issue. Also I replied you by email. Thanks!

Which server backend does this app use? Parse or something similar? Or a own solution for own server?

Hi, The app doesn’t require any backend interaction. All in-App purchases are managed on Apple side.

Great work. Best of luck for good sale.

Hi, Thank You!

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales ;)

Hi Eric, Thanks!

Hi, No, just iOS.

Hi can i upload without IAP ?

Hi Again.I cant download the code. every time I try it fails. any idea?

Hi, What do you mean? You can’t download from If yes, please write a ticker to codecanyon support, they could help you. Or email me and I will send you the source code files.

downloaded :)


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