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This was a long time I was looking for plugins now. I want to ask. Plugins can support photos.google.com url?

no idea

Hi, I am impressed with your player. Can i use this player to monetize Adcash and PropollerAds video pre-roll . There are providing VPAID 3.0

Thanks Rajesh


Where can I find the details Reports that this plugin provides? Can we pull any reports, statistics, metrics from this plugin for clients?

You can use Google Analytics for reports, or a ad network reports

does not support video youtube and vimeo?

no, self hosted only


ffth Purchased

Hi, very interested in this plugin, gonna buy several licences for my websites. Currently our videos are hosted on google drive, is it possible to integrate them into the player? If not, do you only support Amazon s3 or do you support other CDN’s?


It supports mp4 and webm files. So, direct link to those extension files is required, whether that is amazons3, self hosted, etc.

Do you plan on offering a non-Wordpress version of this player?

Not any time soon. Sorry

Ok, understood. Thank you for the prompt response.


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Hi, we need a solution which can support HLS Streaming from Amazon Cloudfront along with VAST/VPAID ads. I have checked your MaximaPlayer website but I think I doesn’t support pre-roll ads. Please advice a suitable solution for this.


utsav_b Purchased

we raised a support ticket on 15th October, 2016 & got NO response. Also now it has been 6 days, and there is no response on the previous comment!


maneki Purchased

Hi, I need to add values to timestamp and referrer_url in Vast code from Google, can you help me? Your site support seems offline…


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Hi there, you let me know can I serve ads with a number of ad networks using DFP? Regards.


Would I like to buy for my website

Can you give me any sample websites using this plugin?

can this offer split revenue share for content owners like youtube?

like my site get 30% and theirs get 70%


Hello Is there mute sond and auto play thankyou

What about if I have my own advertisers, they give me their video ads. Can I insert this videos ads to the videos? Can I embed video from youtube?

It is functional? adsense ads running?


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how to add public user ip address and user-agent in VAST url ? is there some macros included for that ?


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” the video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”

1. My video is in mp4 format 2. the server has no problem; Proof the same video made reading without problem 3. What to do in this case?

When I use my VIRALIZE.com code there is nothing on my drive screen, but the code is VAST: https://ads.viralize.tv/vast/?zid=AABsgpekMOwfj77U&u=bekeths.com

I create my video and upload to youtube, now I have my VAST ad tag, I want to know if I can use this plugin and add pre-roll ad tag(my Vast 2.0) to my youtube video?

Does the youtube video content has to belong to me in order for me to add VAST ad tag to it? Will it break the rule?

Hello, I have a link like this “https: //ad.doubleclick …..... dcmt = text / xml” does work your player if you insert this parameter?