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Demo site offline? I don’t see much support…

Fixed, thank you

I added the code. error. Fix it or I’ll return it.

Google IMA: cigdemcelezzetler.net/10972-2/ VAST 2.0: cigdemcelezzetler.net/21878-2/

the issue is your tag, not my player. Your tag gives errors. See Google IMA inspector here: https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads/docs/sdks/html5/vastinspector

IS there is any options to add youtube video instead of mp4 video source?

This is against Youtube terms. You must use Youtube Adsense for Video only

hello , i bought this item but i want the new version that you have on your website that has hls stream ability , is there option to get it ?

That is my html5 HLS software, which is entirely different software


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dose player play in websites like Facebook etc with ads? when posted or shared

No, Facebook offers Video Ads which you can do


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Hi, we also create Instant Articles on Facebook but the Video Player doesnt work on Facebook Instant Articles. Do you have any solition for this problem?

Facebook does not allow embedded videos to have ads

the demo doesn’t work

which demo?

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If you have a Youtube video, you must use youtube’s adsense for video on that Youtube. See their terms. That script actually is against Youtube’s terms of service.

Hi there I purchased this pluginto ad to my website watcherstalk.com when i go to upload this plugin i get a message that states – The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed

please help how do i fix this issue much thanks

It looks like you are trying to install the MAIN ZIP file that has included the documentations, etc.. You’ll need to first unzip that packag, and then install the zip plugin inside of it. That’s normally what that message means.

bought, installed, activated, and makes a error ... Error thrown

Call to undefined function add_shortcode_param() :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Okay, releasing new version tomorrow.

will u add a way to manually install it in the php code as a permanent video player

Not at this time. This is for wordpress pages/posts only.

no problem, i figured out how to do it -> https://www.conversetv.com/video/what-americans-heard-in-cuba/ <—and works perfectly, thanks this give me the look of youtube

also i wrote google about the revenue sharing, they said the video player has to be built with the option, but they must approve my website first

Could you please describe your update from Nov. 1 ?? Nothing changed in the .zip-File, everything is from 2012 to 2015. You don´t even changed the outdated VC-integration… So what is the “update” about??

I would not try this because it may wreck other components.


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I did it and together with a new generated css file for the clean skin it works well!

can you email me and let me see it?

Hmm, sounds like a mistake upload. It should be 1.07. If. Red right away, please open up ticket at markdulissesupport.com

It has bug fixes and more

If you are going to update it, could you please provide a change log. Is this a security fix or something? I would like to know what has changed.

Yes will do that in future. My coder did a lot of fixes, and well as added a video scroll option in Advanced settings. Scroll here and see. http://www.wpadplayer.com


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is incompatible with the visual composer to be able to configure I need to disable the visual composer plugin. the last update has changed so many settings and the version generates an error Calling the undefined function add_shortcode_param () to be 49 dollar paying plugin really a failure my choice

oh? what version number you have? please go to markdulissesupport.com with all details of issue and website for help. We are here for you.


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I was registered and opened the ticket number A76496 I’ll wait for an answer

hi i bought the plugin but there is no option where to add the vast 3.0 tags . while in the demo video there is .

Yes, we had to change as video.js doesn’t have an undated extension. When they do, we will add this.

Pre-sale question: does this plugin work with revive adserver’s vast tag?

Vast tag was deprecated as video.js does not have a good extension for it. It currently supports Google IMA tag from Adsense for Video. DoubleClick

Before buying, I’d like to check which ad control labels are supported. (VPAID, VAST, IMA, etc.) In addition, Ad insertion point of control, whether in the same video, insert several ad positions at the same time?

IMA with preroll/postroll. Also supports HTML or Wp Shortcode you can add into video and can place at any point of timeline (ie, how many seconds into video you want the html ad to appear…and you can add multiple at the same time. So, one html ad to appear 5 seconds into video, then disappear, and another one appear 50 seconds into video.