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I want to make the purchase of this plugin, but, you can add video in the post or only in the widget, I need to see an example in the post

Sure thing, I quickly put on a post here. You can also put shortcode in a text widget.


Developerguru team, please specify, perhaps you know the answer. In order to start showing video ads on the standard VAST in adsense you need to get permission from the administrators of the partner network, and only after that you can integrate the received code into your player. If this permission is not given, then the purchase does not make any sense? The rules Adssense says that for applying for membership in the partnership program you need to have more than 2 000 000 impressions, and provide an example of technical implementation, but this does not guarantee the status of a partner. I have more than 3,500,000 impressions, the technical solution is to buy from you. Or you can work through DFP Small Business. I studied their inventory for the publisher there there are no restrictions except technical. Perhaps you know the answer to this question? Thank you.

You only need to get approved by Google Adsense for Video, or work through DFP. VAST PARTNERS too complex, and they are wanting huge traffic. Adsense for Video much better.

Thanks for the answer, I want to believe that they will not refuse to AdSense :) I’ll try.Thanks for the answer !!! Have a nice day !

My player is fully supported, so just add video to page, and show them url.

Please clarify. I can upload video through your player right to the Amazon server. Thank you

How to embed is in documentation for customers. If you are using a adserver, yes. But if you are using directly adsense for video, there is no middle man. Watch my video. Cheers.

Adsense for video is not available, without agreement :( Adserver Which exactly do you mean? Maybe this is something I do not know ? As far as I know, monetization offers only Google.

Probably you meant DFP when they mentioned ads server ? :)

its support for Pulsepoint adexchange vast 2.0? if work and tested i want to purchase :)

For example, my player supports VMAP Preroll+Bumber, or Mid/Post, etc. See here: http://www.wpadplayer.com/app/vmap-preroll-bumper/

This plugin has alot of bugs. Or is it only me ?

Works perfectly on default wordpress themes. I personally use it on sahifa, OptimizePress2, and others, with no issues. Please deactive plugins 1 by 1, and theme, to see if a conflict. Thanks

Hi. It looks like it’s conflicting with my Theme. Is there anyway we can do to resolve this ? Please also attend to my ticket that I logged

Hi there.

Your plugin is not working for me as it’s conflicting with my theme. Can I please get my money back.

I have purchased this plugin. But in google video ads not display in mobile devices. i have also checked your demo link from mobile devices but no google skip ads display while player converts into full screen.

Hello, is it possible to add it via PHP without adding custom post on wp

I have wordpress website but my videos not in wordpress and i not like to make custom posts for just video embbed .

Let me know if there is some way to add it via php Thanks