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hi there, already update the script, currency option doesn’t show on admin panel

Sir if you want Euro or dollar then change symbol on admin. It will apply on entire site. Check this:

Sent U skype pm, this is no working at all

We will discuss more things on Skype. Our office time is +5:30 GMT (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)

Will there be a mobile app anytime soon? it would be definitely worth it then.

Thanks for your interest sir. Now we have no any mobile app for Real estate but if you want app same like this script then we can develop custom app for you. Please contact on Skype for more information: support.viaviweb

looking to try out the demo admin?

thanks, is the css customisable on the pages? and does it come with functionality e.g the search working and the back admin all set up

also is the back door admin pages for when you add properties customisable for example adding property types like ‘flat’ or ‘townhouse’

Hell sir, If you need any kind of changes in scripts it’s possible with customization and for customization please contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb.

does it works every country real state like zillow and etc. if I enter zip or city name , single, apartment, condo, dual house etc . Lets say, if put zip code and willing to pay and single house should show listing around that zip code area right?

Thanks for your interest on our product. If you want this all features then it’s possible with customization. For customization please contact on Skype; support.viaviweb

hello, is possible to translate plugin .po files?

Thanks for your interest on our app. It’s not possible to translate plugin .po files.

I just purchased and installed your script Viavi real Estate. I see that the Google map does not work or display despite the correct address or latitude and longtitude were entered on admin.

It gives the error message”

Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Please reply soon

I sent you Skype message already regards to the Google maps error. Please respond when your support office is open.

Also, we want to add one more category. But I cannot see where to add category on the admin. Please advice soon

I have been waiting for your support. Are you going to help fix this issue mentioned above?

We need to check your issue. Try to contact on support time so we can check your issue and solve that.

Note this Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT

Pre-purchase question. Whats about a availability calendar? This is a must have for me.

Thanks for your interest on our product. If you want anykind of modification then it’s possible with customization. For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT

Do you have the calendar?

It’s not available, If you want then it’s possible with customization. For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT

Hi, I’m very interested in your script, I have some questions PRE-Sales:

1) Can you edit .PHP files for complete translation in another language interface?

3) Is the script reliable and stable I have bugs to fix?

3) is this the final version or will there be additional script updates? (This way I work on translation and edit php files only once)

thank you.

solved, depend for the title number character utilized

one question (clarification): the “newsletter” form in to footer, Automatically send an e-mail to who enrolls or collects only email addresses and shows it in the “Notify customer list” section of admin?

Hi, Email show on footer “Notify customer list” section of admin and email send on subscriber mail..

one question (clarification): the “newsletter” form in to footer, Automatically send an e-mail to who enrolls or collects only email addresses and shows it in the “Notify customer list” section of admin?

Hi, Email show on footer “Notify customer list” section of admin and email send on subscriber mail..

can I put search form anywhere I want

Hi, You can’t search form anywhere. If you want then it will possible with customization.


Does the real estate script support Arabic if not am I allowed to translate it

Best regards Emad Alqarni

Hi, It’s not support Arabic but if you want then it will possible with customization.

Please check this as i can not find that file connection.php New Installation of Real Estate!

Follow the wizard to setup your database.

• Can not open configuration file ../administrator/includes/db_connection.php

You say, you are technical person but i don’t think so you are because if you are really technical person then you have knowledge about all thing. It’s one click installation. no file missing on that. If you not cooperate with us and behave like genuine buyer then then we can’t do anything for you. We can’t provide refund money for working product. Good Luck


I dont have time with you. After refund is filled, you can now reply every minute. the script suck!!! its not exactly as described, if you dont refund it means you are indeed hungry for few $$s but trust me, am waiting for my refund before I will act otherwise that will cost you much…I reserve my comment

Have a good time. Thanks

@viaviwebtech your approach is wrong as an author! “Have a good time” is your message to a man/woman who liked your product and pay for it? Its rather rude and weird!!!!!

First you not purchase our any product and you don’t have idea for our support so don’t try to misguide our buyer, stop your spamming activities.

Thanks for understand.

If you were a humble person, what does it cost you to appologize to a him/her who sent you his/her hard earned money? rather you are displaying an India natural sentiment.. its a pity to have you here

You not need to teach us, what we have to do or not? If you don’t know anything about us then stop to comment/review here and not say anything about us.

Thanks for understand. Bye

When one buys a product from an irresponsible seller, you get slapped in the face.. this is all I get for paying for a product here..harassment, embarrassment, and violent use of words from a seller, who do not even know what it takes to get a buyer. Am just waiting for my refund, there are lots of better scripts here on codecanyon with decent authors who relate well with customers…and not the one that claims he knows it whereas he knows nothing…

I was know if i give you any proof then you never accept your mistake, you just want argue with us. We check clearly you not upload all files proper then what should we do? We was not added any file. You don’t know about setup/installation then we can’t do anything. Don’t argue with us and read proper all thing and setup. If you don’t know then ask some professionals. We not want more fight or argue with you. You just want comment here and blackmail for asking free support then sir you are wrong in this point. Now stop to comment here, give some time on setup/instantiation and do it all thing proper.

Thanks for understand.

Asking free support? oh you removed the file before, with an evil plan to ask for payment for support? you must be kidding… What is in the tiny code that any newbie can not install? When I first showed you the uploaded and file and said such file was missing, you bluntly argued their was no file missing…. If you were not having a hidden idea as to ask me for more money, why didnt you at first say.. dear, download agin if you can find db_connection.php file when i first showed? You can only fool a non well informed person…not me pls..You surely have a hidden plan and sorry I did not fall for it

Sir, Yesterday we was download code form codecanyon and show you screenshot and we not want your extra money. We are not like you just blackmail and try to get all thing in free. All thing proper in code, if you not want except then it’s your problem. We not want more argue with you so stop commenting here.

Thanks and Good luck.

@gaboshore you made a lot of sense to me.. the vendor was actually waiting to charge you for extra support which actually came free with the product, I can see that you are not asking for anything outside the support coverage zone….both screenshot you posted proved your point, the file was not actually there.. its not even a separate module to have argued that you did not upload, it all in the same folder… When you gave the guy your login, he quickly added it via cpanel….Its good to know you were smart not to have falling prey on the naked trap. @viaviwebtech AUTHOR is actually same person making all the stories and writting as if one is company owner and one is support guy, both english and idea are ONE india. case closed


Seller now I have the same issue as everyone else complained here before and you did not post solution to the issue so that potential buyer can fix it by himself: provide solution for location map with this error; Oops! Something went wrong.

We already complained about you to CODECANYON for your BEHAVIOUR, now if you don’t have proper knowledge don’t write any bad comments here…

Better you research or hire some professionals, we provided all the supports which we can do though you have dispute for the refund, now we can’t give you any more support..

Good Luck..

I have already complaied about you too to codecanyon, and they can see how arrogant you are here as well on this comment field. documentation is not a support for a purchased product.. am not asking for any customization,,, if you full duty to make it work or refund. You dont understand what is support for a purchased product, now i know your level of understanding… we can see also someone bought it and have same issue but you never supported the person either…so you have been misbehaving here roughly… codecanyon should investigate your communication and bad attitude to customers… you obviously lack professionalism and I regret buying from you….its my last time to deal with such a low iq person like you

Good Luck..

@gaboshore seems your status changed from purchased to none, an indication that you actually was on the right side as against @viaviwebtech AUTHOR trying to make us believe otherwise… the decision of codecanyon shows this author not only RUDE but unprofessional sign to behave well next time, AUTHOR

You already proved this is FAKE ACCOUNT


@gaboshore status changed from purchased to none because of he can’t prove it. You also not need to comment here now.


I have always known @VIAVIWEBTECH to be fake. My status changed to NONE because I proved my case and did not only won but got my refund… hahahahha .. how dare you gave fake info here that i cant prove it..You see how you lie?? better be careful though

Everyone know who is fake and We not need to prove anything. We only know you get refund or not? If you already get refund then good.

Have a good time and bye forever.

What else have you to prove? You just proved how unprofessional, lazy, and arrogant that you are! judgement had been passed and I won and get my money back which you thought you will not refund under any circumstance… You think we are here in India, where you half baked developers copy each other idea and sell virtually in any marketplace…You cant write complete English sentence, wrong spellings, inability to express yourself … I rest my case here knowing fully well that you are a loser!!!!

Here, You are showing your mentality and how you are professional, everyone know. We not have prove anything about us or you. If you are genuine then never do this kind of activities, in one sentence you have to understand all thing.

Have a good time and bye forever.

But multilanguage?

No multilanguage script. Thanks