Discussion on Viavi Food Delivery Android App

Discussion on Viavi Food Delivery Android App

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hi, i try to install the admin page on my localhost but it not working. after click on import button, it stop and only showing the tabs menu

You must use standard Linux Hosting not localhost or free hosting.

Also check server requirements in description.

Hi, your code on edit profile page for getting image is not working. getPathImage(Uri uri) return empty string.

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

i want to buy this app with a small new functionality. if you can provide the app with that functionality i want to buy this urgently. kindly let me know can you do or not?

So incase of user could not place order due to certain reason at particular tme he can schedule in advance

If you can do kindly update me asap

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

hello, can add a custom paymet metod from X Country? the api is open for developer.

Have to do Customization and it’s not included in free support.

Contact WhatsApp: (+91) 9227777522

Congratulations! Nice Work, good quality and pretty look! GLWS :)

Good luck with your sales

please update your project because this project api 29 or 30 not support . i upgrade api 29 then your app is Caused.

we will update as soon as possible

please update first .

At your app There are credit or debit card or cash payment gateway payment options?

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

We may not respond to comments or provide support during holidays and weekend (Saturday-Sunday).

Working Days: Monday to Friday, Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Time Zone: GMT +5:30

please update your project because this project api 29 or 30 not support . i upgrade api 29 then your app is Caused.

we will update as soon as possible

I want multivendor multiservices grocery store,pharmacy,food app all in one like this with delivery and store owner app do you have, any plans to launch

For now don’t have any plan but if you want then possible custom product.

help :

Publication release not found in project :IRBottomNavigationLib.

For more details contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

How do I charge monthly? to establishments where if he does not pay the system to block.

For more details contact us on skype: support.viaviweb

Congratulations from Zara Games ! Nice Work, GLWS :)

I receive this error from API and the application is not detecting it { “FOOD_APP”: [ { “success”: -1, “msg”: “Invalid package name” } ] }

Make sure you have set same package name in web admin and Android app code.

Isolation is the only remedy of COVID-19 infection right now, so we the team of Viaviweb will follow lockdown till 14th April… We will be not responding any technical support due to quarantine…

Thanks for cooperation and understanding

I did the configuration, thanks

Thank you.

how to add delivery charge?

Due to covid19 technical support/chat/comment closed, our city/state/country lockdown for now so we will contact you after situation under control.

This time we can’t do anything for you because all team member on leave.

Thanks for understand.

Hi, I bought your app. Everything working as expected. But in the app i don’t see the header slider or images. From where i can activate/add header slider?

Solved it :)

Hi, I want to purchase your app. I have some questions, 1. Does user gets email when s/he place an order? 2. Does admin gets any email that there is a new order placed?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi, 1. No 2. Yes

Hi I have purchased this product. I have setup server part of this product at ... now i want to connect it to mobile app . I am not able to do it .. i think i have to update server url in gradle files but don’t know which. Please help me

Hi, Api.php not available anywhere in zip file, it’s auto generate file. If your installation/setup correct or hosting proper then only it will create otherwise not. Must check this:


ok .. I have rechecked my configuration for server , all the requirements as mentioned in the snapshot.. are fulfilled by my server. you may look ... Still mobile app is failing to connect. Do i have to trigger any action .. to autogenerate api.php file ?

We already explain all things sir about api file. Please do proper installation/setup as per document file then only work.

Do you have IOS version for this app?

No, We don’t have.

please, no email confirmation for new comers?

You have complete source code with all details so please read document file and do it as per need.

i did, setup gmail and enable unsecure access, and did the config in the php file smtpmail…, no email. also the orders is not visible on the app, it says error connecting to server and “retry” button.

Please do complete all things as per need then it will work.

hello, how to integrate this app with the main food delivery script? i bought both.

Both are not separate code, it’s not connected.

ok, a integration would be powerfull.

Both are separate android app and website script so you can’t use with same backend.

Want the app to calculate a shipping fee and have a payment method.

Do you do it by paying more?

Hi, There no any payment method. If you want then only possible with customization. As per policy anykind of installation/setup and changes/modification not include in free support.

please first check complete demo app/admin panel.


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