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Great concept, good luck with sales!

Really nice. Is it possible to add a link to visit page option where the image is?

Great job.

I will check this

Seems to be somewhat broken, this is what was in a result, claiming to be X-large:

it’s indexed by google like this…

Hi Vidal, in your item description you said “run your website on auto-pilot and even make money!.” – would you please elaborate more on how one can make money with this script. BTW: beautiful script you got here! GLWS.

removed this text! (will be soon if I add Shutterstock API and others)

Good Script, but there seems to be many problems with copyright owner of the images.

No images are saved on our server.

Yes, but that’s not the point. It’s also not allowed to put it into an iframe or show a part of the image without authorization for each individual image. Unless all images subject to creative commons.

I think it’s not a problem, I also not iframe images. Maybe I’ll check if it’s possible to have an extra setting to only show creative commons images. I’m also working on adding shutterstock and istockphoto API and maybe some image stock photo sites if they have an API. This works with the old ajax api. Also with my old demo site I’ve never had any copyright issues.

something is wrong ? I have installed the script here:, and image search is working but when you click on the pictures i get a blank site with the text (Forbidden) what have i done wrong ?

find it, upload it: now this text is in the .htaccess fil: Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine On rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC] rewriterule ^(.)$$1 [L,R=301] #RewriteRule face/(.)$ search.php?search={QUERY_STRING}&type=face RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9-]+)$ /search.php?search=$1 [L]

RewriteRule ^download/(.*)/$ /detail.php?title=$1&%{QUERY_STRING} [L]

stil getting this when i click on pictures: Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /download/Birdman39-39Modern-Family39-Lead-SAG-Awards/ on this server.

Temp error on google images servers.

Can this script just search images on my own domain only and show image results?

No, it searches google images

Hello Vidal.

Would you be able to add a bulk upload feature to this script?

Would be amazing. Instant purchase for me.

Well it does not use a database, it uses Google Image. So import would not be working.

is it support adsense?

You can add Adsense on every website.

Can I filter adult images? Or sex images, violence, etc

Where do you see adult images. By default I turned on safe search

I wonder. When you will update it to version 1.1 (add Shutterstock API and others) ?

Hi. How can i use just google search and disable other source? i tested it by different keyword and most of images are from flickr, facebook and other source. Not google. Image qualities are very low

Also how can i increase number of image in pagination..

You know just few images may have big size.. For some reasons the results are completely different from google real result. Just wanna ask you if you as a visitor come to a image search site and see poor image results, do you stay on site?

Yes, it returns other results indeed. As I said before I will see if we can use the detail image as thumb in next version. All the images are very large in the detail page.

Hi, I think this script doesn´t work anymore, I get no searchresults… Any Idea why?

some news for me?

I know what the problem is! Google wants us to implement google custom search API

We have to change the API url to Google Custom Image search

This is a good solution, but problem is a quota on this API. 100 queries per day for free. After that $5 per 1,000 queries. Even with billing enabled, you cannot exceed 10,000 queries per day, at a maximum rate of 1 query per second.

We added Pixabay API already and we’re implementing Pexels API too at this moment. Hope to get it done next week

How can i see admin panel?

Hi, there is no admin panel.

When has it Affiliate support?

HI, we’re working on a new version with new sources. Google Images is removed it cost to much. We added Pixabay API en currenly looking which affiliate services we can add.

I hope to release this week, almost done. What we will add is: Pixabay, 500px, Flickr, Dreamstime, DepositPhotos. I’m still waiting for the Approval of GettyImages, cause they changed there Affiliate platform, so that one will be added in the future. Though you could add their Affiliate banners.

Hi Vidal, on the product site is mentioned: Soon! Affiliate support for iStockPhoto, GettyImages and Shutterstock. How about the soon, does this work now? Is soon now?? Regards, Charly

I installed latest version and added api keys but I get this error: Try with different keywords. {timestamp 19:34:33”,version method is not allowed for partner API type”,errorcode the HTML widget code”,longDescription: echo file_get_contents(‘http:\/\/\/?dp_apikey=&dp_command=getWidget&dp_widget_config=’.urlencode(’’).’&dp_referer=’.urlencode(json_encode($_GET)));”,params API key “},{name name ‘searchHint’ “},{name is—JSON formatted key-value settings array. For creating use Depositphotos api widget page {http:\/\/\/api-widget.html}. “}],return>

Hi, we checked your installation, but there is something wrong with your API key. Try to register an new one. Our demo site is working fine.


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I have confirmed with deposit photos that the API key is NOT the problem. It is valid and active. The rending photos are also no longer showing and they were fine.


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I have not heard from you for over 5 months. It still does not work:


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Hi Vidal, I have a blog show images with wordpress, now I want to get images from GettyImages or Shutterstock in my wordpress then can ?

How can i see admin panel?

There is only a config file needed.We will add one in next version