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i may have a use for it if it was sticky/followed the user when scrolling… possible?

Please detail.

Really nice. I don’t understand why a lot of codecanyon developers don’t reduce the responsive menus to an icon on mobile though. I can’t imagine anyone being happy with visitors finding a gigantic menu filling the screen when they arrive to their mobile website. If it turned to an icon, I’d buy it. Still , nice work for sure. :)

I agree. Thanks for the comments. I’ll work on it.

Agree with rez, its very frustrating when the first thing you see on a mobile is the full nav and have to scroll on every new page… just daft

Hi, would this be easy to integrate into a wordpress site?


Hello. Sorry, but I do not really know WordPress. and now while I can not answer your question. I’m working on it. Thanks

Hi there, I’m using Vertical-Elan and love it – it’s been pretty easy to cusomise, thanks. However, I’m being really stupid about one thing and just can’t crack what I’m doing wrong. The site has a homepage and a presentations page which are in the root directory but the rest of the files are in sub-folders. My problem is that the menu when minimised is working perfectly for the two pages in the root (it collapses into the menu link) but not for the files in the subfolders. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with paths to the styles but can’t figure out what it is. The site is I’m copying the code of the menu in one of the pages in a subfolder. Is there any chance you have an idea of where the problem lies? Thanks for any help with this. Val

<!-—-MENU_START---> Menu + <!-—-MENU_START---> <script src=”js/jquery.js”></script> <script src=”js/cust.js”></script> <!- threecol ->

Hello, Bogs51. Thank you for purchase. I noticed that in html pages that dont support menu collapse dont work links to

<script src=”js/jquery.js”></script> <script src=”js/cust.js”></script>.

It is not open. Please check this links and repeat.

Cool site!! I very like it!!

Thanks for the very fast reply sky_lab! I knew I was being really stupid. Totally forgot about the path for the js files. Will fix now. Great menu…


I am testing your menu and I’ve noted a problem on mobile devices. The first is when the menu is used on iPhone and iPad and the user clicks on a drop down, the drop down cannot be closed. This makes the menu inoperable due to the menu items underneath being in-accessible . Also it is pretty frustrating as the menu animation is “frozen”.

Menu seems to work well on a desktop browser.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Please, need your email. I cant find this problems.

Yes, thank you. This is your menu placed on my server as downloaded from Themeforest. I have made no edits. You can see if you turn the iPad landscape the menu does not clear when tapped to close. In portrait position with the menu as an only object it works fine as it is inline like an accordion. However, if the menu is place on a sidebar and has room to display to the right the same problem occurs.

Desktop works fine with rollover action it opens and closed well.

Thank you.

And your email please.

Hi sky_lab! If i purchase the code, can you do some modification to open the sub-menu to the left side?

Hello Jungica. Yes. You can describe the changes and I will try to change the menu the way you want.

Hi, can i this menu easy integrate in the boostrap framework?

I have a two-level vertical menu (list), but I don’t want any dropdown. I like the design of your menu. Can it be easily modified to accomodate such a need? I want the same structure as the menu on the left on this page: no drop down. Can it be done?

Hello! What do you mean ?

I am so sorry CNK001! I pressed the wrong button. What do you mean about demo?

Hello 2bluedogs! Please, need your email.

I’m so sorry!!! I didn’t realize that it was not provided!!!! Thank you!!

Can I get access to the code or your content management system?

sending now. thx!

Thank you so much for helping me resolve the issue I was having!!