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Does this use JS?

Yes, the loading indicators are done with JS.

any plans to release a wordpress version?

I want to buy it, but dose it include instructions on how to use it in my wordpress blog? hopefully with a shortcode.

You can include it into your wordpress theme. However, you can’t do it without touching the template’s code.

I want to know whether it has flexible height to display the content . Can you show a small video demo ?

The navigation bar always takes 100% of the page’s height. When there are too many navigation items, a scrollbar will appear.

Can I apply this structure with an existing website framework?

hello there,i got few questions. 1.can i adjust the height of the li (the li on the left ) ? the container shown in a fixed position, and can i change this position? 3.does the jquery has fade or slide effects? thanks.

1. Sure! Open the CSS file, go to line 55 and change the value to your needs.
2. You can change this in line 21.
3. This item does not use jQuery. Hence, there are no fade or slide effects.

I have the working (mostly) in the admin backend of Wordpress. Meaning I added a custom admin menu, the Vertical CSS Navigation Bar menu loads but I am having problems wrapping my head around the anchor links, i.e., example1.html.

Any suggestions on how to do this in Wordpress?

When I click on a menu link it opens up the example1.html page outside of the Wordpress admin page.

I have the css and script loading, I can use it in browser code inspector and it has not errors.

can the vertical tabs be accessed with keyboard tab?

Can i get a refund, this really wasnt what i was loking for, by images i was thinking it was a rollover tab menu. But is a simply vertical clicking linked pages menu.

Hello, Is it possible to add a submenu ? Thanx

Is it possible to do it in single page?

You didn’t mention anywhere on item page that it needs all menu items pages as individual files…..

Is it possible to get refund? Let me know.


You don’t need individual files, simply link to elements on the same page instead (e.g. #about instead of about.html)

Hi, I am interested in a plugin tabs responsive without jquery would it be possible to have the vertical plugin and without effect add an icon to each possible tabs? thank you

Nice work, good luck!