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I really need to clarify the browser support for IE7+ before I buy this.

Are all features supported in IE7+, in particular mixed content – html & images?

Yes, all features are supported in IE7+. The only difference is that in the browsers IE 7, 8 and 9, the animations are only jQuery. Because these browsers do not support CSS3 animation.

Hello, and thank for your plugin ;)

But unfortunly, I did no succeed to install the plugin on my website. I really need some help.

I will try to explain easly: If I create a new HTML page in my website, your plungin included, and IF this new page is in an other folder (called Slider) with all original folders, all works well).

Of course, I have something like this: www.mywebsite/folderof slider/newpage.html

What I want to get it’s www.mywebsite/newpage.html, but I tried all way I could, nothing works… I think it’s an easy problem, but I don’t find…

I hope I was clear, th.anks for your support

Hello, thanks for purchase. :)
Really seems to be a simple issue. You must have forgotten to open some file, or the address is wrong.
You can send me an email with your site through my user profile, and I’ll check. Regards.


When I view the slider on apple devices, the slider changes from 2 rows to 3 rows. How can I resolve this?


Hi, this is normal behavior of the slider when there is more than one image. Regards.

So there is no way of stopping this from happening. All other images on the page resize to fit the new parameters.

Hi, please send me the address of your site by email and I’ll check what’s going on. Regards

I have not been able to figure out how to make the whole image clickable instead of just the circular play/zoom image. Is this possible?


Hi, yes it is possible. Just put the image tag inside the link tag. See the example below. In the “ex_banner_thumbnails.html” file also has an example like this.

<div class="sti_slide">
   <a href="#" target="_blank">
      <img class="image" src="v_banner.jpg" alt="" />
   <div class="banner_title">Title text</div>

after I downloaded the file and try to upload it to WP I get to 99% and then am redirected to a failure notice from WP.


Hi, the upload has failed because it is not a plugin for Wordpress. This is a jQuery plugin.

Hi I installed your Slider just with five images. But i have 10 windows (5 of course without content). When i left only one image i have two windows with two pagination bullets. One window is again without content. So i have 2x more windows What is wrong?

My Bad… error in code. Thx for great script

Is it possible to have the animated slide divs be delayed with animate.css?

Hi. Yes it is possible. See the example “ex_banner_callback_css3_animate.html”. It uses the file animate.css.

I added a new function to the page/slide to be called externally. But this version of the plugin is not yet available here on CodeCanyon. You can send me an email through my profile and I will send the new version. But you can use the code below which will have the same effect.

// Consider 4 is the last slide
$('.sti_page a').eq(4).trigger('click'); 

awesome – thank you for responding so quickly :D

You’re welcome :)

1. I’m using the ex_ajax.html file and replacing the book images with my own. Like Serpent6877, I want to have the entire image clickable. What I can’t figure out is how to do it for a mp4 movie that opens in the lightbox instead of a separate window or tab.

2. In the video lightbox, how do I turn off the previous and next hover buttons (arrows) that come up on the sides of the video?


1. Within the “ajax” folder, open the “shelf_bestsellers.html” file. In line 33 is an example of how to open an MP4 video. To remove click on the icon, see below how to it should be. The whole image is clickable.

<div class="sti_prod">
   <a href="video.mp4" class="video sti_lightbox" data-type="video" data-size="540x303" title="MP4 Video">
      <img src="image.jpg" alt="" width="110" height="150" />
2. Actually the navigation of the lightbox is in a loop. If there is only one video, it will open it again. Has no other controls for this navigation. You can hide them using css below.

#sti_previous_lightbox { display:none; }
#sti_next_lightbox { display:none; }

1. That’s what I had, but it turned out in experimenting, I had changed something that screwed it up in sti_style.css. Replaced it with the original and it worked! 2. Trying it with the navigation, sometimes it goes back to the video and sometimes it just shows a black screen. Tried it with Firefox and IE7 (long story why I have that) with the same result. Maybe because I’m running it on my desktop instead of on a server. Can’t get Chrome to run it at all because of its dislike of opening local files. Anyway, I’ll use your settings to turn off the nav.


You’re welcome! A black screen may be because you are running on the desktop (or the url of the video is wrong). Try to open the file on a server. The ajax sample only works in all browsers using a server.

Hello i have purchased your item, is agreat plugin but i have some isssues, im working with phonegap and is working properly with jquery but, when i click in tha play icon for view an image or video it send me to the url example : ‘’ when i click here, my app exit and open the web page of vimeo… can you help me to resolve this? (2 .- when the ‘image_shelf’ is loading the image, i cant see the bottom divider called “ ” only when i click in a ‘a’ tag and close them i can see this divisor can you explain why? and help me to fix it? thanks!

hello its me again! anothe question how can i put an onclick event to one by one elements in your slide? thanks!

thanks for your answers! i do the same in your example code, thanks!

Just add the onclick event on the div, as below. If you do not want to use the lightbox, just remove the sti_lightbox class.

<div class="sti_prod" onclick="somefunction(1)">


After analyzing the parameters to customize the slider inside the js code, I discovered that you slider is very powerful.


Many thanks Stéphane! :)

I recommend strongly the Sergio’s works. Very professional, fast and efficient support!!!

Thank you very much for your comment, Stéphane!

hello, unfortunately i was mistake in purchase this plugin because i was think this is for wordpress, is there any same plugin for wordpress

Thank you but i have purchased the hopos already, that is great but not as this one, pls make similar for wordpress. Thanks

Thank you but i have purchased the hopos already, that is great but not as this one, pls make similar for wordpress. Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll think about it when I have more time to develop another plugin. Regards

Hello I added slides to 15, but can not display 12 later. Please help me, thank you

Hello, please send me an email through my profile with details of what you need.

Hello, has been sent to your mailbox . Thanks

Hello. Please check your email, just send a reply. Regards


Is it possible to use keyboard to control the slide?

Hello ikonos! No, sorry. This was not implemented in the plugin.

Ok! And last questions, there is a mean to add arrows for next and previous slide? And it’s possible to use picture with a width of 800px?

Yes, you can see examples in the demo. Has arrows configured. And It is possible to use images of any width.

hi Month ago I did purchase the plugin but I have problems with the click event on mobile devices, yesterday I sent an email to you. I need your help, thanks note: in the js says the version is 1.4 thanks.

Hi, This is a bug in Android / Chorme only. Is being made an update to correct these problems in clicks and will soon be available for re-download here. I answered your email. Regards.

Looks pretty cool. IS it possible to relabel the 1,2,3,4, etc.. category/page buttons. I want to showcase DVDs, videos for example. So categories might say BBC, NatGeo, PBS, Discovery, etc…

Yes, it is possible. If you buy the plugin and have any difficulties, I’ll show you how to change. Regards.

I think I’m going to buy this. I understand all the icons , but the PLUS / + icon on top of an item means what? When I click on it, nothing happens. Thxs.

You”re welcome! I am Brazilian. Thank you for purchasing the plugin.

Obrigado! I have this Jquery slider plug-in now working on my website. It is awesome and is super easy to customize.

srvalle’s support is great, so if you are hesitating – don’t. I have tried probably around a dozen free slider plug-ins. Many I couldn’t get to work properly or they were just limited in some way. A couple I do use are good for specific scenarios, but I can see Versatile Touch replacing one of them because it works better with no fuss.

Hi Wayne, thank you very much for your comment.

Hi Sergio,

Test implementing your slider using the image banner mode (As opposed to the bookshelf).

Is it possible to adjust the location of the little circles at the bottom which select which image to display? I can’t seem to figure out the setting in the CSS. I want to move it up, and if possible right below the photos.


I kind of figured it out by adjusting the slideheight variable. Might still be good to know though.

On another note: I would prefer to use a responsive full width slider. I have a different example here – but with height set to auto, the photo is way too big for the viewport. Any ideas?

Or is this more a matter of needing to have the image at the right dimensions ratio?


well, I just adjusted the dimensions to match your 880×340 example…and it looks good. (Haven’t uploaded it) So, I think I just answered my own question. Some of my images I can’t remove any height…so I’ve just adjusted the canvas size horizontally…with an appropriate solid color. Not ideal…but it looks ok now.

I just want to repeat my earlier comment, implementing your slider is so much easier. I own another slider I purchased on envato and I have implemented it on another site for the video and tab features, but because of its feature set, it is so much more complicated to deal with.

Hi Wayne, thanks for the compliment.
Keep the images of the same width and height. This will always facilitate any adjustments. Any additional adjustment which is not present in the plugin, you can add extra javascript and css. I understood that you have found a solution. Any questions let me know. Regards.

Hey, Can I add text with audio?

Yes, you can use this example as a basis – the link below. You can mix text, images and audio / video.

Thanks for getting back to me swiftly. Can we be able to have the font larger or in fact the slider larger to fit the screen as kids will be reading to it’s helpful have with large font? Many thanks

You’re welcome. Yes, you can set the font size and other prpriedades too. The slider may have any width.