Versatile star rating plugin

Versatile star rating plugin

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The easiest way to rate something is by using this versatile plugin. It brings you fast solution to integrate star rating to your form or anywhere you want. You can change almost everything you want. You can set your own stars images, size, margins etc

Read carefully

This plugin do not calculate total rating of your item or product. It only give you value of actual rating from user, its your business what you do with it. Anyway this plugin allows you represent value of your total rating. You can just insert value of your total rating into value attribute of input. You can find everything in included documentation.


Plugin dependencies:
  • jQuery

Plugin supports settings by data attributes or directly by options in plugin calling.

Things that you can set how you want:

  • Image of rated stars
  • Image of unrated stars
  • Margin between stars
  • Number of stars
  • Size of stars
  • Start position of rating
  • Callback element where will be value of rating set
  • Read only mode

Plugin is touch friendly

Documentation is included