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Hi, Just got your plugin. It works but there is one major bug. When using french caracters the encoding is all wrong. Look at this page : http://cynthiacoulombebegin.com/timeline/. Can you help me fix this? Thanks.

Thanks for that quick fix! I will try when available.

You fixed the encoding problem, but I think you broke something else…There are backslashes everywhere breaking the html code. It’s only when showing regular posts. Timeline posts seem ok. http://cynthiacoulombebegin.com/timeline2/

you should implement jquery in your page and also I saw the script codes between of head tags. it’s wrong usage! I check the script again, i have not put script to between of head tags, if you wrote it by manuel can you please remove it ? if it’s not enough to solve your problem please send your wp username and password to me by email.



Could you please answer my pre-sale questions regarding your plugin? I would love to move forward and purchase this if it meets our requirements.


Hi, with this plugin you can manage any posts as timelined, wpml support don’t have, and others your reqiretments doesn’t supported with this version.

hello, got the plugin installed but having problems with the url link when made from post, it works fine if I make it in the time line manager, example below

http://www.smart-glass.eu/site/events/ I also need to be able to add a time to the date ie 04.00pm > 08.00pm on june 24 on the post timeline control. Many thanks Oliver

srkgns (at) gmail dot com

hi any progress? Thanks

problem fixed, I sent an email please check your mail box. thanks

Hey—I’m not seeing the timeline, it just spins and says ‘Building Dates’ forever.


Hi, you have no data in your timeline! can you please configure your timeline plugin using with the menu under of settings page and then put some timelined contents .

After that, if you still have same problem don’t hesitate to contact with me.

Thanks Serkan

Hi there. I did put Data into it. So I guess that means it won’t work if there’s only one date in it. Hokay. Thanks.

can you send me your wp administrator password also your ftp access to my email ? I will check it for you, may you forget to give some permissions to the directories and I need to debug it by looking your codes. srkgns (at) gmail dot com


I have the same problem as ‘wildframe’. When I want to view the timeline it gets stuck on the loading image ‘building dates’. I have changed the permissions and added different entry’s but nothing has worked.

Please help! Thanks

Can you please send me the link ? and also your wp admin username and pass via email!

Thanks Serkan


I just installed the plugin on a client’s site. All fine and easy but when clicking on ‘Read more’ for a given timeline item, the page is NOT FOUND.

Can you assist in solving this ?

the test version of the site is here : http://livingsystemscoaching.vps.koma.be/




Can you send me the exactly link ? I haven’t find the timeline in your website!

Thanks Serkan

Hi, My client decided not to use the time line after all.

thx for the response

Is there any way to pay you for the same customization as the demo? maybe with a few tweaks?

I am selling it just like this, I will just add multi timeline support in the future.

Also, what’s the difference between this plugin and the FREE version on Wordpress.org? http://wordpress.org/plugins/timeline-verite-shortcode/

I answered this question before, can you please find it in the another questions ?


Hi, I installed plugin, i need to translate date, months names to my language , how can i do that ? it is only viewing in english language…

hi again, one more question , i want to show week days and hours as shown your demo page i cant see any option for this ? how can i display day names and hours ??

do you want to answer my questions ??

Hello (sorry bad translation)

I tried to change the theme (Timeline Type) dark, but it does not work. Type timeline remains in default.

I would also give a custom color to the timeline. Can you tell me how to do for this?

I also wish that my timeline fill the whole width, but it does not even by increasing the width. I joined the shortcode in visual cell call in utisant option to fill the entire width, but again, it does not fill.

Do you foresee future update option your plugin?

Thank you in advance for your reply and for your help.

best regards

Hello (Google translation – sorry if bad translation)

The Veriteco Timeline For Wordpress plugin conflict with the plugin Slider Revolution.

The test on the draft pages. everything is good. passes, but as soon as I joined on my homepage without publishing, just by insight, it disrupts the layout and made disappear my slider revolution advertisements. By cons on another page in draft mode, the problem does not arise. I tried for hours, but the problem continues.

Can you help please.

Thank you in advance for your reply and for your help.

best regards

Hi, I test your WP VeriteCo Timeline plugin with the version from WP plugin directory. For some reason the timeline gets positioned on top of my bodytext and not where I placed the shortcode … at the end of the text. The positions get changed! Does the version you sell here work correctly? Is there some CSS trick? Best regards, Matthias

After I purchased the plugin I ran into the problem that the timeline would not load (just seing the rotating icon). I found out, that each occurence needs different dates for the beginning and the ending. Though something happens on a specific date and does not last for some period of time I had to choose the next day as the end of the event and NOT the same day. 1944,3,1 and 1944,3,2 works, same dates not.

The magic change of the position of the timeline on my layout still exist. I’m using the Page Builder plugin to build layouts but WP VeriteCo Timeline plugin breaks the layout. The timeline div “timeline-embed” gets placed first into the section page-content. I thought placing the shortcode into another coded div inside the Page Builder section might help, well it does not. The timeline div breaks the Page Builder div in any case. Any idea?

Hi, i can’t figure out how to define my previously made posts as “timeline.” How do i get posts from a certain category or something to show up on the timeline? can you explain this really well please?

anyone there?

I have not been able to install this product. I have downloaded several times and tried to install it on several computers including a pc and iMac. Usuing Wordpress 4.1.1

Error:The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

When I checked wordpress they noted that this product has not been updated since 2012 and may not work properly with new versions of wordpress.

Assistance please.

Hi. I’ve just installed your plugin and find out it doesn’t work properly. When I try to insert a timeline in the New Timeline Entry Window a new popup window appears and then nothing happens. I see no fields, no buttons – just a blank white window. Could you please help?

Broken plugin. Don’t buy!!!! And the seller does not respond to anything. DO NOT BUY

Why is this still available? No support, no answers, and the same plugin is available for free in the WP plugins page.

I have error with : File not found: /wp-content/plugins/wp-veriteco-timeline/css/themes/font/.css

What can I do?