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When I add new content, I call the refresh method. How can I do this without having the scroll jump to the top?

//p.$inner.css({top //p.$bar.css({top commented out these lines and all was well

Glad you were able to find a solution!

On page load the default scroll bars are visible for a moment. Is there any way to avoid this?

I have done exactly that. No luck.

Can you email me the files you’re working with? I can look at it tonight.

Well, not having looked at the code yet, all I can say is you’re seeing a scroll bar temporarily because it takes longer for the script to download and execute than it does to render the page.

Hi there – I just purchased your scroller. I am looking forward to getting it going in my project, however I am fairly new to jQuery, actually most programming libraries, so, are there clearer instructions? I have the css and js called on and linked. The text is scrolling within a div but by mouse wheel only – cannot see the scroller.

Appreciate any help – thanks – stutterdot

Hi! Could you email me your html at bunchclone[at]gmail[dot]com so I can look at it and further debug the issue? Thanks

Hi, I want to buy your script, but i made some tests and it looks like it doesn’t work well on IE9 (didn’t test yet on IE7 and IE8 ).

Try to scroll down with the mouse wheel and see that the page move.

If you can fix it and make it work on all browsers i’ll buy it.


In the live preview, I’m able to scroll with gesture swipe up and down on the content (Firefox with touch scren). But after downloading and trying the demo provided, I can no more. Script call and parameters seems to be strictly similars. This functionality will be important for my project.

Best regards