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Which are minimum requirements?

  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • .htaccess support to block direct links (and as additional security measure)
  • mod_rewrite module for pretty links
  • Zip and Zlib enabled to download multiple files as .zip archives
  • GD Library to create image previews and CAPTCHA codes
if you have any doubts, check your php settings with a <?php phpinfo(); ?> file, or ask to your hosting provider

I’m getting an error “Permission denied” or “the file can’t be written, check CHMOD”

Usually setting CHMOD 755 to all vfm-admin/ folder (and its subdirectories) is sufficient;

Any file that needs write access from VFM should be owned or group-owned by the user account used by VFM (which may be different than the server account). If VFM is running as the FTP account, that account needs to have write access, i.e., be the owner of the files, or belong to a group that has write access. In the latter case, that would mean permissions are set more permissively than default (for example, 775 rather than 755 for folders, and 664 instead of 644).
Default CHMODs should be

  • 755 on folders
  • 644 on files

If VFM still can’t write on files, try this:
  • 775 on folders
  • 664 on files

Can we exclude certain file types?

Yes, from the Administration panel you can add a comma separated list with all extensions you wish to exclude, or to list only the file you wish to accept. For security reasons I would recommend to keep “php”, “html” and “htm” extensions excluded. (though even if you permit it, these files will be stored with .txt extension appended)

It is possible to share 1 folder with several different users?

Yes, you can assign a folder to a single user, or the same folder to multiple users; each user may have only one folder assigned. *update: since v.1.4 every user may have more than one folder assigned, and an optional max space available

Is the client panel, and all of its files and folders fully secured?

All passwords are encrypted, and direct access to files and folders is prevented via .htaccess.
I always try to keep all possible security measures, however don’t use web applications to store your most important documents!

Are all files secured?

Yes, direct access to files and folders is prevented, and system checks if current user has access to required file before processing download (and download links are encoded).

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