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Would you consider adding a payment plan for users to expand their storage ($/GB/Permanent)?

Also, are there storage options to store the file system on many hard drives x20 6TB HDs?

And, is there file encryption so if the system is breached, hackers will have a hard time decoding the files (like SHA512)?

Hi, I’m sorry but:
- For the moment no, maybe in the future, but don’t take this as a promise.
- No, because the script mainly works with its relative paths and every installation has a unique main /uploads/ directory
- No, because it would involve a file-tree synchronization, and possibly a DataBase where to store the encoded->realpath->filename associations, and the plugin would not be a “simple plug and play”, and would not be possible to update the archive via FTP (for example). By the way the direct file access is blocked via .htaccess, even if you know the real file path (which is not visible to the user)

Slow download speed What is the same as the width of the server over there? Need to modify the file?

The script itself has no limit, but the downloads are processed via php, so it depends also on your server. ( class.downloader.php, function download() ). You could possibly set the option “direct links”, under General Settings, and it will be surely faster, but the real file paths will be visible.

How do I need a password to download rather than share a link?

Administration > File Sharing > Password protected

How to add adsense ads on download page?

You can insert your code inside /vfm-admin/include/downloader.php. Feel free to send me a private message if you need further support.

Very nice script! But 2 problems: uploader cant see how many views/download was counted, cant add multiple/external server via ip. Really bad but mabye coming soon.

Hi, and thank you. The number of downloads can be viewed by the administrators inside the Statistics panel, and no, this plugin will never manage multiple/external servers via ip, i’m sorry.


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Thank You!

Presale question..

Can i add some function on ur code? 1. User can upload. But cant edit or delete and rename the item. 2. When someone upload file with same file name. Is that be replace? 3. User upload file with the name “test.jpg” and upload again with same file name. Can it be to “test_1.jpg” ??

Hello, - Yes, you get the full source code
- The minimum role to upload is “admin”, and the role permissions can be adjusted (only upload, no rename, no delete)
- If the filename already exists, the script does not overwrite, just outputs a notification.
- Yes, with a code modification you can rename the file instead of blocking the upload

How to add 2 user. With privileges master admin?

Through the Administration > Users panel

Hi Team.

Can u add for user download daily file limit ? Download limit to 5 or 10 or 15 file daily or how can i set this if possible ? Or how can i set slow speed download for file and express possible to set limit or u can add this next update ?? Thx

Hi, you could possibly limit the speed with a code modification, but we can’t keep track of the user’s downloads.

So no any option for set easy way any user for speed limit ? Only editing for main code ? Or where editing this ? Thx

You should edit the function download() inside the class class.downloader.php. For support requests please use the form

Hello, I am having a problem downloading a folder as zip. page seems crashed. Here is a screenshot:

I am using nginx as server. Is it related? (no htaccess.)

Thank you.

I can confirm actually, I installed on a test machine with apache without nginx. File downloads are fine. Is there a way to make file downloads to work with nginx? Currently we only use nginx for php server, we do not have an option to use apache. (no file downloads, not only folders.)

Hi, If you can’t convert the rewrite rules inside the .htaccess to your nginx settings, you should simply disable the option “Pretty links”, and the downloads will work.

Ciao complimenti un ottimo script che però andrebbero aggiunte altre funzioni utili, 1. Gestione lato utente i link generati con lista di quelli creati modifica password, inpostare scadenza link libera ecc.. 2. Molto comodo sarebbe cambiare colore delle singole cartelle 3. Aggiungere una pagina contatti 4 Possibilità di creare pagine aggiuntive allo script 5. Vedere le info del server dove lavora lo script max upload impostato file ini ecc.. 6. Aggiugere maggiore compatibilita ai file Mp4 7. Lato utente aggiunge lo spazio usato e quello disponibile con grafico. 8. Aggiungere testo toltip alle icone 9. Poter scegliere uno sfondo o video per il sito lato utente sarebbe più bello 10. Poter moficare il footer da admin cosi da mettere testo a piacere

Queste sono alcune delle idee per aggiungere nuove funzioni per rendere lo script più completo e professionale, ne avrei altre se interessato ci possoamo sentire, anche perchè ne capisco pure io un pò di programmazione e css mi farebbe piacere collaborare per nuove funzioni. Ps. sei italiano vivi in italia, parli italiano

Hello congratulations a great script but should be added other useful features, 1. User-side management links generated with a list of those created change password, set free link deadline etc .. 2. Very comfortable would be to change the color of the individual folders 3. Add a contact page 4 Ability to create additional pages to the script 5. See the server info where the max upload script set ini file works etc. 6. Add more compatibility to Mp4 files 7. User side adds the used space and the available space with chart. 8. Add text to the icons 9. Being able to choose a background or video for the user-side site would be nicer 10. To be able to mow the admin footer so as to put text at will

These are some of the ideas to add new features to make the script more complete and professional, I would have other interested if we can hear, because I also understand a bit of programming and css I would like to work together for new features.

Ps. You are Italian live in Italy, you speak Italian

Ciao, ti ringrazio per tutti i suggerimenti, alcuni erano già nella “maybe” list, altri mi sembrano più adatti a una versione “extended” dello script, che eventualmente si appoggi a un DataBase e tenga un albero delle cartelle e dei file aggiornato, a cui poter allacciare informazioni aggiuntive, ma al momento ho veramente poco tempo per un nuovo progetto, sto dando la priorità a rendere lo script il più stabile e versatile possibile per i vari server e per le particolari condizioni di stress, come l’upload di file particolarmente grandi.

Si, sono italiano, ma non vivo in Italia ;)

Hello nicolafranchini

Its Possible Give Offer price..

Hi, I’m sorry, I can’t do custom offers for the script.

the systems comes with source code?

Yes, the script is white label, and you will get the full source code.


I uploaded a 610 MB file. When the user downloads the file, downloading ends when it reaches 500 MB. Why??? Will you help me immediately?


Hello, be sure to have the last script version. It could be a server’s timeout, you should look at your php server errors, if any.
For custom support requests please renew your support period and send me a private message with some more informations about your installation, thank you.

I am having problem in downloading files as zip file , it downloads a 0kb file instead of the actual files

Hi, I’ve replied to your e—mail

I’ve not used any php script before. And I want to buy this script. Can you please tell me what are the server requirements for this script to work? Eg. Apache, PHP v?, SQL?

Hi, it should work in almost every server, but if you can choose I recommend a Linux/Apache, which should best manage UTF-8 encoded chars, and big files. About PHP the minimum required is 5.3, it’s ok up to the last, 7.x. No database needed.

hi, can i get paid with this kind of service online? i mean, like having basic, pro and ultimate plan, for example. please let me know. thanks.

Hello, I’m sorry but there’s no payment system integrated; the type of account, available space and dedicated folder must be set by an administrator

Hello? Thank you for offering us a very good sharing system. I wanted to download the PDF file immediately, so I modified it to force-download from the [class.downloader.php file]

However, the image files(png, jpg, gif) is still not downloaded and runs in the browser. How can I force-download an image?.

Oops. also I can’t direct download pdf file anymore… Please tell me how to direct download file an pdf and image(png, gif, jpg). Thank you

Hi, and thank you. If you are browsing the images instead of downloading them, you probably have the option “direct links” active, try to disable it. For further support please send me the url of your app and a SuperAdmin access through the support form.

Hi, is it possible to read a folder directly after installation and integrate? So to integrate already existing files in VFM?

Yes, you can point to a pre-existent archive, it has just to be at the same level, or a subdirectory of the main script’s folder. Please send me a private message if you need further support.

ola, estava procurando algo assim a tempos, tenho algumas perguntas. 1. o sistema é compatível com o Google Adsense ? 2. posso esta inserindo os anúncios na are de download ? 3. ele pode ser instalado em qualquer hospedagem ?

Hola. yes, you can edit the template part where you want to show your banners (footer, or login, or download page..) and insert there your custom HTML/JS.
Works almost everywhere, the minimum requirement is PHP 5.3, but if you can choose I recommend a Linux/Apache server.

eu quero instalar em uma hospedagem comum, tenho hospedagem hostinger e também só vou usar aquivos pequenos de no máximo 100mb, e hostinger ja me informou que isso não é problema posso manda os arquivos sem problema. então o sistema também seria possível instalar nessa hospedagem ?

I don’t know Hostinger, but the script works well on almost every common server, better on Linux/Apache

Hi Nicola,

I recently move my file manager directory to different location, now i’m getting this error every time i try to download a file:

The requested URL /download/cHVibGljL1Rlc3RpbmcucGRm/h/55be76d68e1c2b27fb29d07aa075154f was not found on this server.

Any ideas why this happening ? Thank You

Be sure to have the .htaccess file provided inside the script’s root directory. You can do a check disabling the option “pretty links” to see if is that the issue.

o sistema só pode ser instalado em VPS, ou pode instalar em uma hospedagem de sites comum ?

It can be installed also on a shared hosting

ok, grato pelas respostas, acho que tirou minhas duvidas.