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with the new updates 2.9 to 3.0 Admin lead to a blank page. You have to put the link manually to access admin interface by deleting the last entry ( ?dir= ) No notification when a file is loaded or downloaded or when I access or create new accounts. I will return to V2.9 until issues solved.

Best regard

Hi, I’ve replied to your e-mail

Yes, I got your reply. I have just sent you message. Bless you for solutions. Issues successfully solved

This is hands down the best file manger script I have ever used.

BUT => cannot understand why you will not program so we can set our own custom download period. There are times when some files (downloads) might need to be forever. Allowing us to set our own time limit would be a wonderful thing:)

Hi, and thank you again! I’m sorry that I still haven’t add that feature, but that wasn’t among the most requested. I can’t exclude it will be added inside a future minor update, please keep reminding me it!

Thanks for considering. Ability to choose length to allow download when uploading a file would be a huge feature. There are many times when people have files that may be one day or forever.

Also, have you ever thought about building a feature that would allow download buttons to be embedded on other sites? Maybe in iframe or script code? Be a wonder feature to have remote download buttons for other sites:)

Thanks again for the wonderful file manager.

quick message Just upgraded from v2.9 to v3 file not showing in safari

Hi, and thanks for your report. There are 2 known bugs about upload notifications and administration log e-mails, but the files should be correctly displayed. Be sure you replaced the whole folder /vfm-admin/js/ and the file /vfm-admin/style.css, and clear cache and browser history from your Safari. If still having problems please send me the url of your app and a superadmin access using the support form, thanks.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Logger’ not found in /www/wwwroot/vfm/vfm-admin/class/class.gatekeeper.php:84 Stack trace: #0 /www/wwwroot/vfm/vfm-admin/login.php(96): GateKeeper::init(’’, ‘_admin’) #1 {main} thrown in /www/wwwroot/vfm/vfm-admin/class/class.gatekeeper.php on line 84

Hi, yes, that’s a known bug raised in the last version, I’ve already the fix for it and the new release will be published in a few days. If you are in a hurry please send me a private message, I will send you back the new files.

Hi again, another error : Notice: Undefined variable: setUp in /home/<user>/public_html/vod/vfm-admin/class/class.logger.php on line 209

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getString() on null in /home/<user>/public_html/vod/vfm-admin/class/class.logger.php:209 Stack trace: #0 /home/<user>/public_html/vod/vfm-admin/class/class.gatekeeper.php(84): Logger::emailNotification(’—’, ‘login’) #1 /home/<user>/public_html/vod/vfm-admin/include/head.php(43): GateKeeper::init() #2 /home/<user>/public_html/vod/index.php(15): require_once(’/home/<user>/pu…’) #3 {main} thrown in /home/<user>/public_html/vod/vfm-admin/class/class.logger.php on line 209

whats wrong?

Hi, I’ve replied to your e-mail.

Hi Nicolafranchini, Just wondering, how can i allow user to upload files ? can you put some type of more detailed ACL on your next release

Hi, you can modify a file to give simple users more permissions, there’s already a discussion about it inside the support forum, you can play with that function for even more customized permissions.

hi i just purchased your filemanager it looks amazing but the thing is can we edit the folder vfm-admin to our preferred one

Hi, and thank you. I’m sorry but that folder can’t be changed

Is it possible to make the icon cloud (file drop zone) clickable so it opens the file browser for new users?

Nice suggestion, I’ve just linked also the icon. It will be included in the next version, out soon. Thank You!

Awesome :) thanks!

A couple of pre-sale questions. There are tons of pages of comments, and I’ve tried to sort through them all as best I can, so I apologize if I am asking a question you’ve already covered. We are ideally looking to implement this as a Hightail replacement. Does your script have the ability to do any of the following:

  • Notify a specific user if a file is uploaded for them to review or download
  • Notify the admin if a user views or downloads a file
  • Set expiration dates or password protect files
  • Log of user actions or way for me to verify the actions of the users on the site? Example, see if someone emailed out a file from the server or shared a link?
  • Thanks for your time in answering, looking forward to your answers and maybe a purchase!

    1- yes, the user who uploads must select the recipients before uploading, all users with an e-mail address associated and with access to the current folder are selectable.
    2- See under Preferences > Activity Logs, set an email there and select the type of notifications you want to receive.
    3- yes for the shared links, not for the files themselves.
    4- Yes, point 2, and with the Statistics panel (you can’t track shared links, but you can track downloads)
    I see that you already bought the item, so if you still having questions feel free to contact me using the support form:

    Hello i would like to ask something about Filegator Pro.

    Is it possible a user to be notified when an admin uploads a file in his folder?

    Thank you in advance

    Hi, With Veno File Manager you can select one or more users to be notified before uploading files. I don’t know about Filegator, you should ask to its author :-P

    Sorry for the File Gator! Demon of speed! my question is if i assign a user to each folder and then as an admin change the file structure by uploadng or deleting a file, is there an option for only folders’ user to be notified? Thanks again

    Haha, no problem, it made me laugh a bit. You should do it manually anyway: before uploading you select the user(s) you want to notify, then you do the upload. If only one user is assigned to that directory, you will see only that user. All the other actions like deleting a file can be notified to an administrator, and recorded inside the statistics panel.

    it’s possible remote upload for sent files with dropbox, amazon s3, google drive or other???

    so as not to saturate the storage space and transfers of my server

    I’m on a SSD VPS and it’s not much space!

    or download for direct download link from amazon example


    I’m sorry, the file archive must be on the same server of the script.

    include as hyperlink as file?

    click in the file a download from other host? i’m have droplet with 250gb but only as files in other supplier of my vps :(


    Hi Nicola,

    When I share a file and click on the “Copy link” icon it gives the message “copied” but it didn’t. I have to email the link and get it from there. I’m running the latest update as of today, 13.01.2018, but had the same issue with the previous version. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Sebastian

    Hi Sebastian, the “copy to clipboard” always worked, and still works, I’ve just tested it again with FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, and the documentation says that it also works with IE 9+. Of course once copied you should manually paste it somewhere (ctrl+v). That said, if you click on the link button at the left of the text field, it will directly open the link on a new window, and you can also select and manually copy the input field with the generated link (ctrl+c), so the link sent via e-mail is actually the last (third) option.

    Hi. I updated to 3.0.2 but my files doesnot seen after update.

    For support requests please send me more informations about your problem using the support form:

    Hi Nicola,

    VFM is still great and become greater with each update !

    I’m using VFM sins january 2017 .. an I am still big fan of your work, should have known it much earlier ! Was already looking for this more then 10 years !

    May I make a suggestion for future updates ?

    Would it be possible to add with the user registration, their language ?

    This could be usefull not only to see VFM in their own language without to have to select their language (some people don’t see the little flag on top), but this feature could be (?) used to chose the language related templates for mails and others …. (lost passwords and so on …)

    Hi, nice suggestion, we could detect the browser’s language and redirect to that (if available)
    All the e-mails are sent using the current user’s language, so it would be a consequence.

    Yes could be an option, but what if some users have an “English speaking” computer, but in fact are speaking another language ?

    That’s why, I thnink, this would be maybe better if it was “hard coded” in the user preferences.

    For exeample, I’m working on a Dutch speking PC @office, a French speaking PC @home and an English speaking Wintab … :-)

    Anyway, detecing the browser language would already be a step ahead :-)

    I was thinking that you could use the /users/customfields-example.php: set a new field ‘language’, and get that value after login, setting the language session variable (take a look inside the documentation under Users > Custom Fields)

    The size of the restricted user is 500MB. After the user uploads, the size of the file is negative, and the size of the user’s space can reach 512MB. Why can’t you see why you can’t get the correct size of the document?

    Thanks for the note, the problem should be raised with v.3, I’m currently fixing it. Please send me a private message if you need a quick solution.

    How to insert ads?

    Waiting for a reply!

    So far no response!

    I replied yesterday, check also your spam inbox, I’ve just resent the email with another account, it seems that @hotmail blocks my messages, it wouldn’t be the first time.

    Great Script! Never had any issues with it except if you are using it on php 32bit – the file-sizes are limited… we use the following method to determine the size correctly (i think it’s for files lager than 4GiB) : function filesize64($file) { static $iswin; if (!isset($iswin)) { $iswin = (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) 'WIN'); } } If you are using php 64bit, you won't run into this issue. I think we're using the script since about 2 years.

    static $exec_works;
    if (!isset($exec_works)) {
        $exec_works = (function_exists('exec') && !ini_get('safe_mode') && @exec('echo EXEC')  'EXEC');
    // try a shell command
    if ($exec_works) {
        $cmd = ($iswin) ? "for %F in (\"$file\") do @echo %~zF" : "stat -c%s \"$file\"";
        @exec($cmd, $output);
        if (is_array($output) && ctype_digit($size = trim(implode("\n", $output)))) {
            return $size;
    // try the Windows COM interface
    if ($iswin && class_exists("COM")) {
        try {
            $fsobj = new COM('Scripting.FileSystemObject');
            $f = $fsobj->GetFile( realpath($file) );
            $size = $f->Size;
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            $size = null;
        if (ctype_digit($size)) {
            return $size;
    // if all else fails
    return filesize($file);

    sorry, codecanyon messed up our post. See the Code for this here: (if you run into this Problem) – it’s for files lager than 2GiB actually…

    Thanks for the note, I honestly never had this kind of issue, but I haven’t a Windows server to test, i will probably add the // Windows COM interface option suggested

    RAM is clogged up. How to clear RAM after downloading a file?

    Very strange. The script already checks if php output buffering is active and turns it off using ob_end_clean(), as suggested in, and I honestly never met that issue.

    As a Chinese user to tell the truth my experience is poor A variety of 504 error light repair to repair a few days invisible BUG too silent. Please solve these problems

    My point is to enter the web page to download directly need to enter the password before you can download rather than share the password you need to be able to download

    Is downloaded directly on the page need to enter the password instead of sharing need to enter the password The link is as follows

    Then you should keep the archive private, and create users’ accounts. So every user will be able to see and download the files only after login. I hope I’ve understood your point.

    Oh, I thank you for personal re-use However, users are quite troublesome to create E-mail authentication seems to be landing every background need to reset again quite troublesome

    Hi, I’m having another problem, when I activate Pretty links of error 404 Not Foud The Resource requested cloud not be found on this server

    You are right, sorry, I was looking inside my support email. The direct links access is blocked with the .htaccess provided inside your main /uploads/ directory, unless you set the option “direct links”.

    Hello friend, we talked once per email! Do you have a preview to send an update correcting the problems by email?

    Hi, if you are talking about the new “temporary link” feature not yet, I’m sorry.